KJV EXO27 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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27:1 And thou shalt make [H6213] an altar [H4196] [of] shittim [H7848] wood [H6086] , five [H2568] cubits [H520] long [H753] , and five [H2568] cubits [H520] broad [H7341] ; the altar [H4196] shall be foursquare [H7251] : and the height [H6967] thereof [shall be] three [H7969] cubits [H520] .

27:2 And thou shalt make [H6213] the horns [H7161] of it upon the four [H702] corners [H6438] thereof: his horns [H7161] shall be of the same: and thou shalt overlay [H6823] it with brass [H5178] .

27:3 And thou shalt make [H6213] his pans [H5518] to receive his ashes [H1878] , and his shovels [H3257] , and his basons [H4219] , and his fleshhooks [H4207] , and his firepans [H4289] : all the vessels [H3627] thereof thou shalt make [H6213] [of] brass [H5178] .

27:4 And thou shalt make [H6213] for it a grate [H4345] of network [H4639] [of] brass [H5178] ; and upon the net [H7568] shalt thou make [H6213] four [H702] brasen [H5178] rings [H2885] in the four [H702] corners [H7098] thereof.

27:5 And thou shalt put [H5414] it under the compass [H3749] of the altar [H4196] beneath [H4295] , that the net [H7568] may be even to [H5704] the midst [H2677] of the altar [H4196] .

27:6 And thou shalt make [H6213] staves [H905] for the altar [H4196] , staves [H905] [of] shittim [H7848] wood [H6086] , and overlay [H6823] them with brass [H5178] .

27:7 And the staves [H905] shall be put [H935] into the rings [H2885] , and the staves [H905] shall be upon the two [H8147] sides [H6763] of the altar [H4196] , to bear [H5375] it.

27:8 Hollow [H5014] with boards [H3871] shalt thou make [H6213] it: as it was shewed [H7200] thee in the mount [H2022] , so shall they make [H6213] [it].(it was: Heb. he shewed)

27:9 And thou shalt make [H6213] the court [H2691] of the tabernacle [H4908] : for the south [H5045] side [H6285] southward [H8486] [there shall be] hangings [H7050] for the court [H2691] [of] fine twined [H7806] linen [H8336] of an hundred [H3967] cubits [H520] long [H753] for one [H259] side [H6285] :

27:10 And the twenty [H6242] pillars [H5982] thereof and their twenty [H6242] sockets [H134] [shall be of] brass [H5178] ; the hooks [H2053] of the pillars [H5982] and their fillets [H2838] [shall be of] silver [H3701] .

27:11 And likewise for the north [H6828] side [H6285] in length [H753] [there shall be] hangings [H7050] of an hundred [H3967] [cubits] long [H753] , and his twenty [H6242] pillars [H5982] and their twenty [H6242] sockets [H134] [of] brass [H5178] ; the hooks [H2053] of the pillars [H5982] and their fillets [H2838] [of] silver [H3701] .

27:12 And [for] the breadth [H7341] of the court [H2691] on the west [H3220] side [H6285] [shall be] hangings [H7050] of fifty [H2572] cubits [H520] : their pillars [H5982] ten [H6235] , and their sockets [H134] ten [H6235] .

27:13 And the breadth [H7341] of the court [H2691] on the east [H6924] side [H6285] eastward [H4217] [shall be] fifty [H2572] cubits [H520] .

27:14 The hangings [H7050] of one side [H3802] [of the gate shall be] fifteen [H2568] [H6240] cubits [H520] : their pillars [H5982] three [H7969] , and their sockets [H134] three [H7969] .

27:15 And on the other [H8145] side [H3802] [shall be] hangings [H7050] fifteen [H2568] [H6240] [cubits]: their pillars [H5982] three [H7969] , and their sockets [H134] three [H7969] .

27:16 And for the gate [H8179] of the court [H2691] [shall be] an hanging [H4539] of twenty [H6242] cubits [H520] , [of] blue [H8504] , and purple [H713] , and scarlet [H8144] [H8438] , and fine twined [H7806] linen [H8336] , wrought with needlework [H7551] [H4639] : [and] their pillars [H5982] [shall be] four [H702] , and their sockets [H134] four [H702] .

27:17 All the pillars [H5982] round about [H5439] the court [H2691] [shall be] filleted [H2836] with silver [H3701] ; their hooks [H2053] [shall be of] silver [H3701] , and their sockets [H134] [of] brass [H5178] .

27:18 The length [H753] of the court [H2691] [shall be] an hundred [H3967] cubits [H520] , and the breadth [H7341] fifty [H2572] every where [H2572] , and the height [H6967] five [H2568] cubits [H520] [of] fine twined [H7806] linen [H8336] , and their sockets [H134] [of] brass [H5178] .(fifty: Heb. fifty by fifty)

27:19 All the vessels [H3627] of the tabernacle [H4908] in all the service [H5656] thereof, and all the pins [H3489] thereof, and all the pins [H3489] of the court [H2691] , [shall be of] brass [H5178] .

27:20 And thou shalt command [H6680] the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] , that they bring [H3947] thee pure [H2134] oil [H8081] olive [H2132] beaten [H3795] for the light [H3974] , to cause the lamp [H5216] to burn [H5927] always [H8548] .(to burn: Heb. to ascend up)

27:21 In the tabernacle [H168] of the congregation [H4150] without [H2351] the vail [H6532] , which [is] before the testimony [H5715] , Aaron [H175] and his sons [H1121] shall order [H6186] it from evening [H6153] to morning [H1242] before [H6440] the LORD [H3068] : [it shall be] a statute [H2708] for ever [H5769] unto their generations [H1755] on the behalf of the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] .