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14:1 And it came to pass in the days [H3117] of Amraphel [H569] king [H4428] of Shinar [H8152] , Arioch [H746] king [H4428] of Ellasar [H495] , Chedorlaomer [H3540] king [H4428] of Elam [H5867] , and Tidal [H8413] king [H4428] of nations [H1471] ;

14:2 [That these] made [H6213] war [H4421] with [H854] Bera [H1298] king [H4428] of Sodom [H5467] , and with Birsha [H1306] king [H4428] of Gomorrah [H6017] , Shinab [H8134] king [H4428] of Admah [H126] , and Shemeber [H8038] king [H4428] of Zeboiim [H6636] , and the king [H4428] of Bela [H1106] , which is [H1931] Zoar [H6820] .

14:3 All these were joined together [H2266] in the vale [H6010] of Siddim [H7708] , which [H1931] is the salt [H4417] sea [H3220] .

14:4 Twelve [H6240] [H8147] years [H8141] they served [H5647] [H853] Chedorlaomer [H3540] , and in the thirteenth [H7969] [H6240] year [H8141] they rebelled [H4775] .

14:5 And in the fourteenth [H6240] [H702] year [H8141] came [H935] Chedorlaomer [H3540] , and the kings [H4428] that [were] with him, and smote [H5221] the Rephaims [H7497] in Ashteroth Karnaim [H6255] , and the Zuzims [H2104] in Ham [H1990] , and the Emims [H368] in Shaveh Kiriathaim [H7741] ,(Shaveh: or, The plain of Kiriathaim)

14:6 And the Horites [H2752] in their mount [H2042] Seir [H8165] , unto Elparan [H364] , which [is] by [H5921] the wilderness [H4057] .(Elparan: or, The plain of Paran)

14:7 And they returned [H7725] , and came [H935] to [H413] Enmishpat [H5880] , which [is] Kadesh [H6946] , and smote [H5221] all the country [H7704] of the Amalekites [H6003] , and also the Amorites [H567] , that dwelt [H3427] in Hazezontamar [H2688] .

14:8 And there went out [H3318] the king [H4428] of Sodom [H5467] , and the king [H4428] of Gomorrah [H6017] , and the king [H4428] of Admah [H126] , and the king [H4428] of Zeboiim [H6636] , and the king [H4428] of Bela [H1106] (the same [H1931] [is] Zoar [H6820] ;) and they joined [H6186] battle [H4421] with them in the vale [H6010] of Siddim [H7708] ;

14:9 With Chedorlaomer [H3540] the king [H4428] of Elam [H5867] , and with Tidal [H8413] king [H4428] of nations [H1471] , and Amraphel [H569] king [H4428] of Shinar [H8152] , and Arioch [H746] king [H4428] of Ellasar [H495] ; four [H702] kings [H4428] with five [H2568] .

14:10 And the vale [H6010] of Siddim [H7708] [was full of] [H875] slimepits [H875] [H2564] ; and the kings [H4428] of Sodom [H5467] and Gomorrah [H6017] fled [H5127] , and fell [H5307] there; and they that remained [H7604] fled [H5127] to the mountain [H2022] .

14:11 And they took [H3947] all the goods [H7399] of Sodom [H5467] and Gomorrah [H6017] , and all their victuals [H400] , and went their way [H3212] .

14:12 And they took [H3947] Lot [H3876] , Abram's [H87] brother's [H251] son [H1121] , who dwelt [H3427] in Sodom [H5467] , and his goods [H7399] , and departed [H3212] .

14:13 And there came [H935] one that had escaped [H6412] , and told [H5046] Abram [H87] the Hebrew [H5680] ; for he dwelt [H7931] in the plain [H436] of Mamre [H4471] the Amorite [H567] , brother [H251] of Eshcol [H812] , and brother [H251] of Aner [H6063] : and these [were] confederate [H1167] [H1285] with Abram [H87] .

14:14 And when Abram [H87] heard [H8085] that his brother [H251] was taken captive [H7617] , he armed [H7324] his trained [H2593] [servants], born [H3211] in his own house [H1004] , three [H7969] hundred [H3967] and eighteen [H6240] [H8083] , and pursued [H7291] [them] unto Dan [H1835] .(armed: or, led forth)(trained: or, instructed)

14:15 And he divided [H2505] himself against them, he and his servants [H5650] , by night [H3915] , and smote [H5221] them, and pursued [H7291] them unto Hobah [H2327] , which [is] on the left hand [H8040] of Damascus [H1834] .

14:16 And he brought back [H7725] all the goods [H7399] , and also brought again [H7725] his brother [H251] Lot [H3876] , and his goods [H7399] , and the women [H802] also, and the people [H5971] .

14:17 And the king [H4428] of Sodom [H5467] went out [H3318] to meet [H7125] him after [H310] his return [H7725] from the slaughter [H5221] of Chedorlaomer [H3540] , and of the kings [H4428] that [were] with him, at the valley [H6010] of Shaveh [H7740] , which [H1931] [is] the king's [H4428] dale [H6010] .

14:18 And Melchizedek [H4442] king [H4428] of Salem [H8004] brought forth [H3318] bread [H3899] and wine [H3196] : and he [was] the priest [H3548] of the most high [H5945] God [H410] .

14:19 And he blessed [H1288] him, and said [H559] , Blessed [H1288] [be] Abram [H87] of the most high [H5945] God [H410] , possessor [H7069] of heaven [H8064] and earth [H776] :

14:20 And blessed [H1288] be the most high [H5945] God [H410] , which hath delivered [H4042] thine enemies [H6862] into thy hand [H3027] . And he gave [H5414] him tithes [H4643] of all.

14:21 And the king [H4428] of Sodom [H5467] said [H559] unto Abram [H87] , Give [H5414] me the persons [H5315] , and take [H3947] the goods [H7399] to thyself.(persons: Heb. souls)

14:22 And Abram [H87] said [H559] to the king [H4428] of Sodom [H5467] , I have lift up [H7311] mine hand [H3027] unto the LORD [H3068] , the most high [H5945] God [H410] , the possessor [H7069] of heaven [H8064] and earth [H776] ,

14:23 That I will not [H518] [take] from a thread [H2339] even to a shoelatchet [H5275] [H8288] , and that I will not [H518] take [H3947] any thing that [is] thine, lest thou shouldest say [H559] , I have made [H6238] Abram [H87] rich [H6238] :

14:24 Save [H1107] only that which [H834] the young men [H5288] have eaten [H398] , and the portion [H2506] of the men [H582] which went [H1980] with [H854] me, Aner [H6063] , Eshcol [H812] , and Mamre [H4471] ; let them [H1992] take [H3947] their portion [H2506] .