KJV EXO23 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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23:1 Thou shalt not raise [H5375] a false [H7723] report [H8088] : put [H7896] not thine hand [H3027] with the wicked [H7563] to be an unrighteous [H2555] witness [H5707] .(raise: or, receive)

23:2 Thou shalt not follow [H310] a multitude [H7227] to [do] evil [H7451] ; neither shalt thou speak [H6030] in a cause [H7379] to decline [H5186] after [H310] many [H7227] to wrest [H5186] [judgment]:(speak: Heb. answer)

23:3 Neither shalt thou countenance [H1921] a poor [H1800] man in his cause [H7379] .

23:4 If thou meet [H6293] thine enemy's [H341] ox [H7794] or his ass [H2543] going astray [H8582] , thou shalt surely [H7725] bring it back [H7725] to him again [H7725] .

23:5 If thou see [H7200] the ass [H2543] of him that hateth [H8130] thee lying [H7257] under his burden [H4853] , and wouldest forbear [H2308] to help [H5800] him, thou shalt surely [H5800] help [H5800] with him.(and: or, wilt thou cease to help him? or, and wouldest cease to leave thy business for him: thou shalt surely leave it to join with him)

23:6 Thou shalt not wrest [H5186] the judgment [H4941] of thy poor [H34] in his cause [H7379] .

23:7 Keep thee far [H7368] from a false [H8267] matter [H1697] ; and the innocent [H5355] and righteous [heb6662] slay [H2026] thou not: for I will not justify [H6663] the wicked [H7563] .

23:8 And thou shalt take [H3947] no gift [H7810] : for the gift [H7810] blindeth [H5786] the wise [H6493] , and perverteth [H5557] the words [H1697] of the righteous [H6662] .(the wise: Heb. the seeing)

23:9 Also thou shalt not oppress [H3905] a stranger [H1616] : for ye know [H3045] the heart [H5315] of a stranger [H1616] , seeing [H3588] ye were strangers [H1616] in the land [H776] of Egypt [H4714] .(heart: Heb. soul)

23:10 And six [H8337] years [H8141] thou shalt sow [H2232] thy land [H776] , and shalt gather [H622] in the fruits [H8393] thereof:

23:11 But the seventh [H7637] [year] thou shalt let it rest [H8058] and lie [H5203] still; that the poor [H34] of thy people [H5971] may eat [H398] : and what they leave [H3499] the beasts [H2416] of the field [H7704] shall eat [H398] . In like manner thou shalt deal [H6213] with thy vineyard [H3754] , [and] with thy oliveyard [H2132] .(oliveyard: or, olive trees)

23:12 Six [H8337] days [H3117] thou shalt do [H6213] thy work [H4639] , and on the seventh [H7637] day [H3117] thou shalt rest [H7673] : that thine ox [H7794] and thine ass [H2543] may rest [H5117] , and the son [H1121] of thy handmaid [H519] , and the stranger [H1616] , may be refreshed [H5314] .

23:13 And in all [things] that I have said [H559] unto you be circumspect [H8104] : and make no mention [H2142] of the name [H8034] of other [H312] gods [H430] , neither let it be heard [H8085] out [H5921] of thy mouth [H6310] .

23:14 Three [H7969] times [H7272] thou shalt keep a feast [H2287] unto me in the year [H8141] .

23:15 Thou shalt keep [H8104] the feast [H2282] of unleavened bread [H4682] : (thou shalt eat [H398] unleavened bread [H4682] seven [H7651] days [H3117] , as I commanded [H6680] thee, in the time appointed [H4150] of the month [H2320] Abib [H24] ; for in it thou camest out [H3318] from Egypt [H4714] : and none shall appear [H7200] before [H6440] me empty [H7387] :)

23:16 And the feast [H2282] of harvest [H7105] , the firstfruits [H1061] of thy labours [H4639] , which thou hast sown [H2232] in the field [H7704] : and the feast [H2282] of ingathering [H614] , [which is] in the end [H3318] of the year [H8141] , when thou hast gathered [H622] in thy labours [H4639] out of the field [H7704] .

23:17 Three [H7969] times [H6471] in the year [H8141] all thy males [H2138] shall appear [H7200] before [H6440] the Lord [H113] GOD [H3068] .

23:18 Thou shalt not offer [H2076] the blood [H1818] of my sacrifice [H2077] with leavened bread [H2557] ; neither shall the fat [H2459] of my sacrifice [H2282] remain [H3885] until the morning [H1242] .(sacrifice: or, feast)

23:19 The first [H7225] of the firstfruits [H1061] of thy land [H127] thou shalt bring [H935] into the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] . Thou shalt not seethe [H1310] a kid [H1423] in his mother's [H517] milk [H2461] .

23:20 Behold, I send [H7971] an Angel [H4397] before [H6440] thee, to keep [H8104] thee in the way [H1870] , and to bring [H935] thee into the place [H4725] which I have prepared [H3559] .

23:21 Beware [H8104] of [H6440] him, and obey [H8085] his voice [H6963] , provoke [H4843] him not; for he will not pardon [H5375] your transgressions [H6588] : for my name [H8034] [is] in him [H7130] .

23:22 But if thou shalt indeed [H8085] obey [H8085] his voice [H6963] , and do [H6213] all that I speak [H1696] ; then I will be an enemy [H340] unto thine enemies [H341] , and an adversary [H6887] unto thine adversaries [H6696] .(an adversary: or, I will afflict them that afflict thee)

23:23 For mine Angel [H4397] shall go [H3212] before [H6440] thee, and bring [H935] thee in unto the Amorites [H567] , and the Hittites [H2850] , and the Perizzites [H6522] , and the Canaanites [H3669] , the Hivites [H2340] , and the Jebusites [H2983] : and I will cut them off [H3582] .

23:24 Thou shalt not bow down [H7812] to their gods [H430] , nor serve [H5647] them, nor do [H6213] after their works [H4639] : but thou shalt utterly [H2040] overthrow [H2040] them, and quite [H7665] break down [H7665] their images [H4676] .

23:25 And ye shall serve [H5647] the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] , and he shall bless [H1288] thy bread [H3899] , and thy water [H4325] ; and I will take [H5493] sickness [H4245] away [H5493] from the midst [H7130] of thee.

23:26 There shall nothing cast their young [H7921] , nor be barren [H6135] , in thy land [H776] : the number [H4557] of thy days [H3117] I will fulfil [H4390] .

23:27 I will send [H7971] my fear [H367] before [H6440] thee, and will destroy [H2000] all the people [H5971] to whom thou shalt come [H935] , and I will make [H5414] all thine enemies [H341] turn their backs [H6203] unto thee.(backs: Heb. neck)

23:28 And I will send [H7971] hornets [H6880] before [H6440] thee, which shall drive out [H1644] the Hivite [H2340] , the Canaanite [H3669] , and the Hittite [H2850] , from before [H6440] thee.

23:29 I will not drive them out [H1644] from before [H6440] thee in one [H259] year [H8141] ; lest the land [H776] become desolate [H8077] , and the beast [H2416] of the field [H7704] multiply [H7227] against thee.

23:30 By little [H4592] and little [H4592] I will drive them out [H1644] from before [H6440] thee, until thou be increased [H6509] , and inherit [H5157] the land [H776] .

23:31 And I will set [H7896] thy bounds [H1366] from the Red [H5488] sea [H3220] even unto the sea [H3220] of the Philistines [H6430] , and from the desert [H4057] unto the river [H5104] : for I will deliver [H5414] the inhabitants [H3427] of the land [H776] into your hand [H3027] ; and thou shalt drive them out [H1644] before [H6440] thee.

23:32 Thou shalt make [H3772] no covenant [H1285] with them, nor with their gods [H430] .

23:33 They shall not dwell [H3427] in thy land [H776] , lest they make thee sin [H2398] against me: for if thou serve [H5647] their gods [H430] , it will surely be a snare [H4170] unto thee.