KJV GAL3 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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3:1 O [G5599] foolish [G453] Galatians [G1052] , who [G5101] hath bewitched [G940] you [G5209] , that ye should [G3982] not [G3361] obey [G3982] the truth [G225] , before [G2596] whose [G3739] eyes [G3788] Jesus [G2424] Christ [G5547] hath been evidently set forth [G4270] , crucified [G4717] among [G1722] you [G5213] ?

3:2 This [G5124] only [G3440] would [G2309] I learn [G3129] of [G575] you [G5216] , Received ye [G2983] the Spirit [G4151] by [G1537] the works [G2041] of the law [G3551] , or [G2228] by [G1537] the hearing [G189] of faith [G4102] ?

3:3 Are ye [G2075] so [G3779] foolish [G453] ? having begun [G1728] in the Spirit [G4151] , are ye [G2005] now [G3568] made perfect [G2005] by the flesh [G4561] ?

3:4 Have ye suffered [G3958] so many things [G5118] in vain [G1500] ? if [it be] yet [G1489] [G2532] in vain [G1500] .(so many: or, so great)

3:5 He therefore [G3767] that ministereth [G2023] to you [G5213] the Spirit [G4151] , and [G2532] worketh [G1754] miracles [G1411] among [G1722] you [G5213] , [doeth he it] by [G1537] the works [G2041] of the law [G3551] , or [G2228] by [G1537] the hearing [G189] of faith [G4102] ?

3:6 Even as [G2531] Abraham [G11] believed [G4100] God [G2316] , and [G2532] it was accounted [G3049] to him [G846] for [G1519] righteousness [G1343] .(accounted: or, imputed)

3:7 Know ye [G1097] therefore [G686] that [G3754] they which are of [G1537] faith [G4102] , the same [G3778] are [G1526] the children [G5207] of Abraham [G11] .

3:8 And [G1161] the scripture [G1124] , foreseeing [G4275] that [G3754] God [G2316] would justify [G1344] the heathen [G1484] through [G1537] faith [G4102] , preached before the gospel [G4283] unto Abraham [G11] , [saying], [G3754] In [G1722] thee [G4671] shall [G1757] all [G3956] nations [G1484] be blessed [G1757] .

3:9 So then [G5620] they which be of [G1537] faith [G4102] are blessed [G2127] with [G4862] faithful [G4103] Abraham [G11] .

3:10 For [G1063] as many as [G3745] are [G1526] of [G1537] the works [G2041] of the law [G3551] are [G1526] under [G5259] the curse [G2671] : for [G1063] it is written [G1125] , Cursed [G1944] [is] every one [G3956] that [G3739] continueth [G1696] not [G3756] in [G1722] all things [G3956] which [G3588] are written [G1125] in [G1722] the book [G975] of the law [G3551] to do [G4160] them [G846] .

3:11 But [G1161] that [G3754] no man [G3762] is justified [G1344] by [G1722] the law [G3551] in the sight [G3844] of God [G2316] , [it is] evident [G1212] : for [G3754] , The just [G1342] shall live [G2198] by [G1537] faith [G4102] .

3:12 And [G1161] the law [G3551] is [G2076] not [G3756] of [G1537] faith [G4102] : but [G235] , The man [G444] that doeth [G4160] them [G846] shall live [G2198] in [G1722] them [G846] .

3:13 Christ [G5547] hath redeemed [G1805] us [G2248] from [G1537] the curse [G2671] of the law [G3551] , being made [G1096] a curse [G2671] for [G5228] us [G2257] : for [G1063] it is written [G1125] , Cursed [G1944] [is] every one [G3956] that hangeth [G2910] on [G1909] a tree [G3586] :

3:14 That [G2443] the blessing [G2129] of Abraham [G11] might come [G1096] on [G1519] the Gentiles [G1484] through [G1722] Jesus [G2424] Christ [G5547] ; that [G2443] we might receive [G2983] the promise [G1860] of the Spirit [G4151] through [G1223] faith [G4102] .

3:15 Brethren [G80] , I speak [G3004] after the manner of [G2596] men [G444] ; Though [it be] but [G3676] a man's [G444] covenant [G1242] , yet [if it be] confirmed [G2964] , no man [G3762] disannulleth [G114] , or [G2228] addeth thereto [G1928] .(covenant: or, testament)

3:16 Now [G1161] to Abraham [G11] and [G2532] his [G846] seed [G4690] were [G4483] the promises [G1860] made [G4483] . He saith [G3004] not [G3756] , And [G2532] to seeds [G4690] , as [G5613] of [G1909] many [G4183] ; but [G235] as [G5613] of [G1909] one [G1520] , And [G2532] to thy [G4675] seed [G4690] , which [G3739] is [G2076] Christ [G5547] .

3:17 And [G1161] this [G5124] I say [G3004] , [that] the covenant [G1242] , that was confirmed before [G4300] of [G5259] God [G2316] in [G1519] Christ [G5547] , the law [G3551] , which was [G1096] four hundred [G5071] and [G2532] thirty [G5144] years [G2094] after [G3326] , cannot [G3756] disannul [G208] , that [G1519] it should make [G2673] the promise [G1860] of none effect [G2673] .

3:18 For [G1063] if [G1487] the inheritance [G2817] [be] of [G1537] the law [G3551] , [it is] no more [G3765] of [G1537] promise [G1860] : but [G1161] God [G2316] gave [G5483] [it] to Abraham [G11] by [G1223] promise [G1860] .

3:19 Wherefore [G5101] then [G3767] [serveth] the law [G3551] ? It was added [G4369] because of [G5484] transgressions [G3847] , till [G891] [G3739] the seed [G4690] should come [G2064] to whom [G3739] the promise was made [G1861] ; [and it was] ordained [G1299] by [G1223] angels [G32] in [G1722] the hand [G5495] of a mediator [G3316] .

3:20 Now [G1161] a mediator [G3316] is [G2076] not [G3756] [a mediator] of one [G1520] , but [G1161] God [G2316] is [G2076] one [G1520] .

3:21 [Is] the law [G3551] then [G3767] against [G2596] the promises [G1860] of God [G2316] ? God forbid [G3361] [G1096] : for [G1063] if [G1487] there had been [G1325] a law [G3551] given [G1325] which [G3588] could [G1410] have given life [G2227] , verily [G3689] righteousness [G1343] should [G302] have been [G2258] by [G1537] the law [G3551] .

3:22 But [G235] the scripture [G1124] hath concluded [G4788] all [G3956] under [G5259] sin [G266] , that [G2443] the promise [G1860] by [G1537] faith [G4102] of Jesus [G2424] Christ [G5547] might be given [G1325] to them that believe [G4100] .

3:23 But [G1161] before [G4253] faith [G4102] came [G2064] , we were kept [G5432] under [G5259] the law [G3551] , shut up [G4788] unto [G1519] the faith [G4102] which should afterwards [G3195] be revealed [G601] .

3:24 Wherefore [G5620] the law [G3551] was [G1096] our [G2257] schoolmaster [G3807] [to bring us] unto [G1519] Christ [G5547] , that [G2443] we might be justified [G1344] by [G1537] faith [G4102] .

3:25 But [G1161] after that faith [G4102] is come [G2064] , we are [G2070] no longer [G2089] [G3765] under [G5259] a schoolmaster [G3807] .

3:26 For [G1063] ye are [G2075] all [G3956] the children [G5207] of God [G2316] by [G1223] faith [G4102] in [G1722] Christ [G5547] Jesus [G2424] .

3:27 For [G1063] as many of you as [G3745] have been baptized [G907] into [G1519] Christ [G5547] have put on [G1746] Christ [G5547] .

3:28 There is [G1762] neither [G3756] Jew [G2453] nor [G3761] Greek [G1672] , there is [G1762] neither [G3756] bond [G1401] nor [G3761] free [G1658] , there is [G1762] neither [G3756] male [G730] nor [G2532] female [G2338] : for [G1063] ye [G5210] are [G2075] all [G3956] one [G1520] in [G1722] Christ [G5547] Jesus [G2424] .

3:29 And [G1161] if [G1487] ye [G5210] [be] Christ's [G5547] , then [G686] are ye [G2075] Abraham's [G11] seed [G4690] , and [G2532] heirs [G2818] according [G2596] to the promise [G1860] .