KJV EZE34 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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34:1 And the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] came unto me, saying [H559] ,

34:2 Son [H1121] of man [H120] , prophesy [H5012] against the shepherds [H7462] of Israel [H3478] , prophesy [H5012] , and say [H559] unto them, Thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] unto the shepherds [H7462] ; Woe [H1945] [be] to the shepherds [H7462] of Israel [H3478] that do feed [H7462] themselves! should not the shepherds [H7462] feed [H7462] the flocks [H6629] ?

34:3 Ye eat [H398] the fat [H2459] , and ye clothe [H3847] you with the wool [H6785] , ye kill [H2076] them that are fed [H1277] : [but] ye feed [H7462] not the flock [H6629] .

34:4 The diseased [H2470] have ye not strengthened [H2388] , neither have ye healed [H7495] that which was sick [H2470] , neither have ye bound up [H2280] [that which was] broken [H7665] , neither have ye brought again [H7725] that which was driven away [H5080] , neither have ye sought [H1245] that which was lost [H6] ; but with force [H2394] and with cruelty [H6531] have ye ruled [H7287] them.

34:5 And they were scattered [H6327] , because [there is] no shepherd [H7462] : and they became meat [H402] to all the beasts [H2416] of the field [H7704] , when they were scattered [H6327] .(because: or, without a shepherd)

34:6 My sheep [H6629] wandered [H7686] through all the mountains [H2022] , and upon every high [H7311] hill [H1389] : yea, my flock [H6629] was scattered [H6327] upon all the face [H6440] of the earth [H776] , and none did search [H1875] or seek [H1245] [after them].

34:7 Therefore, ye shepherds [H7462] , hear [H8085] the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] ;

34:8 [As] I live [H2416] , saith [H5002] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] , surely because my flock [H6629] became a prey [H957] , and my flock [H6629] became meat [H402] to every beast [H2416] of the field [H7704] , because [there was] no shepherd [H7462] , neither did my shepherds [H7462] search [H1875] for my flock [H6629] , but the shepherds [H7462] fed [H7462] themselves, and fed [H7462] not my flock [H6629] ;

34:9 Therefore, O ye shepherds [H7462] , hear [H8085] the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] ;

34:10 Thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] ; Behold, I [am] against the shepherds [H7462] ; and I will require [H1875] my flock [H6629] at their hand [H3027] , and cause them to cease [H7673] from feeding [H7462] the flock [H6629] ; neither shall the shepherds [H7462] feed [H7462] themselves any more; for I will deliver [H5337] my flock [H6629] from their mouth [H6310] , that they may not be meat [H402] for them.

34:11 For thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] ; Behold, I, [even] I, will both search [H1875] my sheep [H6629] , and seek them out [H1239] .

34:12 As a shepherd [H7462] seeketh out [H1243] his flock [H5739] in the day [H3117] that he is among [H8432] his sheep [H6629] [that are] scattered [H6567] ; so will I seek out [H1239] my sheep [H6629] , and will deliver [H5337] them out of all places [H4725] where they have been scattered [H6327] in the cloudy [H6051] and dark [H6205] day [H3117] .(As: Heb. According to the seeking)

34:13 And I will bring them out [H3318] from the people [H5971] , and gather [H6908] them from the countries [H776] , and will bring [H935] them to their own land [H127] , and feed [H7462] them upon the mountains [H2022] of Israel [H3478] by the rivers [H650] , and in all the inhabited places [H4186] of the country [H776] .

34:14 I will feed [H7462] them in a good [H2896] pasture [H4829] , and upon the high [H4791] mountains [H2022] of Israel [H3478] shall their fold [H5116] be: there shall they lie [H7257] in a good [H2896] fold [H5116] , and [in] a fat [H8082] pasture [H4829] shall they feed [H7462] upon the mountains [H2022] of Israel [H3478] .

34:15 I will feed [H7462] my flock [H6629] , and I will cause them to lie down [H7257] , saith [H5002] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] .

34:16 I will seek [H1245] that which was lost [H6] , and bring again [H7725] that which was driven away [H5080] , and will bind up [H2280] [that which was] broken [H7665] , and will strengthen [H2388] that which was sick [H2470] : but I will destroy [H8045] the fat [H8082] and the strong [H2389] ; I will feed [H7462] them with judgment [H4941] .

34:17 And [as for] you [H859] , O my flock [H6629] , thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] ; Behold, I judge [H8199] between cattle [H7716] and cattle [H7716] , between the rams [H352] and the he goats [H6260] .(cattle: Heb. small cattle of lambs and kids)(he goats: Heb. great he goats)

34:18 [Seemeth it] a small thing [H4592] unto you to have eaten up [H7462] the good [H2896] pasture [H4829] , but ye must tread down [H7429] with your feet [H7272] the residue [H3499] of your pastures [H4829] ? and to have drunk [H8354] of the deep [H4950] waters [H4325] , but ye must foul [H7515] the residue [H3498] with your feet [H7272] ?

34:19 And [as for] my flock [H6629] , they eat [H7462] that which ye have trodden [H4823] with your feet [H7272] ; and they drink [H8354] that which ye have fouled [H4833] with your feet [H7272] .

34:20 Therefore thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] unto them; Behold, I, [even] I, will judge [H8199] between the fat [H1274] cattle [H7716] and between the lean [H7330] cattle [H7716] .

34:21 Because ye have thrust [H1920] with side [H6654] and with shoulder [H3802] , and pushed [H5055] all the diseased [H2470] with your horns [H7161] , till ye have scattered [H6327] them abroad [H2351] ;

34:22 Therefore will I save [H3467] my flock [H6629] , and they shall no more be a prey [H957] ; and I will judge [H8199] between cattle [H7716] and cattle [H7716] .

34:23 And I will set up [H6965] one [H259] shepherd [H7462] over them, and he shall feed [H7462] them, [even] my servant [H5650] David [H1732] ; he shall feed [H7462] them, and he shall be their shepherd [H7462] .

34:24 And I the LORD [H3068] will be their God [H430] , and my servant [H5650] David [H1732] a prince [H5387] among [H8432] them; I the LORD [H3068] have spoken [H1696] [it].

34:25 And I will make [H3772] with them a covenant [H1285] of peace [H7965] , and will cause the evil [H7451] beasts [H2416] to cease [H7673] out of the land [H776] : and they shall dwell [H3427] safely [H983] in the wilderness [H4057] , and sleep [H3462] in the woods [H3293] [H3264] .

34:26 And I will make [H5414] them and the places round about [H5439] my hill [H1389] a blessing [H1293] ; and I will cause the shower [H1653] to come down [H3381] in his season [H6256] ; there shall be showers [H1653] of blessing [H1293] .

34:27 And the tree [H6086] of the field [H7704] shall yield [H5414] her fruit [H6529] , and the earth [H776] shall yield [H5414] her increase [H2981] , and they shall be safe [H983] in their land [H127] , and shall know [H3045] that I [am] the LORD [H3068] , when I have broken [H7665] the bands [H4133] of their yoke [H5923] , and delivered [H5337] them out of the hand [H3027] of those that served [H5647] themselves of them.

34:28 And they shall no more be a prey [H957] to the heathen [H1471] , neither shall the beast [H2416] of the land [H776] devour [H398] them; but they shall dwell [H3427] safely [H983] , and none shall make [them] afraid [H2729] .

34:29 And I will raise up [H6965] for them a plant [H4302] of renown [H8034] , and they shall be no more consumed [H622] with hunger [H7458] in the land [H776] , neither bear [H5375] the shame [H3639] of the heathen [H1471] any more.(of renown: or, for renown)(consumed: Heb. taken away)

34:30 Thus shall they know [H3045] that I the LORD [H3068] their God [H430] [am] with them, and [that] they, [even] the house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] , [are] my people [H5971] , saith [H5002] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] .

34:31 And ye [H859] my flock [H6629] , the flock [H6629] of my pasture [H4830] , [are] men [H120] , [and] I [am] your God [H430] , saith [H5002] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] .