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9:1 Now in the twelfth [H8147] [H6240] month [H2320] , that [is], the month [H2320] Adar [H143] , on the thirteenth [H7969] [H6240] day [H3117] of the same, when the king's [H4428] commandment [H1697] and his decree [H1881] drew near [H5060] to be put in execution [H6213] , in the day [H3117] that the enemies [H341] of the Jews [H3064] hoped [H7663] to have power [H7980] over them, (though it was turned [H2015] to the contrary, that the Jews [H3064] had rule [H7980] over them that hated [H8130] them;)

9:2 The Jews [H3064] gathered themselves together [H6950] in their cities [H5892] throughout all the provinces [H4082] of the king [H4428] Ahasuerus [H325] , to lay [H7971] hand [H3027] on such as sought [H1245] their hurt [H7451] : and no man [H376] could withstand [H5975] them [H6440] ; for the fear [H6343] of them fell [H5307] upon all people [H5971] .

9:3 And all the rulers [H8269] of the provinces [H4082] , and the lieutenants [H323] , and the deputies [H6346] , and officers [H6213] [H4399] of the king [H4428] , helped [H5375] the Jews [H3064] ; because the fear [H6343] of Mordecai [H4782] fell [H5307] upon them.(officers: Heb. those which did the business that belonged to the king)

9:4 For Mordecai [H4782] [was] great [H1419] in the king's [H4428] house [H1004] , and his fame [H8089] went out [H1980] throughout all the provinces [H4082] : for this man [H376] Mordecai [H4782] waxed [H1980] greater and greater [H1419] .

9:5 Thus the Jews [H3064] smote [H5221] all their enemies [H341] with the stroke [H4347] of the sword [H2719] , and slaughter [H2027] , and destruction [H12] , and did [H6213] what they would [H7522] unto those that hated [H8130] them.(what: Heb. according to their will)

9:6 And in Shushan [H7800] the palace [H1002] the Jews [H3064] slew [H2026] and destroyed [H6] five [H2568] hundred [H3967] men [H376] .

9:7 And Parshandatha [H6577] , and Dalphon [H1813] , and Aspatha [H630] ,

9:8 And Poratha [H6334] , and Adalia [H118] , and Aridatha [H743] ,

9:9 And Parmashta [H6534] , and Arisai [H747] , and Aridai [H742] , and Vajezatha [H2055] ,

9:10 The ten [H6235] sons [H1121] of Haman [H2001] the son [H1121] of Hammedatha [H4099] , the enemy [H6887] of the Jews [H3064] , slew [H2026] they; but on the spoil [H961] laid [H7971] they not their hand [H3027] .

9:11 On that day [H3117] the number [H4557] of those that were slain [H2026] in Shushan [H7800] the palace [H1002] was brought [H935] before [H6440] the king [H4428] .(was: Heb. came)

9:12 And the king [H4428] said [H559] unto Esther [H635] the queen [H4436] , The Jews [H3064] have slain [H2026] and destroyed [H6] five [H2568] hundred [H3967] men [H376] in Shushan [H7800] the palace [H1002] , and the ten [H6235] sons [H1121] of Haman [H2001] ; what have they done [H6213] in the rest [H7605] of the king's [H4428] provinces [H4082] ? now what [is] thy petition [H7596] ? and it shall be granted [H5414] thee: or what [is] thy request [H1246] further [H5750] ? and it shall be done [H6213] .

9:13 Then said [H559] Esther [H635] , If it please [H2896] the king [H4428] , let it be granted [H5414] to the Jews [H3064] which [are] in Shushan [H7800] to do [H6213] to morrow [H4279] also according unto this day's [H3117] decree [H1881] , and let Haman's [H2001] ten [H6235] sons [H1121] be hanged [H8518] upon the gallows [H6086] .(let Haman's: Heb. let men hang, etc)

9:14 And the king [H4428] commanded [H559] it so to be done [H6213] : and the decree [H1881] was given [H5414] at Shushan [H7800] ; and they hanged [H8518] Haman's [H2001] ten [H6235] sons [H1121] .

9:15 For the Jews [H3064] that [were] in Shushan [H7800] gathered themselves together [H6950] on the fourteenth [H702] [H6240] day [H3117] also of the month [H2320] Adar [H143] , and slew [H2026] three [H7969] hundred [H3967] men [H376] at Shushan [H7800] ; but on the prey [H961] they laid [H7971] not their hand [H3027] .

9:16 But the other [H7605] Jews [H3064] that [were] in the king's [H4428] provinces [H4082] gathered themselves together [H6950] , and stood [H5975] for their lives [H5315] , and had rest [H5118] from their enemies [H341] , and slew [H2026] of their foes [H8130] seventy [H7657] and five [H2568] thousand [H505] , but they laid [H7971] not their hands [H3027] on the prey [H961] ,

9:17 On the thirteenth [H7969] [H6240] day [H3117] of the month [H2320] Adar [H143] ; and on the fourteenth [H702] [H6240] day of the same rested [H5118] they, and made [H6213] it a day [H3117] of feasting [H4960] and gladness [H8057] .(of the same: Heb. in it)

9:18 But the Jews [H3064] that [were] at Shushan [H7800] assembled together [H6950] on the thirteenth [H7969] [H6240] [day] thereof, and on the fourteenth [H702] [H6240] thereof; and on the fifteenth [H2568] [H6240] [day] of the same they rested [H5118] , and made [H6213] it a day [H3117] of feasting [H4960] and gladness [H8057] .

9:19 Therefore the Jews [H3064] of the villages [H6521] , that dwelt [H3427] in the unwalled [H6519] towns [H5892] , made [H6213] the fourteenth [H702] [H6240] day [H3117] of the month [H2320] Adar [H143] [a day of] gladness [H8057] and feasting [H4960] , and a good [H2896] day [H3117] , and of sending [H4916] portions [H4490] one [H376] to another [H7453] .

9:20 And Mordecai [H4782] wrote [H3789] these things [H1697] , and sent [H7971] letters [H5612] unto all the Jews [H3064] that [were] in all the provinces [H4082] of the king [H4428] Ahasuerus [H325] , [both] nigh [H7138] and far [H7350] ,

9:21 To stablish [H6965] [this] among them, that they should keep [H6213] the fourteenth [H702] [H6240] day [H3117] of the month [H2320] Adar [H143] , and the fifteenth [H2568] [H6240] day [H3117] of the same, yearly [H8141] [H8141] ,

9:22 As the days [H3117] wherein the Jews [H3064] rested [H5117] from their enemies [H341] , and the month [H2320] which was turned [H2015] unto them from sorrow [H3015] to joy [H8057] , and from mourning [H60] into a good [H2896] day [H3117] : that they should make [H6213] them days [H3117] of feasting [H4960] and joy [H8057] , and of sending [H4916] portions [H4490] one [H376] to another [H7453] , and gifts [H4979] to the poor [H34] .

9:23 And the Jews [H3064] undertook [H6901] to do [H6213] as they had begun [H2490] , and as Mordecai [H4782] had written [H3789] unto them;

9:24 Because Haman [H2001] the son [H1121] of Hammedatha [H4099] , the Agagite [H91] , the enemy [H6887] of all the Jews [H3064] , had devised [H2803] against the Jews [H3064] to destroy [H6] them, and had cast [H5307] Pur [H6332] , that [is], the lot [H1486] , to consume [H2000] them, and to destroy [H6] them;(consume: Heb. crush)

9:25 But when [Esther] came [H935] before [H6440] the king [H4428] , he commanded [H559] by letters [H5612] that his wicked [H7451] device [H4284] , which he devised [H2803] against the Jews [H3064] , should return [H7725] upon his own head [H7218] , and that he and his sons [H1121] should be hanged [H8518] on the gallows [H6086] .(when: Heb. when she came)

9:26 Wherefore they called [H7121] these days [H3117] Purim [H6332] after the name [H8034] of Pur [H6332] . Therefore for all the words [H1697] of this letter [H107] , and [of that] which they had seen [H7200] concerning this matter [H3602] , and which had come [H5060] unto them,(Pur: that is, Lot)

9:27 The Jews [H3064] ordained [H6965] , and took [H6901] upon them, and upon their seed [H2233] , and upon all such as joined [H3867] themselves unto them, so as it should not fail [H5674] , that they would keep [H6213] these two [H8147] days [H3117] according to their writing [H3791] , and according to their [appointed] time [H2165] every year [H8141] [H8141] ;(fail: Heb. pass)

9:28 And [that] these days [H3117] [should be] remembered [H2142] and kept [H6213] throughout [H1755] every generation [H1755] , every family [H4940] , every province [H4082] , and every city [H5892] ; and [that] these days [H3117] of Purim [H6332] should not fail [H5674] from among [H8432] the Jews [H3064] , nor the memorial [H2143] of them perish [H5486] from their seed [H2233] .(fail: Heb. pass)(perish: Heb. be ended)

9:29 Then Esther [H635] the queen [H4436] , the daughter [H1323] of Abihail [H32] , and Mordecai [H4782] the Jew [H3064] , wrote [H3789] with all authority [H8633] , to confirm [H6965] this second [H8145] letter [H107] of Purim [H6332] .(authority: Heb. strength)

9:30 And he sent [H7971] the letters [H5612] unto all the Jews [H3064] , to the hundred [H3967] twenty [H6242] and seven [H7651] provinces [H4082] of the kingdom [H4438] of Ahasuerus [H325] , [with] words [H1697] of peace [H7965] and truth [H571] ,

9:31 To confirm [H6965] these days [H3117] of Purim [H6332] in their times [H2165] [appointed], according as Mordecai [H4782] the Jew [H3064] and Esther [H635] the queen [H4436] had enjoined [H6965] them, and as they had decreed [H6965] for themselves [H5315] and for their seed [H2233] , the matters [H1697] of the fastings [H6685] and their cry [H2201] .(themselves: Heb. their souls)

9:32 And the decree [H3982] of Esther [H635] confirmed [H6965] these matters [H1697] of Purim [H6332] ; and it was written [H3789] in the book [H5612] .