KJV EZE5 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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5:1 And thou, son [H1121] of man [H120] , take [H3947] thee a sharp [H2299] knife [H2719] , take [H3947] thee a barber's [H1532] razor [H8593] , and cause [it] to pass [H5674] upon thine head [H7218] and upon thy beard [H2206] : then take [H3947] thee balances [H3976] to weigh [H4948] , and divide [H2505] the [hair].

5:2 Thou shalt burn [H1197] with fire [H217] a third part [H7992] in the midst [H8432] of the city [H5892] , when the days [H3117] of the siege [H4692] are fulfilled [H4390] : and thou shalt take [H3947] a third part [H7992] , [and] smite [H5221] about [H5439] it with a knife [H2719] : and a third part [H7992] thou shalt scatter [H2219] in the wind [H7307] ; and I will draw out [H7324] a sword [H2719] after [H310] them.

5:3 Thou shalt also take [H3947] thereof a few [H4592] in number [H4557] , and bind [H6696] them in thy skirts [H3671] .(skirts: Heb. wings)

5:4 Then take of them again [H3947] , and cast [H7993] them into the midst [H8432] of the fire [H784] , and burn [H8313] them in the fire [H784] ; [for] thereof shall a fire [H784] come forth [H3318] into all the house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] .

5:5 Thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] ; This [is] Jerusalem [H3389] : I have set [H7760] it in the midst [H8432] of the nations [H1471] and countries [H776] [that are] round about [H5439] her.

5:6 And she hath changed [H4784] my judgments [H4941] into wickedness [H7564] more than the nations [H1471] , and my statutes [H2708] more than the countries [H776] that [are] round about [H5439] her: for they have refused [H3988] my judgments [H4941] and my statutes [H2708] , they have not walked [H1980] in them.

5:7 Therefore thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] ; Because ye multiplied [H1995] more than the nations [H1471] that [are] round about [H5439] you, [and] have not walked [H1980] in my statutes [H2708] , neither have kept [H6213] my judgments [H4941] , neither have done [H6213] according to the judgments [H4941] of the nations [H1471] that [are] round about [H5439] you;

5:8 Therefore thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] ; Behold, I, even I, [am] against thee, and will execute [H6213] judgments [H4941] in the midst [H8432] of thee in the sight [H5869] of the nations [H1471] .

5:9 And I will do [H6213] in thee that which I have not done [H6213] , and whereunto I will not do [H6213] any more the like, because [H3282] of all thine abominations [H8441] .

5:10 Therefore the fathers [H1] shall eat [H398] the sons [H1121] in the midst [H8432] of thee, and the sons [H1121] shall eat [H398] their fathers [H1] ; and I will execute [H6213] judgments [H8201] in thee, and the whole remnant [H7611] of thee will I scatter [H2219] into all the winds [H7307] .

5:11 Wherefore, [as] I live [H2416] , saith [H5002] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] ; Surely, because thou hast defiled [H2930] my sanctuary [H4720] with all thy detestable things [H8251] , and with all thine abominations [H8441] , therefore will I also diminish [H1639] [thee]; neither shall mine eye [H5869] spare [H2347] , neither will I have any pity [H2550] .

5:12 A third part [H7992] of thee shall die [H4191] with the pestilence [H1698] , and with famine [H7458] shall they be consumed [H3615] in the midst [H8432] of thee: and a third part [H7992] shall fall [H5307] by the sword [H2719] round about [H5439] thee; and I will scatter [H2219] a third part [H7992] into all the winds [H7307] , and I will draw out [H7324] a sword [H2719] after [H310] them.

5:13 Thus shall mine anger [H639] be accomplished [H3615] , and I will cause my fury [H2534] to rest [H5117] upon them, and I will be comforted [H5162] : and they shall know [H3045] that I the LORD [H3068] have spoken [H1696] [it] in my zeal [H7068] , when I have accomplished [H3615] my fury [H2534] in them.

5:14 Moreover I will make [H5414] thee waste [H2723] , and a reproach [H2781] among the nations [H1471] that [are] round about [H5439] thee, in the sight [H5869] of all that pass by [H5674] .

5:15 So it shall be a reproach [H2781] and a taunt [H1422] , an instruction [H4148] and an astonishment [H4923] unto the nations [H1471] that [are] round about [H5439] thee, when I shall execute [H6213] judgments [H8201] in thee in anger [H639] and in fury [H2534] and in furious [H2534] rebukes [H8433] . I the LORD [H3068] have spoken [H1696] [it].

5:16 When I shall send [H7971] upon them the evil [H7451] arrows [H2671] of famine [H7458] , which shall be for [their] destruction [H4889] , [and] which I will send [H7971] to destroy [H7843] you: and I will increase [H3254] the famine [H7458] upon you, and will break [H7665] your staff [H4294] of bread [H3899] :

5:17 So will I send [H7971] upon you famine [H7458] and evil [H7451] beasts [H2416] , and they shall bereave [H7921] thee; and pestilence [H1698] and blood [H1818] shall pass through [H5674] thee; and I will bring [H935] the sword [H2719] upon thee. I the LORD [H3068] have spoken [H1696] [it].