KJV EZR8 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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8:1 These [are] now the chief [H7218] of their fathers [H1] , and [this is] the genealogy [H3187] of them that went up [H5927] with me from Babylon [H894] , in the reign [H4438] of Artaxerxes [H783] the king [H4428] .

8:2 Of the sons [H1121] of Phinehas [H6372] ; Gershom [H1647] : of the sons [H1121] of Ithamar [H385] ; Daniel [H1840] : of the sons [H1121] of David [H1732] ; Hattush [H2407] .

8:3 Of the sons [H1121] of Shechaniah [H7935] , of the sons [H1121] of Pharosh [H6551] ; Zechariah [H2148] : and with him were reckoned by genealogy [H3187] of the males [H2145] an hundred [H3967] and fifty [H2572] .

8:4 Of the sons [H1121] of Pahathmoab [H6355] ; Elihoenai [H454] the son [H1121] of Zerahiah [H2228] , and with him two hundred [H3967] males [H2145] .

8:5 Of the sons [H1121] of Shechaniah [H7935] ; the son [H1121] of Jahaziel [H3166] , and with him three [H7969] hundred [H3967] males [H2145] .

8:6 Of the sons [H1121] also of Adin [H5720] ; Ebed [H5651] the son [H1121] of Jonathan [H3129] , and with him fifty [H2572] males [H2145] .

8:7 And of the sons [H1121] of Elam [H5867] ; Jeshaiah [H3470] the son [H1121] of Athaliah [H6271] , and with him seventy [H7657] males [H2145] .

8:8 And of the sons [H1121] of Shephatiah [H8203] ; Zebadiah [H2069] the son [H1121] of Michael [H4317] , and with him fourscore [H8084] males [H2145] .

8:9 Of the sons [H1121] of Joab [H3097] ; Obadiah [H5662] the son [H1121] of Jehiel [H3171] , and with him two hundred [H3967] and eighteen [H8083] [H6240] males [H2145] .

8:10 And of the sons [H1121] of Shelomith [H8019] ; the son [H1121] of Josiphiah [H3131] , and with him an hundred [H3967] and threescore [H8346] males [H2145] .

8:11 And of the sons [H1121] of Bebai [H893] ; Zechariah [H2148] the son [H1121] of Bebai [H893] , and with him twenty [H6242] and eight [H8083] males [H2145] .

8:12 And of the sons [H1121] of Azgad [H5803] ; Johanan [H3110] the son [H1121] of Hakkatan [H6997] , and with him an hundred [H3967] and ten [H6235] males [H2145] .(the son: or, the youngest son)

8:13 And of the last [H314] sons [H1121] of Adonikam [H140] , whose names [H8034] [are] these, Eliphelet [H467] , Jeiel [H3273] , and Shemaiah [H8098] , and with them threescore [H8346] males [H2145] .

8:14 Of the sons [H1121] also of Bigvai [H902] ; Uthai [H5793] , and Zabbud [H2072] [H2139] , and with them seventy [H7657] males [H2145] .(Zabbud: or, Zaccur, as some read)

8:15 And I gathered them together [H6908] to the river [H5104] that runneth [H935] to Ahava [H163] ; and there abode we in tents [H2583] three [H7969] days [H3117] : and I viewed [H995] the people [H5971] , and the priests [H3548] , and found [H4672] there none of the sons [H1121] of Levi [H3878] .(abode: or, pitched)

8:16 Then sent [H7971] I for Eliezer [H461] , for Ariel [H740] , for Shemaiah [H8098] , and for Elnathan [H494] , and for Jarib [H3402] , and for Elnathan [H494] , and for Nathan [H5416] , and for Zechariah [H2148] , and for Meshullam [H4918] , chief men [H7218] ; also for Joiarib [H3114] , and for Elnathan [H494] , men of understanding [H995] .

8:17 And I sent [H6680] them with commandment [H3318] unto Iddo [H112] the chief [H7218] at the place [H4725] Casiphia [H3703] , and I told [H7760] [H6310] them what [H1697] they should say [H1696] unto Iddo [H112] , [and] to his brethren [H251] the Nethinims [H5411] [H5411] , at the place [H4725] Casiphia [H3703] , that they should bring [H935] unto us ministers [H8334] for the house [H1004] of our God [H430] .(I told: Heb. I put words in their mouth)

8:18 And by the good [H2896] hand [H3027] of our God [H430] upon us they brought [H935] us a man [H376] of understanding [H7922] , of the sons [H1121] of Mahli [H4249] , the son [H1121] of Levi [H3878] , the son [H1121] of Israel [H3478] ; and Sherebiah [H8274] , with his sons [H1121] and his brethren [H251] , eighteen [H8083] [H6240] ;

8:19 And Hashabiah [H2811] , and with him Jeshaiah [H3470] of the sons [H1121] of Merari [H4847] , his brethren [H251] and their sons [H1121] , twenty [H6242] ;

8:20 Also of the Nethinims [H5411] , whom David [H1732] and the princes [H8269] had appointed [H5414] for the service [H5656] of the Levites [H3881] , two hundred [H3967] and twenty [H6242] Nethinims [H5411] : all of them were expressed [H5344] by name [H8034] .

8:21 Then I proclaimed [H7121] a fast [H6685] there, at the river [H5104] of Ahava [H163] , that we might afflict [H6031] ourselves before [H6440] our God [H430] , to seek [H1245] of him a right [H3477] way [H1870] for us, and for our little ones [H2945] , and for all our substance [H7399] .

8:22 For I was ashamed [H954] to require [H7592] of the king [H4428] a band of soldiers [H2428] and horsemen [H6571] to help [H5826] us against the enemy [H341] in the way [H1870] : because we had spoken [H559] unto the king [H4428] , saying [H559] , The hand [H3027] of our God [H430] [is] upon all them for good [H2896] that seek [H1245] him; but his power [H5797] and his wrath [H639] [is] against all them that forsake [H5800] him.

8:23 So we fasted [H6684] and besought [H1245] our God [H430] for this: and he was intreated [H6279] of us.

8:24 Then I separated [H914] twelve [H8147] [H6240] of the chief [H8269] of the priests [H3548] , Sherebiah [H8274] , Hashabiah [H2811] , and ten [H6235] of their brethren [H251] with them,

8:25 And weighed [H8254] unto them the silver [H3701] , and the gold [H2091] , and the vessels [H3627] , [even] the offering [H8641] of the house [H1004] of our God [H430] , which the king [H4428] , and his counsellors [H3289] , and his lords [H8269] , and all Israel [H3478] [there] present [H4672] , had offered [H7311] :

8:26 I even weighed [H8254] unto their hand [H3027] six [H8337] hundred [H3967] and fifty [H2572] talents [H3603] of silver [H3701] , and silver [H3701] vessels [H3627] an hundred [H3967] talents [H3603] , [and] of gold [H2091] an hundred [H3967] talents [H3603] ;

8:27 Also twenty [H6242] basons [H3713] of gold [H2091] , of a thousand [H505] drams [H150] ; and two [H8147] vessels [H3627] of fine [H2896] [H6668] copper [H5178] , precious [H2532] as gold [H2091] .(fine: Heb. yellow, or, shining brass)(precious: Heb. desirable)

8:28 And I said [H559] unto them, Ye [are] holy [H6944] unto the LORD [H3068] ; the vessels [H3627] [are] holy [H6944] also; and the silver [H3701] and the gold [H2091] [are] a freewill offering [H5071] unto the LORD [H3068] God [H430] of your fathers [H1] .

8:29 Watch [H8245] ye, and keep [H8104] [them], until ye weigh [H8254] [them] before [H6440] the chief [H8269] of the priests [H3548] and the Levites [H3881] , and chief [H8269] of the fathers [H1] of Israel [H3478] , at Jerusalem [H3389] , in the chambers [H3957] of the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] .

8:30 So took [H6901] the priests [H3548] and the Levites [H3881] the weight [H4948] of the silver [H3701] , and the gold [H2091] , and the vessels [H3627] , to bring [H935] [them] to Jerusalem [H3389] unto the house [H1004] of our God [H430] .

8:31 Then we departed [H5265] from the river [H5104] of Ahava [H163] on the twelfth [H8147] [H6240] [day] of the first [H7223] month [H2320] , to go [H3212] unto Jerusalem [H3389] : and the hand [H3027] of our God [H430] was upon us, and he delivered [H5337] us from the hand [H3709] of the enemy [H341] , and of such as lay in wait [H693] by the way [H1870] .

8:32 And we came [H935] to Jerusalem [H3389] , and abode [H3427] there three [H7969] days [H3117] .

8:33 Now on the fourth [H7243] day [H3117] was the silver [H3701] and the gold [H2091] and the vessels [H3627] weighed [H8254] in the house [H1004] of our God [H430] by the hand [H3027] of Meremoth [H4822] the son [H1121] of Uriah [H223] the priest [H3548] ; and with him [was] Eleazar [H499] the son [H1121] of Phinehas [H6372] ; and with them [was] Jozabad [H3107] the son [H1121] of Jeshua [H3442] , and Noadiah [H5129] the son [H1121] of Binnui [H1131] , Levites [H3881] ;

8:34 By number [H4557] [and] by weight [H4948] of every one: and all the weight [H4948] was written [H3789] at that time [H6256] .

8:35 [Also] the children [H1121] of those that had been carried away [H1473] , which were come out [H935] of the captivity [H7628] , offered [H7126] burnt offerings [H5930] unto the God [H430] of Israel [H3478] , twelve [H8147] [H6240] bullocks [H6499] for all Israel [H3478] , ninety [H8673] and six [H8337] rams [H352] , seventy [H7657] and seven [H7651] lambs [H3532] , twelve [H8147] [H6240] he goats [H6842] [for] a sin offering [H2403] : all [this was] a burnt offering [H5930] unto the LORD [H3068] .

8:36 And they delivered [H5414] the king's [H4428] commissions [H1881] unto the king's [H4428] lieutenants [H323] , and to the governors [H6346] on this side [H5676] the river [H5104] : and they furthered [H5375] the people [H5971] , and the house [H1004] of God [H430] .