KJV EZE2 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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2:1 And he said [H559] unto me, Son [H1121] of man [H120] , stand [H5975] upon thy feet [H7272] , and I will speak [H1696] unto thee.

2:2 And the spirit [H7307] entered [H935] into me when he spake [H1696] unto me, and set [H5975] me upon my feet [H7272] , that I heard [H8085] him that spake [H1696] unto me.

2:3 And he said [H559] unto me, Son [H1121] of man [H120] , I send [H7971] thee to the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] , to a rebellious [H4775] nation [H1471] that hath rebelled [H4775] against me: they and their fathers [H1] have transgressed [H6586] against me, [even] unto this very [H6106] day [H3117] .(nation: Heb. nations)

2:4 For [they are] impudent [H7186] [H6440] children [H1121] and stiffhearted [H2389] [H3820] . I do send [H7971] thee unto them; and thou shalt say [H559] unto them, Thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] .(impudent: Heb. hard of face)

2:5 And they, whether they will hear [H8085] , or whether they will forbear [H2308] , (for they [are] a rebellious [H4805] house [H1004] ,) yet shall know [H3045] that there hath been a prophet [H5030] among [H8432] them.

2:6 And thou, son [H1121] of man [H120] , be not afraid [H3372] of them, neither be afraid [H3372] of their words [H1697] , though briers [H5621] and thorns [H5544] [be] with thee, and thou dost dwell [H3427] among scorpions [H6137] : be not afraid [H3372] of their words [H1697] , nor be dismayed [H2865] at their looks [H6440] , though they [be] a rebellious [H4805] house [H1004] .(briers: or, rebels)

2:7 And thou shalt speak [H1696] my words [H1697] unto them, whether they will hear [H8085] , or whether they will forbear [H2308] : for they [are] most rebellious [H4805] .(most: Heb. rebellion)

2:8 But thou, son [H1121] of man [H120] , hear [H8085] what I say [H1696] unto thee; Be not [H1961] thou rebellious [H4805] like that rebellious [H4805] house [H1004] : open [H6475] thy mouth [H6310] , and eat [H398] that I give [H5414] thee.

2:9 And when I looked [H7200] , behold, an hand [H3027] [was] sent [H7971] unto me; and, lo, a roll [H4039] of a book [H5612] [was] therein;

2:10 And he spread [H6566] it before [H6440] me; and it [was] written [H3789] within [H6440] and without [H268] : and [there was] written [H3789] therein lamentations [H7015] , and mourning [H1899] , and woe [H1958] .