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22:1 And it came to pass after [H310] these things [H1697] , that God [H430] did tempt [H5254] Abraham [H85] , and said [H559] unto him, Abraham [H85] : and he said [H559] , Behold, [here] I [am].(Behold: Heb. Behold me)

22:2 And he said [H559] , Take now [H3947] thy son [H1121] , thine only [H3173] [son] Isaac [H3327] , whom thou lovest [H157] , and get thee [H3212] into the land [H776] of Moriah [H4179] ; and offer him [H5927] there for a burnt offering [H5930] upon one [H259] of the mountains [H2022] which I will tell [H559] thee of.

22:3 And Abraham [H85] rose up early [H7925] in the morning [H1242] , and saddled [H2280] his ass [H2543] , and took [H3947] two [H8147] of his young men [H5288] with him, and Isaac [H3327] his son [H1121] , and clave [H1234] the wood [H6086] for the burnt offering [H5930] , and rose up [H6965] , and went [H3212] unto the place [H4725] of which God [H430] had told [H559] him.

22:4 Then on the third [H7992] day [H3117] Abraham [H85] lifted up [H5375] his eyes [H5869] , and saw [H7200] the place [H4725] afar off [H7350] .

22:5 And Abraham [H85] said [H559] unto his young men [H5288] , Abide [H3427] ye here with the ass [H2543] ; and I and the lad [H5288] will go [H3212] yonder [H3541] and worship [H7812] , and come again [H7725] to you.

22:6 And Abraham [H85] took [H3947] the wood [H6086] of the burnt offering [H5930] , and laid [H7760] [it] upon Isaac [H3327] his son [H1121] ; and he took [H3947] the fire [H784] in his hand [H3027] , and a knife [H3979] ; and they went [H3212] both [H8147] of them together [H3162] .

22:7 And Isaac [H3327] spake [H559] unto Abraham [H85] his father [H1] , and said [H559] , My father [H1] : and he said [H559] , Here [am] I, my son [H1121] . And he said [H559] , Behold the fire [H784] and the wood [H6086] : but where [is] the lamb [H7716] for a burnt offering [H5930] ?(lamb: or, kid)

22:8 And Abraham [H85] said [H559] , My son [H1121] , God [H430] will provide [H7200] himself a lamb [H7716] for a burnt offering [H5930] : so they went [H3212] both of them [H8147] together [H3162] .

22:9 And they came [H935] to the place [H4725] which God [H430] had told [H559] him of; and Abraham [H85] built [H1129] an altar [H4196] there, and laid [H6186] the wood [H6086] in order [H6186] , and bound [H6123] Isaac [H3327] his son [H1121] , and laid [H7760] him on the altar [H4196] upon [H4605] the wood [H6086] .

22:10 And Abraham [H85] stretched forth [H7971] his hand [H3027] , and took [H3947] the knife [H3979] to slay [H7819] his son [H1121] .

22:11 And the angel [H4397] of the LORD [H3068] called [H7121] unto him out of heaven [H8064] , and said [H559] , Abraham [H85] , Abraham [H85] : and he said [H559] , Here [am] I.

22:12 And he said [H559] , Lay [H7971] not thine hand [H3027] upon [H413] the lad [H5288] , neither do thou [H6213] any thing [H3972] unto him: for now [H6258] I know [H3045] that thou fearest [H3373] God [H430] , seeing thou hast not [H3808] withheld [H2820] thy son [H1121] , thine only [H3173] [son] from me.

22:13 And Abraham [H85] lifted up [H5375] his eyes [H5869] , and looked [H7200] , and behold behind [H310] [him] a ram [H352] caught [H270] in a thicket [H5442] by his horns [H7161] : and Abraham [H85] went [H3212] and took [H3947] the ram [H352] , and offered him up [H5927] for a burnt offering [H5930] in the stead [H8478] of his son [H1121] .

22:14 And Abraham [H85] called [H7121] the name [H8034] of that place [H4725] Jehovahjireh [H3070] : as [H834] it is said [H559] [to] this day [H3117] , In the mount [H2022] of the LORD [H3068] it shall be seen [H7200] .(Jehovahjireh: that is, The Lord will see, or, provide)

22:15 And the angel [H4397] of the LORD [H3068] called [H7121] unto Abraham [H85] out of heaven [H8064] the second time [H8145] ,

22:16 And said [H559] , By myself have I sworn [H7650] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] , for because [H3282] [H834] thou hast done [H6213] this thing [H1697] , and hast not [H3808] withheld [H2820] thy son [H1121] , thine only [H3173] [son]:

22:17 That in blessing [H1288] I will bless [H1288] thee, and in multiplying [H7235] I will multiply [H7235] thy seed [H2233] as the stars [H3556] of the heaven [H8064] , and as the sand [H2344] which [is] upon the sea [H3220] shore [H8193] ; and thy seed [H2233] shall possess [H3423] the gate [H8179] of his enemies [H341] ;(shore: Heb. lip)

22:18 And in thy seed [H2233] shall all the nations [H1471] of the earth [H776] be blessed [H1288] ; because [H834] [H6118] thou hast obeyed [H8085] my voice [H6963] .

22:19 So Abraham [H85] returned [H7725] unto his young men [H5288] , and they rose up [H6965] and went [H3212] together [H3162] to Beersheba [H884] ; and Abraham [H85] dwelt [H3427] at Beersheba [H884] .

22:20 And it came to pass after [H310] these things [H1697] , that it was told [H5046] Abraham [H85] , saying [H559] , Behold, Milcah [H4435] , she hath also born [H3205] children [H1121] unto thy brother [H251] Nahor [H5152] ;

22:21 Huz [H5780] his firstborn [H1060] , and Buz [H938] his brother [H251] , and Kemuel [H7055] the father [H1] of Aram [H758] ,

22:22 And Chesed [H3777] , and Hazo [H2375] , and Pildash [H6394] , and Jidlaph [H3044] , and Bethuel [H1328] .

22:23 And Bethuel [H1328] begat [H3205] Rebekah [H7259] : these eight [H8083] Milcah [H4435] did bear [H3205] to Nahor [H5152] , Abraham's [H85] brother [H251] .(Rebekah: Gr. Rebecca)

22:24 And his concubine [H6370] , whose name [H8034] [was] Reumah [H7208] , she bare [H3205] also Tebah [H2875] , and Gaham [H1514] , and Thahash [H8477] , and Maachah [H4601] .