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29:1 Then Jacob [H3290] went on [H5375] his journey [H7272] , and came [H3212] into the land [H776] of the people [H1121] of the east [H6924] .(went: Heb. lift up his feet)(people: Heb. children)

29:2 And he looked [H7200] , and behold a well [H875] in the field [H7704] , and, lo, there [were] three [H7969] flocks [H5739] of sheep [H6629] lying [H7257] by it; for out of that well [H875] they watered [H8248] the flocks [H5739] : and a great [H1419] stone [H68] [was] upon the well's [H875] mouth [H6310] .

29:3 And thither were all the flocks [H5739] gathered [H622] : and they rolled [H1556] the stone [H68] from the well's [H875] mouth [H6310] , and watered [H8248] the sheep [H6629] , and put [H7725] the stone [H68] again [H7725] upon the well's [H875] mouth [H6310] in his place [H4725] .

29:4 And Jacob [H3290] said [H559] unto them, My brethren [H251] , whence [H370] [be] ye? And they said [H559] , Of Haran [H2771] [are] we.

29:5 And he said [H559] unto them, Know [H3045] ye Laban [H3837] the son [H1121] of Nahor [H5152] ? And they said [H559] , We know [H3045] [him].

29:6 And he said [H559] unto them, [Is] he well [H7965] ? And they said [H559] , [He is] well [H7965] : and, behold, Rachel [H7354] his daughter [H1323] cometh [H935] with the sheep [H6629] .(Is he: Heb. Is there peace to him?)

29:7 And he said [H559] , Lo [H2005] , [it is] yet high [H1419] day [H3117] , neither [is it] time [H6256] that the cattle [H4735] should be gathered together [H622] : water [H8248] ye the sheep [H6629] , and go [H3212] [and] feed [H7462] [them].(it is: Heb. yet the day is great)

29:8 And they said [H559] , We cannot [H3201] , until all the flocks [H5739] be gathered together [H622] , and [till] they roll [H1556] the stone [H68] from the well's [H875] mouth [H6310] ; then we water [H8248] the sheep [H6629] .

29:9 And while he yet [H5750] spake [H1696] with them, Rachel [H7354] came [H935] with her father's [H1] sheep [H6629] : for she kept them [H7462] .

29:10 And it came to pass, when Jacob [H3290] saw [H7200] Rachel [H7354] the daughter [H1323] of Laban [H3837] his mother's [H517] brother [H251] , and the sheep [H6629] of Laban [H3837] his mother's [H517] brother [H251] , that Jacob [H3290] went near [H5066] , and rolled [H1556] the stone [H68] from the well's [H875] mouth [H6310] , and watered [H8248] the flock [H6629] of Laban [H3837] his mother's [H517] brother [H251] .

29:11 And Jacob [H3290] kissed [H5401] Rachel [H7354] , and lifted up [H5375] his voice [H6963] , and wept [H1058] .

29:12 And Jacob [H3290] told [H5046] Rachel [H7354] that he [was] her father's [H1] brother [H251] , and that he [was] Rebekah's [H7259] son [H1121] : and she ran [H7323] and told [H5046] her father [H1] .

29:13 And it came to pass, when Laban [H3837] heard [H8085] the tidings [H8088] of Jacob [H3290] his sister's [H269] son [H1121] , that he ran [H7323] to meet [H7125] him, and embraced [H2263] him, and kissed [H5401] him, and brought [H935] him to his house [H1004] . And he told [H5608] Laban [H3837] all these things [H1697] .(tidings: Heb. hearing)

29:14 And Laban [H3837] said [H559] to him, Surely [H389] thou [art] my bone [H6106] and my flesh [H1320] . And he abode [H3427] with him the space [H3117] of a month [H2320] .(the space: Heb. a month of days)

29:15 And Laban [H3837] said [H559] unto Jacob [H3290] , Because thou [art] my brother [H251] , shouldest thou therefore serve [H5647] me for nought [H2600] ? tell [H5046] me, what [shall] thy wages [H4909] [be]?

29:16 And Laban [H3837] had two [H8147] daughters [H1323] : the name [H8034] of the elder [H1419] [was] Leah [H3812] , and the name [H8034] of the younger [H6996] [was] Rachel [H7354] .

29:17 Leah [H3812] [was] tender [H7390] eyed [H5869] ; but Rachel [H7354] was beautiful [H3303] [H8389] and well [H3303] favoured [H4758] .

29:18 And Jacob [H3290] loved [H157] Rachel [H7354] ; and said [H559] , I will serve [H5647] thee seven [H7651] years [H8141] for Rachel [H7354] thy younger [H6996] daughter [H1323] .

29:19 And Laban [H3837] said [H559] , [It is] better [H2896] that I give [H5414] her to thee, than that I should give [H5414] her to another [H312] man [H376] : abide [H3427] with me.

29:20 And Jacob [H3290] served [H5647] seven [H7651] years [H8141] for Rachel [H7354] ; and they seemed [H5869] unto him [but] a few [H259] days [H3117] , for the love he had [H160] to her.

29:21 And Jacob [H3290] said [H559] unto Laban [H3837] , Give [H3051] [me] my wife [H802] , for my days [H3117] are fulfilled [H4390] , that I may go in [H935] unto her.

29:22 And Laban [H3837] gathered together [H622] all the men [H582] of the place [H4725] , and made [H6213] a feast [H4960] .

29:23 And it came to pass in the evening [H6153] , that he took [H3947] Leah [H3812] his daughter [H1323] , and brought [H935] her to him; and he went in [H935] unto her.

29:24 And Laban [H3837] gave [H5414] unto his daughter [H1323] Leah [H3812] Zilpah [H2153] his maid [H8198] [for] an handmaid [H8198] .

29:25 And it came to pass, that in the morning [H1242] , behold, it [was] Leah [H3812] : and he said [H559] to Laban [H3837] , What [is] this thou hast done [H6213] unto me? did not I serve [H5647] with thee for Rachel [H7354] ? wherefore then hast thou beguiled [H7411] me?

29:26 And Laban [H3837] said [H559] , It must not be so done [H6213] in our country [H4725] , to give [H5414] the younger [H6810] before [H6440] the firstborn [H1067] .(country: Heb. place)

29:27 Fulfil [H4390] her [H2063] week [H7620] , and we will give [H5414] thee this also for the service [H5656] which thou shalt serve [H5647] with me yet seven [H7651] other [H312] years [H8141] .

29:28 And Jacob [H3290] did [H6213] so, and fulfilled [H4390] her week [H7620] : and he gave [H5414] him Rachel [H7354] his daughter [H1323] to wife [H802] also.

29:29 And Laban [H3837] gave [H5414] to Rachel [H7354] his daughter [H1323] Bilhah [H1090] his handmaid [H8198] to be her maid [H8198] .

29:30 And he went in [H935] also unto Rachel [H7354] , and he loved [H157] also Rachel [H7354] more than Leah [H3812] , and served [H5647] with him yet seven [H7651] other [H312] years [H8141] .

29:31 And when the LORD [H3068] saw [H7200] that Leah [H3812] [was] hated [H8130] , he opened [H6605] her womb [H7358] : but Rachel [H7354] [was] barren [H6135] .

29:32 And Leah [H3812] conceived [H2029] , and bare [H3205] a son [H1121] , and she called [H7121] his name [H8034] Reuben [H7205] : for [H3588] she said [H559] , Surely [H3588] the LORD [H3068] hath looked [H7200] upon my affliction [H6040] ; now therefore [H3588] my husband [H376] will love [H157] me.(Reuben: that is, See a son)

29:33 And she conceived [H2029] again, and bare [H3205] a son [H1121] ; and said [H559] , Because the LORD [H3068] hath heard [H8085] that I [was] hated [H8130] , he hath therefore given [H5414] me this [son] also: and she called [H7121] his name [H8034] Simeon [H8095] .(Simeon: that is, Hearing)

29:34 And she conceived again [H2029] , and bare [H3205] a son [H1121] ; and said [H559] , Now this time [H6471] will my husband [H376] be joined [H3867] unto me, because I have born [H3205] him three [H7969] sons [H1121] : therefore was his name [H8034] called [H7121] Levi [H3878] .(Levi: that is, Joined)

29:35 And she conceived [H2029] again, and bare [H3205] a son [H1121] : and she said [H559] , Now [H6471] will I praise [H3034] the LORD [H3068] : therefore she called [H7121] his name [H8034] Judah [H3063] ; and left [H5975] bearing [H3205] .(Judah: that is, Praise)(left: Heb. stood from bearing)