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24:1 And Abraham [H85] was old [H2204] , [and] well stricken [H935] in age [H3117] : and the LORD [H3068] had blessed [H1288] Abraham [H85] in all things.(well: Heb. gone into days)

24:2 And Abraham [H85] said [H559] unto his eldest [H2205] servant [H5650] of his house [H1004] , that ruled over [H4910] all that he had, Put [H7760] , I pray thee, thy hand [H3027] under my thigh [H3409] :

24:3 And I will make thee swear [H7650] by the LORD [H3068] , the God [H430] of heaven [H8064] , and the God [H430] of the earth [H776] , that thou shalt not take [H3947] a wife [H802] unto my son [H1121] of the daughters [H1323] of the Canaanites [H3669] , among [H7130] whom I dwell [H3427] :

24:4 But thou shalt go [H3212] unto my country [H776] , and to my kindred [H4138] , and take [H3947] a wife [H802] unto my son [H1121] Isaac [H3327] .

24:5 And the servant [H5650] said [H559] unto him, Peradventure the woman [H802] will not be willing [H14] to follow [H3212] me [H310] unto this land [H776] : must I needs bring [H7725] thy son [H1121] again [H7725] unto the land [H776] from whence thou camest [H3318] ?

24:6 And Abraham [H85] said [H559] unto him, Beware [H8104] thou that thou bring [H7725] not [H6435] my son [H1121] thither again [H7725] .

24:7 The LORD [H3068] God [H430] of heaven [H8064] , which took me [H3947] from my father's [H1] house [H1004] , and from the land [H776] of my kindred [H4138] , and which spake [H1696] unto me, and that sware [H7650] unto me, saying [H559] , Unto thy seed [H2233] will I give [H5414] this land [H776] ; he shall send [H7971] his angel [H4397] before thee [H6440] , and thou shalt take [H3947] a wife [H802] unto my son [H1121] from thence.

24:8 And if the woman [H802] will not be willing [H14] to follow [H3212] thee [H310] , then thou shalt be clear [H5352] from this my oath [H7621] : only bring [H7725] not my son [H1121] thither again [H7725] .

24:9 And the servant [H5650] put [H7760] his hand [H3027] under the thigh [H3409] of Abraham [H85] his master [H113] , and sware [H7650] to him concerning [H5921] that [H2088] matter [H1697] .

24:10 And the servant [H5650] took [H3947] ten [H6235] camels [H1581] of the camels [H1581] of his master [H113] , and departed [H3212] ; for all the goods [H2898] of his master [H113] [were] in his hand [H3027] : and he arose [H6965] , and went [H3212] to Mesopotamia [H763] , unto the city [H5892] of Nahor [H5152] .(for: or, and)

24:11 And he made [H1288] his camels [H1581] to kneel down [H1288] without [H2351] the city [H5892] by [H413] a well [H875] of water [H4325] at the time [H6256] of the evening [H6153] , [even] the time [H6256] that women go out [H3318] to draw [H7579] [water].(that: Heb. that women who draw water go forth)

24:12 And he said [H559] , O LORD [H3068] God [H430] of my master [H113] Abraham [H85] , I pray thee, send me [H6440] good speed [H7136] this day [H3117] , and shew [H6213] kindness [H2617] unto [H5973] my master [H113] Abraham [H85] .

24:13 Behold, I stand [H5324] [here] by the well [H5869] of water [H4325] ; and the daughters [H1323] of the men [H582] of the city [H5892] come out [H3318] to draw [H7579] water [H4325] :

24:14 And let it come to pass, that the damsel [H5291] to whom I shall say [H559] , Let down [H5186] thy pitcher [H3537] , I pray thee, that I may drink [H8354] ; and she shall say [H559] , Drink [H8354] , and I will give [H8248] thy camels [H1581] drink [H8248] also: [let the same be] she [that] thou hast appointed [H3198] for thy servant [H5650] Isaac [H3327] ; and thereby shall I know [H3045] that thou hast shewed [H6213] kindness [H2617] unto my master [H113] .

24:15 And it came to pass, before he had done [H3615] speaking [H1696] , that, behold, Rebekah [H7259] came out [H3318] , who [H834] was born [H3205] to Bethuel [H1328] , son [H1121] of Milcah [H4435] , the wife [H802] of Nahor [H5152] , Abraham's [H85] brother [H251] , with her pitcher [H3537] upon her shoulder [H7926] .

24:16 And the damsel [H5291] [was] very [H3966] fair [H2896] to look upon [H4758] , a virgin [H1330] , neither had any man [H376] known [H3045] her: and she went down [H3381] to the well [H5869] , and filled [H4390] her pitcher [H3537] , and came up [H5927] .(very: Heb. good of countenance)

24:17 And the servant [H5650] ran [H7323] to meet her [H7125] , and said [H559] , Let me, I pray thee, drink [H1572] a little [H4592] water [H4325] of thy pitcher [H3537] .

24:18 And she said [H559] , Drink [H8354] , my lord [H113] : and she hasted [H4116] , and let down [H3381] her pitcher [H3537] upon her hand [H3027] , and gave him drink [H8248] .

24:19 And when she had done [H3615] giving him drink [H8248] , she said [H559] , I will draw [H7579] [water] for thy camels [H1581] also, until they have done [H3615] drinking [H8354] .

24:20 And she hasted [H4116] , and emptied [H6168] her pitcher [H3537] into the trough [H8268] , and ran [H7323] again unto the well [H875] to draw [H7579] [water], and drew [H7579] for all his camels [H1581] .

24:21 And the man [H376] wondering [H7583] at her held his peace [H2790] , to wit [H3045] whether the LORD [H3068] had made [H6743] his journey [H1870] prosperous [H6743] or [H518] not.

24:22 And it came to pass, as the camels [H1581] had done [H3615] drinking [H8354] , that the man [H376] took [H3947] a golden [H2091] earring [H5141] of half a shekel [H1235] weight [H4948] , and two [H8147] bracelets [H6781] for her hands [H3027] of ten [H6235] [shekels] weight [H4948] of gold [H2091] ;(earring: or, jewel for the forehead)

24:23 And said [H559] , Whose [H4310] daughter [H1323] [art] thou [H859] ? tell [H5046] me, I pray thee: is there [H3426] room [H4725] [in] thy father's [H1] house [H1004] for us to lodge in [H3885] ?

24:24 And she said [H559] unto him, I [am] the daughter [H1323] of Bethuel [H1328] the son [H1121] of Milcah [H4435] , which she bare [H3205] unto Nahor [H5152] .

24:25 She said [H559] moreover unto him, We have both [H1571] straw [H8401] and provender [H4554] enough [H7227] , and [H1571] room [H4725] to lodge in [H3885] .

24:26 And the man [H376] bowed down his head [H6915] , and worshipped [H7812] the LORD [H3068] .

24:27 And he said [H559] , Blessed [H1288] [be] the LORD [H3068] God [H430] of my master [H113] Abraham [H85] , who hath not left destitute [H5800] [H5973] my master [H113] of his mercy [H2617] and his truth [H571] : I [being] in the way [H1870] , the LORD [H3068] led me [H5148] to the house [H1004] of my master's [H113] brethren [H251] .

24:28 And the damsel [H5291] ran [H7323] , and told [H5046] [them of] her mother's [H517] house [H1004] these things [H1697] .

24:29 And Rebekah [H7259] had a brother [H251] , and his name [H8034] [was] Laban [H3837] : and Laban [H3837] ran [H7323] out [H2351] unto the man [H376] , unto the well [H5869] .

24:30 And it came to pass, when he saw [H7200] the earring [H5141] and bracelets [H6781] upon his sister's [H269] hands [H3027] , and when he heard [H8085] the words [H1697] of Rebekah [H7259] his sister [H269] , saying [H559] , Thus [H3541] spake [H1696] the man [H376] unto me; that he came [H935] unto the man [H376] ; and, behold, he stood [H5975] by [H5921] the camels [H1581] at the well [H5869] .

24:31 And he said [H559] , Come in [H935] , thou blessed [H1288] of the LORD [H3068] ; wherefore standest [H5975] thou without [H2351] ? for I have prepared [H6437] the house [H1004] , and room [H4725] for the camels [H1581] .

24:32 And the man [H376] came [H935] into the house [H1004] : and he ungirded [H6605] his camels [H1581] , and gave [H5414] straw [H8401] and provender [H4554] for the camels [H1581] , and water [H4325] to wash [H7364] his feet [H7272] , and the men's [H582] feet [H7272] that [were] with him.

24:33 And there was set [H7760] [H3455] [meat] before him [H6440] to eat [H398] : but he said [H559] , I will not eat [H398] , until I have told [H1696] mine errand [H1697] . And he said [H559] , Speak on [H1696] .

24:34 And he said [H559] , I [am] Abraham's [H85] servant [H5650] .

24:35 And the LORD [H3068] hath blessed [H1288] my master [H113] greatly [H3966] ; and he is become great [H1431] : and he hath given [H5414] him flocks [H6629] , and herds [H1241] , and silver [H3701] , and gold [H2091] , and menservants [H5650] , and maidservants [H8198] , and camels [H1581] , and asses [H2543] .

24:36 And Sarah [H8283] my master's [H113] wife [H802] bare [H3205] a son [H1121] to my master [H113] when [H310] she was old [H2209] : and unto him hath he given [H5414] all that he hath.

24:37 And my master [H113] made me swear [H7650] , saying [H559] , Thou shalt not take [H3947] a wife [H802] to my son [H1121] of the daughters [H1323] of the Canaanites [H3669] , in whose land [H776] I dwell [H3427] :

24:38 But [H518] thou shalt go [H3212] unto my father's [H1] house [H1004] , and to my kindred [H4940] , and take [H3947] a wife [H802] unto my son [H1121] .

24:39 And I said [H559] unto my master [H113] , Peradventure the woman [H802] will not follow [H3212] [H310] me.

24:40 And he said [H559] unto me, The LORD [H3068] , before [H6440] whom I walk [H1980] , will send [H7971] his angel [H4397] with thee, and prosper [H6743] thy way [H1870] ; and thou shalt take [H3947] a wife [H802] for my son [H1121] of my kindred [H4940] , and of my father's [H1] house [H1004] :

24:41 Then shalt thou be clear [H5352] from [this] my oath [H423] , when thou comest [H935] to my kindred [H4940] ; and if they give [H5414] not thee [one], thou shalt be clear [H5355] from my oath [heb423] .

24:42 And I came [H935] this day [H3117] unto the well [H5869] , and said [H559] , O LORD [H3068] God [H430] of my master [H113] Abraham [H85] , if now thou do [H3426] prosper [H6743] my way [H1870] which I go [H1980] :

24:43 Behold, I stand [H5324] by the well [H5869] of water [H4325] ; and it shall come to pass, that when the virgin [H5959] cometh forth [H3318] to draw [H7579] [water], and I say [H559] to her, Give me [H8248] , I pray thee, a little [H4592] water [H4325] of thy pitcher [H3537] to drink [H8248] ;

24:44 And she say [H559] to me, Both drink [H8354] thou, and I will also draw [H7579] for thy camels [H1581] : [let] the same [be] the woman [H802] whom the LORD [H3068] hath appointed out [H3198] for my master's [H113] son [H1121] .

24:45 And before I had done [H3615] speaking [H1696] in mine heart [H3820] , behold, Rebekah [H7259] came forth [H3318] with her pitcher [H3537] on her shoulder [H7926] ; and she went down [H3381] unto the well [H5869] , and drew [H7579] [water]: and I said [H559] unto her, Let me drink [H8248] , I pray thee.

24:46 And she made haste [H4116] , and let down [H3381] her pitcher [H3537] from her [shoulder], and said [H559] , Drink [H8354] , and I will give [H8248] thy camels [H1581] drink [H8248] also: so I drank [H8354] , and she made [H8248] the camels [H1581] drink [H8248] also.

24:47 And I asked [H7592] her, and said [H559] , Whose daughter [H1323] [art] thou? And she said [H559] , The daughter [H1323] of Bethuel [H1328] , Nahor's [H5152] son [H1121] , whom Milcah [H4435] bare [H3205] unto him: and I put [H7760] the earring [H5141] upon her face [H639] , and the bracelets [H6781] upon her hands [H3027] .

24:48 And I bowed down my head [H6915] , and worshipped [H7812] the LORD [H3068] , and blessed [H1288] the LORD [H3068] God [H430] of my master [H113] Abraham [H85] , which had led me [H5148] in the right [H571] way [H1870] to take [H3947] my master's [H113] brother's [H251] daughter [H1323] unto his son [H1121] .

24:49 And now if ye will [H3426] deal [H6213] kindly [H2617] and truly [H571] with my master [H113] , tell [H5046] me: and if not, tell [H5046] me; that I may turn [H6437] to the right hand [H3225] , or [H176] to the left [H8040] .

24:50 Then Laban [H3837] and Bethuel [H1328] answered [H6030] and said [H559] , The thing [H1697] proceedeth [H3318] from the LORD [H3068] : we cannot [H3201] speak [H1696] unto thee bad [H7451] or [H176] good [H2896] .

24:51 Behold, Rebekah [H7259] [is] before thee [H6440] , take [H3947] [her], and go [H3212] , and let her be thy master's [H113] son's [H1121] wife [H802] , as the LORD [H3068] hath spoken [H1696] .

24:52 And it came to pass, that, when Abraham's [H85] servant [H5650] heard [H8085] their words [H1697] , he worshipped [H7812] the LORD [H3068] , [bowing himself] to the earth [H776] .

24:53 And the servant [H5650] brought forth [H3318] jewels [H3627] of silver [H3701] , and jewels [H3627] of gold [H2091] , and raiment [H899] , and gave [H5414] [them] to Rebekah [H7259] : he gave [H5414] also to her brother [H251] and to her mother [H517] precious things [H4030] .(jewels: Heb. vessels)

24:54 And they did eat [H398] and drink [H8354] , he and the men [H582] that [were] with him, and tarried all night [H3885] ; and they rose up [H6965] in the morning [H1242] , and he said [H559] , Send me away [H7971] unto my master [H113] .

24:55 And her brother [H251] and her mother [H517] said [H559] , Let the damsel [H5291] abide [H3427] with us [a few] days [H3117] , at the least [H176] ten [H6218] ; after [H310] that she shall go [H3212] .(a few: or, a full year, or ten months)

24:56 And he said [H559] unto them, Hinder me [H309] not, seeing the LORD [H3068] hath prospered [H6743] my way [H1870] ; send me away [H7971] that I may go [H3212] to my master [H113] .

24:57 And they said [H559] , We will call [H7121] the damsel [H5291] , and enquire [H7592] at her mouth [H6310] .

24:58 And they called [H7121] Rebekah [H7259] , and said [H559] unto her, Wilt thou go [H3212] with this man [H376] ? And she said [H559] , I will go [H3212] .

24:59 And they sent away [H7971] Rebekah [H7259] their sister [H269] , and her nurse [H3243] , and Abraham's [H85] servant [H5650] , and his men [H582] .

24:60 And they blessed [H1288] Rebekah [H7259] , and said [H559] unto her, Thou [H859] [art] our sister [H269] , be thou [H1961] [the mother] of thousands [H505] of millions [H7233] , and let thy seed [H2233] possess [H3423] the gate [H8179] of those which hate [H8130] them.

24:61 And Rebekah [H7259] arose [H6965] , and her damsels [H5291] , and they rode [H7392] upon the camels [H1581] , and followed [H3212] [H310] the man [H376] : and the servant [H5650] took [H3947] Rebekah [H7259] , and went his way [H3212] .

24:62 And Isaac [H3327] came [H935] from the way [H935] of the well Lahairoi [H883] ; for he dwelt [H3427] in the south [H5045] country [H776] .

24:63 And Isaac [H3327] went out [H3318] to meditate [H7742] in the field [H7704] at [H6437] the eventide [H6153] : and he lifted up [H5375] his eyes [H5869] , and saw [H7200] , and, behold, the camels [H1581] [were] coming [H935] .(to meditate: or, to pray)

24:64 And Rebekah [H7259] lifted up [H5375] her eyes [H5869] , and when she saw [H7200] Isaac [H3327] , she lighted [H5307] off [H5921] the camel [H1581] .

24:65 For she [had] said [H559] unto the servant [H5650] , What [H4310] man [H376] [is] this [H1976] that walketh [H1980] in the field [H7704] to meet us [H7125] ? And the servant [H5650] [had] said [H559] , It [is] my master [H113] : therefore she took [H3947] a vail [H6809] , and covered herself [H3680] .

24:66 And the servant [H5650] told [H5608] Isaac [H3327] all things [H1697] that he had done [H6213] .

24:67 And Isaac [H3327] brought her [H935] into his mother [H517] Sarah's [H8283] tent [H168] , and took [H3947] Rebekah [H7259] , and she became his wife [H802] ; and he loved [H157] her: and Isaac [H3327] was comforted [H5162] after [H310] his mother's [H517] [death].