KJV EZE10 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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10:1 Then I looked [H7200] , and, behold, in the firmament [H7549] that was above the head [H7218] of the cherubims [H3742] there appeared [H7200] over them as it were a sapphire [H5601] stone [H68] , as the appearance [H4758] of the likeness [H1823] of a throne [H3678] .

10:2 And he spake [H559] unto the man [H376] clothed [H3847] with linen [H906] , and said [H559] , Go in [H935] between [H996] the wheels [H1534] , [even] under the cherub [H3742] , and fill [H4390] thine hand [H2651] with coals [H1513] of fire [H784] from between [H996] the cherubims [H3742] , and scatter [H2236] [them] over the city [H5892] . And he went in [H935] in my sight [H5869] .(thine hand: Heb. the hollow of thine hand)

10:3 Now the cherubims [H3742] stood [H5975] on the right side [H3225] of the house [H1004] , when the man [H376] went in [H935] ; and the cloud [H6051] filled [H4390] the inner [H6442] court [H2691] .

10:4 Then the glory [H3519] of the LORD [H3068] went up [H7311] from the cherub [H3742] , [and stood] over the threshold [H4670] of the house [H1004] ; and the house [H1004] was filled [H4390] with the cloud [H6051] , and the court [H2691] was full [H4390] of the brightness [H5051] of the LORD'S [H3068] glory [H3519] .(went up: Heb. was lifted up)

10:5 And the sound [H6963] of the cherubims' [H3742] wings [H3671] was heard [H8085] [even] to the outer [H2435] court [H2691] , as the voice [H6963] of the Almighty [H7706] God [H410] when he speaketh [H1696] .

10:6 And it came to pass, [that] when he had commanded [H6680] the man [H376] clothed [H3847] with linen [H906] , saying [H559] , Take [H3947] fire [H784] from between the wheels [H1534] , from between the cherubims [H3742] ; then he went in [H935] , and stood [H5975] beside [H681] the wheels [H212] .

10:7 And [one] cherub [H3742] stretched forth [H7971] his hand [H3027] from between the cherubims [H3742] unto the fire [H784] that [was] between the cherubims [H3742] , and took [H5375] [thereof], and put [H5414] [it] into the hands [H2651] of [him that was] clothed [H3847] with linen [H906] : who took [H3947] [it], and went out [H3318] .(stretched forth: Heb. sent forth)

10:8 And there appeared [H7200] in the cherubims [H3742] the form [H8403] of a man's [H120] hand [H3027] under their wings [H3671] .

10:9 And when I looked [H7200] , behold the four [H702] wheels [H212] by [H681] the cherubims [H3742] , one [H259] wheel [H212] by [H681] one [H259] cherub [H3742] , and another [H259] wheel [H212] by [H681] another [H259] cherub [H3742] : and the appearance [H4758] of the wheels [H212] [was] as the colour [H5869] of a beryl [H8658] stone [H68] .

10:10 And [as for] their appearances [H4758] , they four [H702] had one [H259] likeness [H1823] , as if a wheel [H212] had been in the midst [H8432] of a wheel [H212] .

10:11 When they went [H3212] , they went [H3212] upon their four [H702] sides [H7253] ; they turned [H5437] not as they went [H3212] , but to the place [H4725] whither the head [H7218] looked [H6437] they followed [H3212] [H310] it; they turned [H5437] not as they went [H3212] .

10:12 And their whole body [H1320] , and their backs [H1354] , and their hands [H3027] , and their wings [H3671] , and the wheels [H212] , [were] full [H4392] of eyes [H5869] round about [H5439] , [even] the wheels [H212] that they four [H702] had.(body: Heb. flesh)

10:13 As for the wheels [H212] , it was cried [H7121] unto them in my hearing [H241] , O wheel [H1534] .(it was: or, they were called in my hearing, wheel, or, galgal)

10:14 And every one [H259] had four [H702] faces [H6440] : the first [H259] face [H6440] [was] the face [H6440] of a cherub [H3742] , and the second [H8145] face [H6440] [was] the face [H6440] of a man [H120] , and the third [H7992] the face [H6440] of a lion [H738] , and the fourth [H7243] the face [H6440] of an eagle [H5404] .

10:15 And the cherubims [H3742] were lifted up [H7426] . This [is] the living creature [H2416] that I saw [H7200] by the river [H5104] of Chebar [H3529] .

10:16 And when the cherubims [H3742] went [H3212] , the wheels [H212] went [H3212] by them [H681] : and when the cherubims [H3742] lifted up [H5375] their wings [H3671] to mount up [H7311] from the earth [H776] , the same wheels [H212] also [H1992] turned [H5437] not from beside [H681] them.

10:17 When they stood [H5975] , [these] stood [H5975] ; and when they were lifted up [H7311] , [these] lifted up [H7426] themselves [also]: for the spirit [H7307] of the living creature [H2416] [was] in them.(of: or, of life)

10:18 Then the glory [H3519] of the LORD [H3068] departed [H3318] from off the threshold [H4670] of the house [H1004] , and stood [H5975] over the cherubims [H3742] .

10:19 And the cherubims [H3742] lifted up [H5375] their wings [H3671] , and mounted up [H7426] from the earth [H776] in my sight [H5869] : when they went out [H3318] , the wheels [H212] also [were] beside [H5980] them, and [every one] stood [H5975] at the door [H6607] of the east [H6931] gate [H8179] of the LORD'S [H3068] house [H1004] ; and the glory [H3519] of the God [H430] of Israel [H3478] [was] over them above [H4605] .

10:20 This [is] the living creature [H2416] that I saw [H7200] under the God [H430] of Israel [H3478] by the river [H5104] of Chebar [H3529] ; and I knew [H3045] that they [were] the cherubims [H3742] .

10:21 Every one [H259] had four [H702] faces [H6440] apiece [H259] , and every one [H259] four [H702] wings [H3671] ; and the likeness [H1823] of the hands [H3027] of a man [H120] [was] under their wings [H3671] .

10:22 And the likeness [H1823] of their faces [H6440] [was] the same [H1992] faces [H6440] which I saw [H7200] by the river [H5104] of Chebar [H3529] , their appearances [H4758] and themselves: they went [H3212] every one [H376] straight [H5676] forward [H6440] .