KJV HAB2 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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2:1 I will stand [H5975] upon my watch [H4931] , and set [H3320] me upon the tower [H4692] , and will watch [H6822] to see [H7200] what he will say [H1696] unto me, and what I shall answer [H7725] when I am reproved [H8433] .(tower: Heb. fenced place)(unto me: or, in me)(when: or, when I am argued with: Heb. upon my reproof, or, arguing)

2:2 And the LORD [H3068] answered [H6030] me, and said [H559] , Write [H3789] the vision [H2377] , and make [it] plain [H874] upon tables [H3871] , that he may run [H7323] that readeth [H7121] it.

2:3 For the vision [H2377] [is] yet for an appointed time [H4150] , but at the end [H7093] it shall speak [H6315] , and not lie [H3576] : though it tarry [H4102] , wait [H2442] for it; because it will surely [H935] come [H935] , it will not tarry [H309] .

2:4 Behold, his soul [H5315] [which] is lifted up [H6075] is not upright [H3474] in him: but the just [H6662] shall live [H2421] by his faith [H530] .

2:5 Yea also, because he transgresseth [H898] by wine [H3196] , [he is] a proud [H3093] man [H1397] , neither keepeth at home [H5115] , who enlargeth [H7337] his desire [H5315] as hell [H7585] , and [is] as death [H4194] , and cannot be satisfied [H7646] , but gathereth [H622] unto him all nations [H1471] , and heapeth [H6908] unto him all people [H5971] :(Yea: or, How much more)

2:6 Shall not all these take up [H5375] a parable [H4912] against him, and a taunting [H4426] proverb [H2420] against him, and say [H559] , Woe [H1945] to him that increaseth [H7235] [that which is] not his! how long? and to him that ladeth [H3513] himself with thick clay [H5671] !(Woe: or, Ho, he)

2:7 Shall they not rise up [H6965] suddenly [H6621] that shall bite [H5391] thee, and awake [H3364] that shall vex [H2111] thee, and thou shalt be for booties [H4933] unto them?

2:8 Because thou hast spoiled [H7997] many [H7227] nations [H1471] , all the remnant [H3499] of the people [H5971] shall spoil [H7997] thee; because of men's [H120] blood [H1818] , and [for] the violence [H2555] of the land [H776] , of the city [H7151] , and of all that dwell [H3427] therein.(blood: Heb. bloods)

2:9 Woe [H1945] to him that coveteth [H1214] an evil [H7451] covetousness [H1215] to his house [H1004] , that he may set [H7760] his nest [H7064] on high [H4791] , that he may be delivered [H5337] from the power [H3709] of evil [H7451] !(coveteth: or, gaineth and evil gain)(power: Heb. palm of the hand)

2:10 Thou hast consulted [H3289] shame [H1322] to thy house [H1004] by cutting off [H7096] many [H7227] people [H5971] , and hast sinned [H2398] [against] thy soul [H5315] .

2:11 For the stone [H68] shall cry out [H2199] of the wall [H7023] , and the beam out [H3714] of the timber [H6086] shall answer [H6030] it.(beam: or, piece, or, fastening)(answer it: or, witness against it)

2:12 Woe [H1945] to him that buildeth [H1129] a town [H5892] with blood [H1818] , and stablisheth [H3559] a city [H7151] by iniquity [H5766] !(blood: Heb. bloods)

2:13 Behold, [is it] not of the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] that the people [H5971] shall labour [H3021] in the very [H1767] fire [H784] , and the people [H3816] shall weary [H3286] themselves for very [H1767] vanity [H7385] ?(for: or, in vain?)

2:14 For the earth [H776] shall be filled [H4390] with the knowledge [H3045] of the glory [H3519] of the LORD [H3068] , as the waters [H4325] cover [H3680] the sea [H3220] .(with: or, by knowing the glory)

2:15 Woe [H1945] unto him that giveth his neighbour [H7453] drink [H8248] , that puttest [H5596] thy bottle [H2573] to [him], and makest [him] drunken [H7937] also, that thou mayest look [H5027] on their nakedness [H4589] !

2:16 Thou art filled [H7646] with shame [H7036] for glory [H3519] : drink [H8354] thou also, and let thy foreskin be uncovered [H6188] : the cup [H3563] of the LORD'S [H3068] right hand [H3225] shall be turned [H5437] unto thee, and shameful spewing [H7022] [shall be] on thy glory [H3519] .(with: or, more with shame than with glory)

2:17 For the violence [H2555] of Lebanon [H3844] shall cover [H3680] thee, and the spoil [H7701] of beasts [H929] , [which] made them afraid [H2865] , because of men's [H120] blood [H1818] , and for the violence [H2555] of the land [H776] , of the city [H7151] , and of all that dwell [H3427] therein.

2:18 What profiteth [H3276] the graven image [H6459] that the maker [H3335] thereof hath graven [H6458] it; the molten image [H4541] , and a teacher [H3384] of lies [H8267] , that the maker [H3335] of his work [H3336] trusteth [H982] therein, to make [H6213] dumb [H483] idols [H457] ?(maker of: Heb. fashioner of his fashion)

2:19 Woe [H1945] unto him that saith [H559] to the wood [H6086] , Awake [H6974] ; to the dumb [H1748] stone [H68] , Arise [H5782] , it shall teach [H3384] ! Behold, it [is] laid [H8610] over with gold [H2091] and silver [H3701] , and [there is] no breath [H7307] at all in the midst [H7130] of it.

2:20 But the LORD [H3068] [is] in his holy [H6944] temple [H1964] : let all the earth [H776] keep silence [H2013] before [H6440] him.(let: Heb. be silent all the earth before him)