KJV EZR6 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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6:1 Then [H116] Darius [H1868] the king [H4430] made [H7761] a decree [H2942] , and search [H1240] was made in the house [H1005] of the rolls [H5609] , where [H8536] the treasures [H1596] were laid up [H5182] in Babylon [H895] .(rolls: Chaldee, books)(laid up: Chaldee, made to descend)

6:2 And there was found [H7912] at Achmetha [H307] , in the palace [H1001] that [is] in the province [H4083] of the Medes [H4076] , a [H2298] roll [H4040] , and therein [H1459] [was] a record [H1799] thus [H3652] written [H3790] :(Achmetha: or, Ecbatana, or, in a coffer)

6:3 In the first [H2298] year [H8140] of Cyrus [H3567] the king [H4430] [the same] Cyrus [H3567] the king [H4430] made [H7761] a decree [H2942] [concerning] the house [H1005] of God [H426] at Jerusalem [H3390] , Let the house [H1005] be builded [H1124] , the place [H870] where they offered [H1684] sacrifices [H1685] , and let the foundations [H787] thereof be strongly laid [H5446] ; the height [H7314] thereof threescore [H8361] cubits [H521] , [and] the breadth [H6613] thereof threescore [H8361] cubits [H521] ;

6:4 [With] three [H8532] rows [H5073] of great [H1560] stones [H69] , and a row [H5073] of new [H2323] timber [H636] : and let the expenses [H5313] be given [H3052] out of [H4481] the king's [H4430] house [H1005] :

6:5 And also [H638] let the golden [H1722] and silver [H3702] vessels [H3984] of the house [H1005] of God [H426] , which Nebuchadnezzar [H5020] took forth [H5312] out of [H4481] the temple [H1965] which [is] at Jerusalem [H3390] , and brought [H2987] unto Babylon [H895] , be restored [H8421] , and brought again [H1946] unto the temple [H1965] which [is] at Jerusalem [H3390] , [every one] to his place [H870] , and place [H5182] [them] in the house [H1005] of God [H426] .(brought again: Chaldee, go)

6:6 Now [H3705] [therefore], Tatnai [H8674] , governor [H6347] beyond [H5675] the river [H5103] , Shetharboznai [H8370] , and your companions [H3675] the Apharsachites [H671] , which [are] beyond [H5675] the river [H5103] , be ye [H1934] far [H7352] from [H4481] thence [H8536] :(your: Chaldee, their societies)

6:7 Let the work [H5673] of this [H1791] house [H1005] of God [H426] alone [H7662] ; let the governor [H6347] of the Jews [H3062] and the elders [H7868] of the Jews [H3062] build [H1124] this [H1791] house [H1005] of God [H426] in [H5922] his place [H870] .

6:8 Moreover I [H4481] make [H7761] a decree [H2942] what [H3964] ye shall do [H5648] to [H5974] the elders [H7868] of these [H479] Jews [H3062] for the building [H1124] of this [H1791] house [H1005] of God [H426] : that of the king's [H4430] goods [H5232] , [even] of [H1768] the tribute [H4061] beyond [H5675] the river [H5103] , forthwith [H629] expenses [H5313] be [H1934] given [H3052] unto these [H479] men [H1400] , that they be not [H3809] hindered [H989] .(I make: Chaldee, by me a decree is made)(hindered: Chaldee, made to cease)

6:9 And that which [H4101] they have need of [H2818] , both young [H1123] bullocks [H8450] , and rams [H1798] , and lambs [H563] , for the burnt offerings [H5928] of the God [H426] of heaven [H8065] , wheat [H2591] , salt [H4416] , wine [H2562] , and oil [H4887] , according to the appointment [H3983] of the priests [H3549] which [are] at Jerusalem [H3390] , let it be [H1934] given [H3052] them day [H3118] by day [H3118] without [H3809] fail [H7960] :

6:10 That they may offer [H1934] [H7127] sacrifices of sweet savours [H5208] unto the God [H426] of heaven [H8065] , and pray [H6739] for the life [H2417] of the king [H4430] , and of his sons [H1123] .(of sweet: Chaldee, of rest)

6:11 Also [H4481] I have made [H7761] a decree [H2942] , that whosoever [H3606] [H606] shall alter [H8133] this [H1836] word [H6600] , let timber [H636] be pulled down [H5256] from [H4481] his house [H1005] , and being set up [H2211] , let him be hanged [H4223] thereon [H5922] ; and let his house [H1005] be made [H5648] a dunghill [H5122] for [H5922] this [H1836] .(let him: Chaldee, let him be destroyed)

6:12 And the God [H426] that hath caused his name [H8036] to dwell [H7932] there [H8536] destroy [H4049] all [H3606] kings [H4430] and people [H5972] , that shall put [H7972] to their hand [H3028] to alter [H8133] [and] to destroy [H2255] this [H1791] house [H1005] of God [H426] which [is] at Jerusalem [H3390] . I [H576] Darius [H1868] have made [H7761] a decree [H2942] ; let it be done [H5648] with speed [H629] .

6:13 Then [H116] Tatnai [H8674] , governor [H6347] on this side [H5675] the river [H5103] , Shetharboznai [H8370] , and their companions [H3675] , according [H6903] to that which Darius [H1868] the king [H4430] had sent [H7972] , so [H3660] they did [H5648] speedily [H629] .

6:14 And the elders [H7868] of the Jews [H3062] builded [H1124] , and they prospered [H6744] through the prophesying [H5017] of Haggai [H2292] the prophet [H5029] and Zechariah [H2148] the son [H1247] of Iddo [H5714] . And they builded [H1124] , and finished [H3635] [it], according [H4481] to the commandment [H2941] of the God [H426] of Israel [H3479] , and according to the commandment [H2942] of Cyrus [H3567] , and Darius [H1868] , and Artaxerxes [H783] king [H4430] of Persia [H6540] .(commandment: Chaldee, decree)

6:15 And this [H1836] house [H1005] was finished [H3319] on [H5705] the third [H8532] day [H3118] of the month [H3393] Adar [H144] , which was [H1932] in the sixth [H8353] year [H8140] of the reign [H4437] of Darius [H1868] the king [H4430] .

6:16 And the children [H1123] of Israel [H3479] , the priests [H3549] , and the Levites [H3879] , and the rest [H7606] of the children [H1123] of the captivity [H1547] , kept [H5648] the dedication [H2597] of this [H1836] house [H1005] of God [H426] with joy [H2305] ,(the children of the captivity: Chaldee, the sons of the transportation)

6:17 And offered [H7127] at the dedication [H2597] of this [H1836] house [H1005] of God [H426] an hundred [H3969] bullocks [H8450] , two hundred [H3969] rams [H1798] , four [H703] hundred [H3969] lambs [H563] ; and for a sin offering [H2402] [H2409] for [H5922] all [H3606] Israel [H3479] , twelve [H8648] [H6236] he [H6841] goats [H5796] , according to the number [H4510] of the tribes [H7625] of Israel [H3479] .

6:18 And they set [H6966] the priests [H3549] in their divisions [H6392] , and the Levites [H3879] in their courses [H4255] , for [H5922] the service [H5673] of God [H426] , which [is] at Jerusalem [H3390] ; as it is written [H3792] in the book [H5609] of Moses [H4873] .(as it is: Chaldee, according to the writing)

6:19 And the children [H1121] of the captivity [H1473] kept [H6213] the passover [H6453] upon the fourteenth [H702] [H6240] [day] of the first [H7223] month [H2320] .

6:20 For the priests [H3548] and the Levites [H3881] were purified [H2891] together [H259] , all of them [were] pure [H2889] , and killed [H7819] the passover [H6453] for all the children [H1121] of the captivity [H1473] , and for their brethren [H251] the priests [H3548] , and for themselves.

6:21 And the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] , which were come again [H7725] out of captivity [H1473] , and all such as had separated [H914] themselves unto them from the filthiness [H2932] of the heathen [H1471] of the land [H776] , to seek [H1875] the LORD [H3068] God [H430] of Israel [H3478] , did eat [H398] ,

6:22 And kept [H6213] the feast [H2282] of unleavened bread [H4682] seven [H7651] days [H3117] with joy [H8057] : for the LORD [H3068] had made them joyful [H8055] , and turned [H5437] the heart [H3820] of the king [H4428] of Assyria [H804] unto them, to strengthen [H2388] their hands [H3027] in the work [H4399] of the house [H1004] of God [H430] , the God [H430] of Israel [H3478] .