KJV GEN48 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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48:1 And it came to pass after [H310] these things [H1697] , that [one] told [H559] Joseph [H3130] , Behold, thy father [H1] [is] sick [H2470] : and he took [H3947] with him his two [H8147] sons [H1121] , Manasseh [H4519] and Ephraim [H669] .

48:2 And [one] told [H5046] Jacob [H3290] , and said [H559] , Behold, thy son [H1121] Joseph [H3130] cometh [H935] unto thee: and Israel [H3478] strengthened [H2388] himself, and sat [H3427] upon the bed [H4296] .

48:3 And Jacob [H3290] said [H559] unto Joseph [H3130] , God [H410] Almighty [H7706] appeared [H7200] unto me at Luz [H3870] in the land [H776] of Canaan [H3667] , and blessed [H1288] me,

48:4 And said [H559] unto me, Behold, I will make thee fruitful [H6509] , and multiply [H7235] thee, and I will make [H5414] of thee a multitude [H6951] of people [H5971] ; and will give [H5414] this land [H776] to thy seed [H2233] after thee [H310] [for] an everlasting [H5769] possession [H272] .

48:5 And now thy two [H8147] sons [H1121] , Ephraim [H669] and Manasseh [H4519] , which were born [H3205] unto thee in the land [H776] of Egypt [H4714] before [H5704] I came [H935] unto thee into Egypt [H4714] , [are] mine; as Reuben [H7205] and Simeon [H8095] , they shall be mine.

48:6 And thy issue [H4138] , which thou begettest [H3205] after [H310] them, shall be thine, [and] shall be called [H7121] after [H5921] the name [H8034] of their brethren [H251] in their inheritance [H5159] .

48:7 And as for me, when I came [H935] from Padan [H6307] , Rachel [H7354] died [H4191] by me in the land [H776] of Canaan [H3667] in the way [H1870] , when [H5750] yet [there was] but a little [H3530] way [H776] to come [H935] unto Ephrath [H672] : and I buried her [H6912] there in the way [H1870] of Ephrath [H672] ; the same [is] Bethlehem [H1035] .

48:8 And Israel [H3478] beheld [H7200] Joseph's [H3130] sons [H1121] , and said [H559] , Who [are] these?

48:9 And Joseph [H3130] said [H559] unto his father [H1] , They [are] my sons [H1121] , whom God [H430] hath given [H5414] me in this [place]. And he said [H559] , Bring them [H3947] , I pray thee, unto me, and I will bless [H1288] them.

48:10 Now the eyes [H5869] of Israel [H3478] were dim [H3513] for age [H2207] , [so that] he could [H3201] not see [H7200] . And he brought them near [H5066] unto him; and he kissed [H5401] them, and embraced [H2263] them.(dim: Heb. heavy)

48:11 And Israel [H3478] said [H559] unto Joseph [H3130] , I had not thought [H6419] to see [H7200] thy face [H6440] : and, lo, God [H430] hath shewed [H7200] me also thy seed [H2233] .

48:12 And Joseph [H3130] brought them out [H3318] from between [H5973] his knees [H1290] , and he bowed [H7812] himself with his face [H639] to the earth [H776] .

48:13 And Joseph [H3130] took [H3947] them both [H8147] , Ephraim [H669] in his right hand [H3225] toward Israel's [H3478] left hand [H8040] , and Manasseh [H4519] in his left hand [H8040] toward Israel's [H3478] right hand [H3225] , and brought [them] near [H5066] unto him.

48:14 And Israel [H3478] stretched out [H7971] his right hand [H3225] , and laid [H7896] [it] upon Ephraim's [H669] head [H7218] , who [was] the younger [H6810] , and his left hand [H8040] upon Manasseh's [H4519] head [H7218] , guiding [H7919] his hands [H3027] wittingly [H7919] ; for Manasseh [H4519] [was] the firstborn [H1060] .

48:15 And he blessed [H1288] Joseph [H3130] , and said [H559] , God [H430] , before [H6440] whom my fathers [H1] Abraham [H85] and Isaac [H3327] did walk [H1980] , the God [H430] which fed [H7462] me all my life long [H5750] unto this day [H3117] ,

48:16 The Angel [H4397] which redeemed [H1350] me from all evil [H7451] , bless [H1288] the lads [H5288] ; and let my name [H8034] be named [H7121] on them, and the name [H8034] of my fathers [H1] Abraham [H85] and Isaac [H3327] ; and let them grow [H1711] into a multitude [H7230] in the midst [H7130] of the earth [H776] .(grow: Heb. as fishes do increase)

48:17 And when Joseph [H3130] saw [H7200] that his father [H1] laid [H7896] his right [H3225] hand [H3027] upon the head [H7218] of Ephraim [H669] , it displeased [H3415] [H5869] him: and he held up [H8551] his father's [H1] hand [H3027] , to remove [H5493] it from Ephraim's [H669] head [H7218] unto Manasseh's [H4519] head [H7218] .(displeased: was evil in his eyes)

48:18 And Joseph [H3130] said [H559] unto his father [H1] , Not so, my father [H1] : for this [is] the firstborn [H1060] ; put [H7760] thy right hand [H3225] upon his head [H7218] .

48:19 And his father [H1] refused [H3985] , and said [H559] , I know [H3045] [it], my son [H1121] , I know [H3045] [it]: he also shall become a people [H5971] , and he also shall be great [H1431] : but truly [H199] his younger [H6996] brother [H251] shall be greater [H1431] than he, and his seed [H2233] shall become a multitude [H4393] of nations [H1471] .(multitude: Heb. fulness)

48:20 And he blessed [H1288] them that day [H3117] , saying [H559] , In thee shall Israel [H3478] bless [H1288] , saying [H559] , God [H430] make [H7760] thee as Ephraim [H669] and as Manasseh [H4519] : and he set [H7760] Ephraim [H669] before [H6440] Manasseh [H4519] .

48:21 And Israel [H3478] said [H559] unto Joseph [H3130] , Behold, I die [H4191] : but God [H430] shall be with you, and bring you again [H7725] unto the land [H776] of your fathers [H1] .

48:22 Moreover I have given [H5414] to thee one [H259] portion [H7926] above thy brethren [H251] , which I took [H3947] out of the hand [H3027] of the Amorite [H567] with my sword [H2719] and with my bow [H7198] .