KJV EXO35 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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35:1 And Moses [H4872] gathered [H6950] all the congregation [H5712] of the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] together [H6950] , and said [H559] unto them, These [are] the words [H1697] which the LORD [H3068] hath commanded [H6680] , that [ye] should do [H6213] them.

35:2 Six [H8337] days [H3117] shall work [H4399] be done [H6213] , but on the seventh [H7637] day [H3117] there shall be to you an holy day [H6944] , a sabbath [H7676] of rest [H7677] to the LORD [H3068] : whosoever doeth [H6213] work [H4399] therein shall be put to death [H4191] .(an: Heb. holiness)

35:3 Ye shall kindle [H1197] no fire [H784] throughout your habitations [H4186] upon the sabbath [H7676] day [H3117] .

35:4 And Moses [H4872] spake [H559] unto all the congregation [H5712] of the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] , saying [H559] , This [is] the thing [H1697] which the LORD [H3068] commanded [H6680] , saying [H559] ,

35:5 Take [H3947] ye from among you an offering [H8641] unto the LORD [H3068] : whosoever [H3605] [is] of a willing [H5081] heart [H3820] , let him bring [H935] it, an offering [H8641] of the LORD [H3068] ; gold [H2091] , and silver [H3701] , and brass [H5178] ,

35:6 And blue [H8504] , and purple [H713] , and scarlet [H8144] [H8438] , and fine linen [H8336] , and goats' [H5795] [hair],

35:7 And rams' [H352] skins [H5785] dyed red [H119] , and badgers' [H8476] skins [H5785] , and shittim [H7848] wood [H6086] ,

35:8 And oil [H8081] for the light [H3974] , and spices [H1314] for anointing [H4888] oil [H8081] , and for the sweet [H5561] incense [H7004] ,

35:9 And onyx [H7718] stones [H68] , and stones [H68] to be set [H4394] for the ephod [H646] , and for the breastplate [H2833] .

35:10 And every wise [H2450] hearted [H3820] among you shall come [H935] , and make [H6213] all that the LORD [H3068] hath commanded [H6680] ;

35:11 The tabernacle [H4908] , his tent [H168] , and his covering [H4372] , his taches [H7165] , and his boards [H7175] , his bars [H1280] , his pillars [H5982] , and his sockets [H134] ,

35:12 The ark [H727] , and the staves [H905] thereof, [with] the mercy seat [H3727] , and the vail [H6532] of the covering [H4539] ,

35:13 The table [H7979] , and his staves [H905] , and all his vessels [H3627] , and the shewbread [H6440] [H3899] ,

35:14 The candlestick [H4501] also for the light [H3974] , and his furniture [H3627] , and his lamps [H5216] , with the oil [H8081] for the light [H3974] ,

35:15 And the incense [H7004] altar [H4196] , and his staves [H905] , and the anointing [H4888] oil [H8081] , and the sweet [H5561] incense [H7004] , and the hanging [H4539] for the door at the entering in [H6607] of the tabernacle [H4908] ,

35:16 The altar [H4196] of burnt offering [H5930] , with his brasen [H5178] grate [H4345] , his staves [H905] , and all his vessels [H3627] , the laver [H3595] and his foot [H3653] ,

35:17 The hangings [H7050] of the court [H2691] , his pillars [H5982] , and their sockets [H134] , and the hanging [H4539] for the door [H8179] of the court [H2691] ,

35:18 The pins [H3489] of the tabernacle [H4908] , and the pins [H3489] of the court [H2691] , and their cords [H4340] ,

35:19 The cloths [H899] of service [H8278] , to do service [H8334] in the holy [H6944] [place], the holy [H6944] garments [H899] for Aaron [H175] the priest [H3548] , and the garments [H899] of his sons [H1121] , to minister in the priest's office [H3547] .

35:20 And all the congregation [H5712] of the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] departed [H3318] from the presence [H6440] of Moses [H4872] .

35:21 And they came [H935] , every one [H376] whose [H834] heart [H3820] stirred him up [H5375] , and every one whom his spirit [H7307] made willing [H5068] , [and] they brought [H935] the LORD'S [H3068] offering [H8641] to the work [H4399] of the tabernacle [H168] of the congregation [H4150] , and for all his service [H5656] , and for the holy [H6944] garments [H899] .

35:22 And they came [H935] , both [H5921] men [H582] and women [H802] , as many as [H3605] were willing [H5081] hearted [H3820] , [and] brought [H935] bracelets [H2397] , and earrings [H5141] , and rings [H2885] , and tablets [H3558] , all jewels [H3627] of gold [H2091] : and every man [H376] that offered [H5130] [offered] an offering [H8573] of gold [H2091] unto the LORD [H3068] .

35:23 And every man [H376] , with whom was found [H4672] blue [H8504] , and purple [H713] , and scarlet [H8144] [H8438] , and fine linen [H8336] , and goats' [H5795] [hair], and red [H119] skins [H5785] of rams [H352] , and badgers' [H8476] skins [H5785] , brought [H935] [them].

35:24 Every one that did offer [H7311] an offering [H8641] of silver [H3701] and brass [H5178] brought [H935] the LORD'S [H3068] offering [H8641] : and every man, with whom was found [H4672] shittim [H7848] wood [H6086] for any work [H4399] of the service [H5656] , brought [H935] [it].

35:25 And all the women [H802] that were wise [H2450] hearted [H3820] did spin [H2901] with their hands [H3027] , and brought [H935] that which they had spun [H4299] , [both] of blue [H8504] , and of purple [H713] , [and] of scarlet [H8144] [H8438] , and of fine linen [H8336] .

35:26 And all the women [H802] whose heart [H3820] stirred [H5375] them up in wisdom [H2451] spun [H2901] goats' [H5795] [hair].

35:27 And the rulers [H5387] brought [H935] onyx [H7718] stones [H68] , and stones [H68] to be set [H4394] , for the ephod [H646] , and for the breastplate [H2833] ;

35:28 And spice [H1314] , and oil [H8081] for the light [H3974] , and for the anointing [H4888] oil [H8081] , and for the sweet [H5561] incense [H7004] .

35:29 The children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] brought [H935] a willing offering [H5071] unto the LORD [H3068] , every man [H376] and woman [H802] , whose [H834] heart [H3820] made them willing [H5068] to bring [H935] for all manner of work [H4399] , which the LORD [H3068] had commanded [H6680] to be made [H6213] by the hand [H3027] of Moses [H4872] .

35:30 And Moses [H4872] said [H559] unto the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] , See [H7200] , the LORD [H3068] hath called [H7121] by name [H8034] Bezaleel [H1212] the son [H1121] of Uri [H221] , the son [H1121] of Hur [H2354] , of the tribe [H4294] of Judah [H3063] ;

35:31 And he hath filled [H4390] him with the spirit [H7307] of God [H430] , in wisdom [H2451] , in understanding [H8394] , and in knowledge [H1847] , and in all manner of workmanship [H4399] ;

35:32 And to devise [H2803] curious works [H4284] , to work [H6213] in gold [H2091] , and in silver [H3701] , and in brass [H5178] ,

35:33 And in the cutting [H2799] of stones [H68] , to set [H4390] [them], and in carving [H2799] of wood [H6086] , to make [H6213] any manner of cunning [H4284] work [H4399] .

35:34 And he hath put [H5414] in his heart [H3820] that he may teach [H3384] , [both] he, and Aholiab [H171] , the son [H1121] of Ahisamach [H294] , of the tribe [H4294] of Dan [H1835] .

35:35 Them hath he filled [H4390] with wisdom [H2451] of heart [H3820] , to work [H6213] all manner of work [H4399] , of the engraver [H2796] , and of the cunning workman [H2803] , and of the embroiderer [H7551] , in blue [H8504] , and in purple [H713] , in scarlet [H8144] [H8438] , and in fine linen [H8336] , and of the weaver [H707] , [even] of them that do [H6213] any [H3605] work [H4399] , and of those that devise [H2803] cunning work [H4284] .