KJV EZE43 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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43:1 Afterward he brought [H3212] me to the gate [H8179] , [even] the gate [H8179] that looketh [H6437] toward [H1870] the east [H6921] :

43:2 And, behold, the glory [H3519] of the God [H430] of Israel [H3478] came [H935] from the way [H1870] of the east [H6921] : and his voice [H6963] [was] like a noise [H6963] of many [H7227] waters [H4325] : and the earth [H776] shined [H215] with his glory [H3519] .

43:3 And [it was] according to the appearance [H4758] of the vision [H4758] which I saw [H7200] , [even] according to the vision [H4758] that I saw [H7200] when I came [H935] to destroy [H7843] the city [H5892] : and the visions [H4759] [were] like the vision [H4758] that I saw [H7200] by the river [H5104] Chebar [H3529] ; and I fell [H5307] upon my face [H6440] .(when: or, when I came to prophesy that the city should be destroyed)

43:4 And the glory [H3519] of the LORD [H3068] came [H935] into the house [H1004] by the way [H1870] of the gate [H8179] whose prospect [H6440] [is] toward [H1870] the east [H6921] .

43:5 So the spirit [H7307] took me up [H5375] , and brought [H935] me into the inner [H6442] court [H2691] ; and, behold, the glory [H3519] of the LORD [H3068] filled [H4390] the house [H1004] .

43:6 And I heard [H8085] [him] speaking [H1696] unto me out of the house [H1004] ; and the man [H376] stood [H5975] by me [H681] .

43:7 And he said [H559] unto me, Son [H1121] of man [H120] , the place [H4725] of my throne [H3678] , and the place [H4725] of the soles [H3709] of my feet [H7272] , where I will dwell [H7931] in the midst [H8432] of the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] for ever [H5769] , and my holy [H6944] name [H8034] , shall the house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] no more defile [H2930] , [neither] they, nor their kings [H4428] , by their whoredom [H2184] , nor by the carcases [H6297] of their kings [H4428] in their high places [H1116] .

43:8 In their setting [H5414] of their threshold [H5592] by my thresholds [H5592] , and their post [H4201] by [H681] my posts [H4201] , and the wall [H7023] between me and them, they have even defiled [H2930] my holy [H6944] name [H8034] by their abominations [H8441] that they have committed [H6213] : wherefore I have consumed [H3615] them in mine anger [H639] .(and the: or, for there was but a wall between me and them)

43:9 Now let them put away [H7368] their whoredom [H2184] , and the carcases [H6297] of their kings [H4428] , far [H7368] from me, and I will dwell [H7931] in the midst [H8432] of them for ever [H5769] .

43:10 Thou son [H1121] of man [H120] , shew [H5046] the house [H1004] to the house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] , that they may be ashamed [H3637] of their iniquities [H5771] : and let them measure [H4058] the pattern [H8508] .(pattern: or, sum, or, number)

43:11 And if they be ashamed [H3637] of all that they have done [H6213] , shew [H3045] them the form [H6699] of the house [H1004] , and the fashion [H8498] thereof, and the goings out [H4161] thereof, and the comings [H4126] in thereof, and all the forms [H6699] thereof, and all the ordinances [H2708] thereof, and all the forms [H6699] thereof, and all the laws [H8451] thereof: and write [H3789] [it] in their sight [H5869] , that they may keep [H8104] the whole form [H6699] thereof, and all the ordinances [H2708] thereof, and do [H6213] them.

43:12 This [is] the law [H8451] of the house [H1004] ; Upon the top [H7218] of the mountain [H2022] the whole limit [H1366] thereof round about [H5439] [shall be] most [H6944] holy [H6944] . Behold, this [is] the law [H8451] of the house [H1004] .

43:13 And these [are] the measures [H4060] of the altar [H4196] after the cubits [H520] : The cubit [H520] [is] a cubit [H520] and an hand breadth [H2948] ; even the bottom [H2436] [shall be] a cubit [H520] , and the breadth [H7341] a cubit [H520] , and the border [H1366] thereof by the edge [H8193] thereof round about [H5439] [shall be] a [H259] span [H2239] : and this [shall be] the higher place [H1354] of the altar [H4196] .(bottom: Heb. bosom)(edge: Heb. lip)

43:14 And from the bottom [H2436] [upon] the ground [H776] [even] to the lower [H8481] settle [H5835] [shall be] two [H8147] cubits [H520] , and the breadth [H7341] one [H259] cubit [H520] ; and from the lesser [H6996] settle [H5835] [even] to the greater [H1419] settle [H5835] [shall be] four [H702] cubits [H520] , and the breadth [H7341] [one] cubit [H520] .

43:15 So the altar [H741] [H2025] [shall be] four [H702] cubits [H520] ; and from the altar [H741] and upward [H4605] [shall be] four [H702] horns [H7161] .(the altar (first): Heb. Harel, that is, the mountain of God)(the altar (second): Heb. Ariel, that is, the lion of God)

43:16 And the altar [H741] [shall be] twelve [H8147] [H6240] [cubits] long [H753] , twelve [H8147] [H6240] broad [H7341] , square [H7251] in the four [H702] squares [H7253] thereof.

43:17 And the settle [H5835] [shall be] fourteen [H702] [H6240] [cubits] long [H753] and fourteen [H702] [H6240] broad [H7341] in the four [H702] squares [H7253] thereof; and the border [H1366] about [H5439] it [shall be] half [H2677] a cubit [H520] ; and the bottom [H2436] thereof [shall be] a cubit [H520] about [H5439] ; and his stairs [H4609] shall look [H6437] toward the east [H6921] .

43:18 And he said [H559] unto me, Son [H1121] of man [H120] , thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] ; These [are] the ordinances [H2708] of the altar [H4196] in the day [H3117] when they shall make [H6213] it, to offer [H5927] burnt offerings [H5930] thereon, and to sprinkle [H2236] blood [H1818] thereon.

43:19 And thou shalt give [H5414] to the priests [H3548] the Levites [H3881] that be of the seed [H2233] of Zadok [H6659] , which approach [H7138] unto me, to minister [H8334] unto me, saith [H5002] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] , a young [H1121] [H1241] bullock [H6499] for a sin offering [H2403] .

43:20 And thou shalt take [H3947] of the blood [H1818] thereof, and put [H5414] [it] on the four [H702] horns [H7161] of it, and on the four [H702] corners [H6438] of the settle [H5835] , and upon the border [H1366] round about [H5439] : thus shalt thou cleanse [H2398] and purge [H3722] it.

43:21 Thou shalt take [H3947] the bullock [H6499] also of the sin offering [H2403] , and he shall burn [H8313] it in the appointed place [H4662] of the house [H1004] , without [H2351] the sanctuary [H4720] .

43:22 And on the second [H8145] day [H3117] thou shalt offer [H7126] a kid [H8163] of the goats [H5795] without blemish [H8549] for a sin offering [H2403] ; and they shall cleanse [H2398] the altar [H4196] , as they did cleanse [H2398] [it] with the bullock [H6499] .

43:23 When thou hast made an end [H3615] of cleansing [H2398] [it], thou shalt offer [H7126] a young [H1121] [H1241] bullock [H6499] without blemish [H8549] , and a ram [H352] out of the flock [H6629] without blemish [H8549] .

43:24 And thou shalt offer [H7126] them before [H6440] the LORD [H3068] , and the priests [H3548] shall cast [H7993] salt [H4417] upon them, and they shall offer them up [H5927] [for] a burnt offering [H5930] unto the LORD [H3068] .

43:25 Seven [H7651] days [H3117] shalt thou prepare [H6213] every day [H3117] a goat [H8163] [for] a sin offering [H2403] : they shall also prepare [H6213] a young [H1121] [H1241] bullock [H6499] , and a ram [H352] out of the flock [H6629] , without blemish [H8549] .

43:26 Seven [H7651] days [H3117] shall they purge [H3722] the altar [H4196] and purify [H2891] it; and they shall consecrate themselves [H4390] [H3027] .(consecrate: Heb. fill their hands)

43:27 And when these days [H3117] are expired [H3615] , it shall be, [that] upon the eighth [H8066] day [H3117] , and [so] forward [H1973] , the priests [H3548] shall make [H6213] your burnt offerings [H5930] upon the altar [H4196] , and your peace offerings [H8002] ; and I will accept [H7521] you, saith [H5002] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] .(peace: or, thank offerings)