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12:1 Now the LORD [H3068] had said [H559] unto Abram [H87] , Get thee out [H3212] of thy country [H776] , and from thy kindred [H4138] , and from thy father's [H1] house [H1004] , unto a land [H776] that I will shew [H7200] thee:

12:2 And I will make of thee [H6213] a great [H1419] nation [H1471] , and I will bless [H1288] thee, and make [H1431] thy name [H8034] great [H1431] ; and thou shalt be a blessing [H1293] :

12:3 And I will bless [H1288] them that bless [H1288] thee, and curse [H779] him that curseth [H7043] thee: and in thee shall all families [H4940] of the earth [H127] be blessed [H1288] .

12:4 So Abram [H87] departed [H3212] , as the LORD [H3068] had spoken [H1696] unto him; and Lot [H3876] went [H3212] with him: and Abram [H87] [was] seventy [H7657] [H8141] and five [H2568] years [H8141] old [H1121] when he departed [H3318] out of Haran [H2771] .

12:5 And Abram [H87] took [H3947] Sarai [H8297] his wife [H802] , and Lot [H3876] his brother's [H251] son [H1121] , and all their substance [H7399] that they had gathered [H7408] , and the souls [H5315] that they had gotten [H6213] in Haran [H2771] ; and they went forth [H3318] to go [H3212] into the land [H776] of Canaan [H3667] ; and into the land [H776] of Canaan [H3667] they came [H935] .

12:6 And Abram [H87] passed through [H5674] the land [H776] unto the place [H4725] of Sichem [H7927] , unto the plain [H436] of Moreh [H4176] . And the Canaanite [H3669] [was] then [H227] in the land [H776] .

12:7 And the LORD [H3068] appeared [H7200] unto Abram [H87] , and said [H559] , Unto thy seed [H2233] will I give [H5414] this [H2063] land [H776] : and there builded [H1129] he an altar [H4196] unto the LORD [H3068] , who appeared [H7200] unto him.

12:8 And he removed [H6275] from thence unto a mountain [H2022] on the east [H6924] of Bethel [H1008] , and pitched [H5186] his tent [H168] , [having] Bethel [H1008] on the west [H3220] , and Hai [H5857] on the east [H6924] : and there he builded [H1129] an altar [H4196] unto the LORD [H3068] , and called [H7121] upon the name [H8034] of the LORD [H3068] .

12:9 And Abram [H87] journeyed [H5265] , going on [H1980] still [H5265] toward the south [H5045] .(going: Heb. in going and journeying)

12:10 And there was a famine [H7458] in the land [H776] : and Abram [H87] went down [H3381] into Egypt [H4714] to sojourn [H1481] there; for the famine [H7458] [was] grievous [H3515] in the land [H776] .

12:11 And it came to pass, when [H834] he was come near [H7126] to enter [H935] into Egypt [H4714] , that he said [H559] unto Sarai [H8297] his wife [H802] , Behold [H2009] now [H4994] , I know [H3045] that thou [art] a fair [H3303] woman [H802] to look upon [H4758] :

12:12 Therefore it shall come to pass, when the Egyptians [H4713] shall see [H7200] thee, that they shall say [H559] , This [is] his wife [H802] : and they will kill [H2026] me, but they will save thee alive [H2421] .

12:13 Say [H559] , I pray thee [H4994] , thou [art] my sister [H269] : that [H4616] it may be well [H3190] with me for thy sake; and my soul [H5315] shall live [H2421] because of thee [H1558] .

12:14 And it came to pass, that, when Abram [H87] was come [H935] into Egypt [H4714] , the Egyptians [H4713] beheld [H7200] the woman [H802] that she [was] very [H3966] fair [H3303] .

12:15 The princes [H8269] also of Pharaoh [H6547] saw [H7200] her, and commended [H1984] her before [H413] Pharaoh [H6547] : and the woman [H802] was taken [H3947] into Pharaoh's [H6547] house [H1004] .

12:16 And he entreated [H3190] Abram [H87] well [H3190] for her sake: and he had sheep [H6629] , and oxen [H1241] , and he asses [H2543] , and menservants [H5650] , and maidservants [H8198] , and she asses [H860] , and camels [H1581] .

12:17 And the LORD [H3068] plagued [H5060] Pharaoh [H6547] and his house [H1004] with great [H1419] plagues [H5061] because of [H1697] Sarai [H8297] Abram's [H87] wife [H802] .

12:18 And Pharaoh [H6547] called [H7121] Abram [H87] , and said [H559] , What [is] this [that] thou hast done [H6213] unto me? why didst thou not tell [H5046] me that she [was] thy wife [H802] ?

12:19 Why saidst thou [H559] , She [is] my sister [H269] ? so I might have taken [H3947] her to me to wife [H802] : now therefore behold thy wife [H802] , take [H3947] [her], and go thy way [H3212] .

12:20 And Pharaoh [H6547] commanded [H6680] [his] men [H582] concerning him: and they sent him away [H7971] , and his wife [H802] , and all that he had.