KJV EXO18 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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18:1 When Jethro [H3503] , the priest [H3548] of Midian [H4080] , Moses' [H4872] father in law [H2859] , heard [H8085] of all that God [H430] had done [H6213] for Moses [H4872] , and for Israel [H3478] his people [H5971] , [and] that the LORD [H3068] had brought [H3318] Israel [H3478] out of Egypt [H4714] ;

18:2 Then Jethro [H3503] , Moses' [H4872] father in law [H2859] , took [H3947] Zipporah [H6855] , Moses' [H4872] wife [H802] , after [H310] he had sent her back [H7964] ,

18:3 And her two [H8147] sons [H1121] ; of which the name [H8034] of the one [H259] [was] Gershom [H1647] ; for he said [H559] , I have been an alien [H1616] in a strange [H5237] land [H776] :(Gershom: that is A stranger there)

18:4 And the name [H8034] of the other [H259] [was] Eliezer [H461] ; for the God [H430] of my father [H1] , [said he, was] mine help [H5828] , and delivered [H5337] me from the sword [H2719] of Pharaoh [H6547] :(Eliezer: that is, My God is an help)

18:5 And Jethro [H3503] , Moses' [H4872] father in law [H2859] , came [H935] with his sons [H1121] and his wife [H802] unto Moses [H4872] into the wilderness [H4057] , where he encamped [H2583] at the mount [H2022] of God [H430] :

18:6 And he said [H559] unto Moses [H4872] , I thy father in law [H2859] Jethro [H3503] am come [H935] unto thee, and thy wife [H802] , and her two [H8147] sons [H1121] with her.

18:7 And Moses [H4872] went out [H3318] to meet [H7125] his father in law [H2859] , and did obeisance [H7812] , and kissed [H5401] him; and they asked [H7592] each [H376] other [H7453] of [their] welfare [H7965] ; and they came [H935] into the tent [H168] .(welfare: Heb. peace)

18:8 And Moses [H4872] told [H5608] his father in law [H2859] all that the LORD [H3068] had done [H6213] unto Pharaoh [H6547] and to the Egyptians [H4714] for Israel's [H3478] sake [H182] , [and] all the travail [H8513] that had come [H4672] upon them by the way [H1870] , and [how] the LORD [H3068] delivered [H5337] them.(come: Heb. found them)

18:9 And Jethro [H3503] rejoiced [H2302] for all the goodness [H2896] which the LORD [H3068] had done [H6213] to Israel [H3478] , whom he had delivered [H5337] out of the hand [H3027] of the Egyptians [H4714] .

18:10 And Jethro [H3503] said [H559] , Blessed [H1288] [be] the LORD [H3068] , who hath delivered [H5337] you out of the hand [H3027] of the Egyptians [H4714] , and out of the hand [H3027] of Pharaoh [H6547] , who hath delivered [H5337] the people [H5971] from under the hand [H3027] of the Egyptians [H4714] .

18:11 Now I know [H3045] that the LORD [H3068] [is] greater [H1419] than all gods [H430] : for in the thing [H1697] wherein they dealt proudly [H2102] [he was] above them.

18:12 And Jethro [H3503] , Moses' [H4872] father in law [H2859] , took [H3947] a burnt offering [H5930] and sacrifices [H2077] for God [H430] : and Aaron [H175] came [H935] , and all the elders [H2205] of Israel [H3478] , to eat [H398] bread [H3899] with Moses' [H4872] father in law [H2859] before [H6440] God [H430] .

18:13 And it came to pass on the morrow [H4283] , that Moses [H4872] sat [H3427] to judge [H8199] the people [H5971] : and the people [H5971] stood [H5975] by Moses [H4872] from the morning [H1242] unto the evening [H6153] .

18:14 And when Moses' [H4872] father in law [H2859] saw [H7200] all that he did [H6213] to the people [H5971] , he said [H559] , What [is] this thing [H1697] that thou doest [H6213] to the people [H5971] ? why sittest [H3427] thou thyself alone, and all the people [H5971] stand [H5324] by thee from morning [H1242] unto even [H6153] ?

18:15 And Moses [H4872] said [H559] unto his father in law [H2859] , Because the people [H5971] come [H935] unto me to enquire [H1875] of God [H430] :

18:16 When they have a matter [H1697] , they come [H935] unto me; and I judge [H8199] between one [H376] and another [H7453] , and I do make [them] know [H3045] the statutes [H2706] of God [H430] , and his laws [H8451] .(one: Heb. a man and his fellow)

18:17 And Moses' [H4872] father in law [H2859] said [H559] unto him, The thing [H1697] that thou doest [H6213] [is] not good [H2896] .

18:18 Thou wilt surely [H5034] wear away [H5034] , both thou, and this people [H5971] that [is] with thee: for this thing [H1697] [is] too heavy [H3515] for thee; thou art not able [H3201] to perform [H6213] it thyself alone.(Thou wilt: Heb. Fading thou wilt fade)

18:19 Hearken [H8085] now unto my voice [H6963] , I will give thee counsel [H3289] , and God [H430] shall be [H1961] with thee: Be thou for the people [H5971] to God-ward [H4136] [H430] , that thou mayest bring [H935] the causes [H1697] unto God [H430] :

18:20 And thou shalt teach [H2094] [H853] them ordinances [H2706] and laws [H8451] , and shalt shew [H3045] them the way [H1870] wherein they must walk [H3212] , and the work [H4639] that they must do [H6213] .

18:21 Moreover thou shalt provide [H2372] out of all the people [H5971] able [H2428] men [H582] , such as fear [H3373] God [H430] , men [H582] of truth [H571] , hating [H8130] covetousness [H1215] ; and place [H7760] [such] over them, [to be] rulers [H8269] of thousands [H505] , [and] rulers [H8269] of hundreds [H3967] , rulers [H8269] of fifties [H2572] , and rulers [H8269] of tens [H6235] :

18:22 And let them judge [H8199] the people [H5971] at all seasons [H6256] : and it shall be, [that] every great [H1419] matter [H1697] they shall bring [H935] unto thee, but every small [H6996] matter [H1697] they shall judge [H8199] : so shall it be easier [H7043] for thyself, and they shall bear [H5375] [the burden] with thee.

18:23 If thou shalt do [H6213] this thing [H1697] , and God [H430] command [H6680] thee [so], then thou shalt be able [H3201] to endure [H5975] , and all this people [H5971] shall also go [H935] to their place [H4725] in peace [H7965] .

18:24 So Moses [H4872] hearkened [H8085] to the voice [H6963] of his father in law [H2859] , and did [H6213] all that he had said [H559] .

18:25 And Moses [H4872] chose [H977] able [H2428] men [H582] out of all Israel [H3478] , and made [H5414] them heads [H7218] over the people [H5971] , rulers [H8269] of thousands [H505] , rulers [H8269] of hundreds [H3967] , rulers [H8269] of fifties [H2572] , and rulers [H8269] of tens [H6235] .

18:26 And they judged [H8199] the people [H5971] at all seasons [H6256] : the hard [H7186] causes [H1697] they brought [H935] unto Moses [H4872] , but every small [H6996] matter [H1697] [H1992] they judged [H8199] themselves.

18:27 And Moses [H4872] let his father in law [H2859] depart [H7971] ; and he went [H3212] his way into his own land [H776] .