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10:1 Now these [are] the generations [H8435] of the sons [H1121] of Noah [H5146] , Shem [H8035] , Ham [H2526] , and Japheth [H3315] : and unto them were sons [H1121] born [H3205] after [H310] the flood [H3999] .

10:2 The sons [H1121] of Japheth [H3315] ; Gomer [H1586] , and Magog [H4031] , and Madai [H4074] , and Javan [H3120] , and Tubal [H8422] , and Meshech [H4902] , and Tiras [H8494] .

10:3 And the sons [H1121] of Gomer [H1586] ; Ashkenaz [H813] , and Riphath [H7384] , and Togarmah [H8425] .

10:4 And the sons [H1121] of Javan [H3120] ; Elishah [H473] , and Tarshish [H8659] , Kittim [H3794] , and Dodanim [H1721] .(Dodanim: or, as some read it, Rodanim)

10:5 By these were the isles [H339] of the Gentiles [H1471] divided in [H6504] their lands [H776] ; every one [H376] after his tongue [H3956] , after their families [H4940] , in their nations [H1471] .

10:6 And the sons [H1121] of Ham [H2526] ; Cush [H3568] , and Mizraim [H4714] , and Phut [H6316] , and Canaan [H3667] .

10:7 And the sons [H1121] of Cush [H3568] ; Seba [H5434] , and Havilah [H2341] , and Sabtah [H5454] , and Raamah [H7484] , and Sabtecha [H5455] : and the sons [H1121] of Raamah [H7484] ; Sheba [H7614] , and Dedan [H1719] .

10:8 And Cush [H3568] begat [H3205] Nimrod [H5248] : he began [H2490] to be [H1961] a mighty one [H1368] in the earth [H776] .

10:9 He was a mighty [H1368] hunter [H6718] before [H6440] the LORD [H3068] : wherefore [H3651] it is said [H559] , Even as Nimrod [H5248] the mighty [H1368] hunter [H6718] before [H6440] the LORD [H3068] .

10:10 And the beginning [H7225] of his kingdom [H4467] was Babel [H894] , and Erech [H751] , and Accad [H390] , and Calneh [H3641] , in the land [H776] of Shinar [H8152] .(Babel: Gr. Babylon)

10:11 Out of that land [H776] went forth [H3318] Asshur [H804] , and builded [H1129] Nineveh [H5210] , and the city [H5892] Rehoboth [H7344] , and Calah [H3625] ,(went: or, he went out into Assyria)(the city: or, the streets of the city)

10:12 And Resen [H7449] between Nineveh [H5210] and Calah [H3625] : the same [is] a great [H1419] city [H5892] .

10:13 And Mizraim [H4714] begat [H3205] Ludim [H3866] , and Anamim [H6047] , and Lehabim [H3853] , and Naphtuhim [H5320] ,

10:14 And Pathrusim [H6625] , and Casluhim [H3695] , (out of whom came [H3318] Philistim [H6430] ,) and Caphtorim [H3732] .

10:15 And Canaan [H3667] begat [H3205] Sidon [H6721] his firstborn [H1060] , and Heth [H2845] ,(Sidon: Heb. Tzidon)

10:16 And the Jebusite [H2983] , and the Amorite [H567] , and the Girgasite [H1622] ,

10:17 And the Hivite [H2340] , and the Arkite [H6208] , and the Sinite [H5513] ,

10:18 And the Arvadite [H721] , and the Zemarite [H6786] , and the Hamathite [H2577] : and afterward [H310] were the families [H4940] of the Canaanites [H3669] spread abroad [H6327] .

10:19 And the border [H1366] of the Canaanites [H3669] was from Sidon [H6721] , as thou comest [H935] to Gerar [H1642] , unto Gaza [H5804] ; as thou goest [H935] , unto Sodom [H5467] , and Gomorrah [H6017] , and Admah [H126] , and Zeboim [H6636] , even unto Lasha [H3962] .(Gaza: Heb. Azzah)

10:20 These [are] the sons [H1121] of Ham [H2526] , after their families [H4940] , after their tongues [H3956] , in their countries [H776] , [and] in their nations [H1471] .

10:21 Unto Shem [H8035] also, the father [H1] of all the children [H1121] of Eber [H5677] , the brother [H251] of Japheth [H3315] the elder [H1419] , even to him were [children] born [H3205] .

10:22 The children [H1121] of Shem [H8035] ; Elam [H5867] , and Asshur [H804] , and Arphaxad [H775] , and Lud [H3865] , and Aram [H758] .(Arphaxad: Heb. Arpachshad)

10:23 And the children [H1121] of Aram [H758] ; Uz [H5780] , and Hul [H2343] , and Gether [H1666] , and Mash [H4851] .

10:24 And Arphaxad [H775] begat [H3205] Salah [H7974] ; and Salah [H7974] begat [H3205] Eber [H5677] .(Salah: Heb. Shelah)

10:25 And unto Eber [H5677] were born [H3205] two [H8147] sons [H1121] : the name [H8034] of one [H259] [was] Peleg [H6389] ; for in his days [H3117] was the earth [H776] divided [H6385] ; and his brother's [H251] name [H8034] [was] Joktan [H3355] .(Peleg: that is Division)

10:26 And Joktan [H3355] begat [H3205] Almodad [H486] , and Sheleph [H8026] , and Hazarmaveth [H2700] , and Jerah [H3392] ,

10:27 And Hadoram [H1913] , and Uzal [H187] , and Diklah [H1853] ,

10:28 And Obal [H5745] , and Abimael [H39] , and Sheba [H7614] ,

10:29 And Ophir [H211] , and Havilah [H2341] , and Jobab [H3103] : all these [were] the sons [H1121] of Joktan [H3355] .

10:30 And their dwelling [H4186] was from Mesha [H4852] , as thou goest [H935] unto Sephar [H5611] a mount [H2022] of the east [H6924] .

10:31 These [are] the sons [H1121] of Shem [H8035] , after their families [H4940] , after their tongues [H3956] , in their lands [H776] , after their nations [H1471] .

10:32 These [are] the families [H4940] of the sons [H1121] of Noah [H5146] , after their generations [H8435] , in their nations [H1471] : and by these were the nations [H1471] divided [H6504] in the earth [H776] after [H310] the flood [H3999] .