KJV EST7 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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7:1 So the king [H4428] and Haman [H2001] came [H935] to banquet [H8354] with Esther [H635] the queen [H4436] .(to banquet: Heb. to drink)

7:2 And the king [H4428] said [H559] again unto Esther [H635] on the second [H8145] day [H3117] at the banquet [H4960] of wine [H3196] , What [is] thy petition [H7596] , queen [H4436] Esther [H635] ? and it shall be granted [H5414] thee: and what [is] thy request [H1246] ? and it shall be performed [H6213] , [even] to the half [H2677] of the kingdom [H4438] .

7:3 Then Esther [H635] the queen [H4436] answered [H6030] and said [H559] , If I have found [H4672] favour [H2580] in thy sight [H5869] , O king [H4428] , and if it please [H2895] the king [H4428] , let my life [H5315] be given [H5414] me at my petition [H7596] , and my people [H5971] at my request [H1246] :

7:4 For we are sold [H4376] , I and my people [H5971] , to be destroyed [H8045] , to be slain [H2026] , and to perish [H6] . But if [H432] we had been sold [H4376] for bondmen [H5650] and bondwomen [H8198] , I had held my tongue [H2790] , although the enemy [H6862] could not countervail [H7737] the king's [H4428] damage [H5143] .(to be destroyed: Heb. that they should destroy, and kill, and cause to perish)

7:5 Then the king [H4428] Ahasuerus [H325] answered [H559] and said [H559] unto Esther [H635] the queen [H4436] , Who is he, and where is he, that durst presume [H4390] in his heart [H3820] to do [H6213] so?(that: Heb. whose heart hath filled him)

7:6 And Esther [H635] said [H559] , The adversary [H376] [H6862] and enemy [H341] [is] this wicked [H7451] Haman [H2001] . Then Haman [H2001] was afraid [H1204] before [H6440] the king [H4428] and the queen [H4436] .(The adversary: Heb. The man adversary)(before: or, at the presence of)

7:7 And the king [H4428] arising [H6965] from the banquet [H4960] of wine [H3196] in his wrath [H2534] [went] into the palace [H1055] garden [H1594] : and Haman [H2001] stood up [H5975] to make request [H1245] for his life [H5315] to Esther [H635] the queen [H4436] ; for he saw [H7200] that there was evil [H7451] determined [H3615] against him by the king [H4428] .

7:8 Then the king [H4428] returned [H7725] out of the palace [H1055] garden [H1594] into the place [H1004] of the banquet [H4960] of wine [H3196] ; and Haman [H2001] was fallen [H5307] upon the bed [H4296] whereon Esther [H635] [was]. Then said [H559] the king [H4428] , Will he force [H3533] the queen [H4436] also before me in the house [H1004] ? As the word [H1697] went out [H3318] of the king's [H4428] mouth [H6310] , they covered [H2645] Haman's [H2001] face [H6440] .(before me: Heb. with me)

7:9 And Harbonah [H2726] , one [H259] of the chamberlains [H5631] , said [H559] before [H6440] the king [H4428] , Behold also, the gallows [H6086] fifty [H2572] cubits [H520] high [H1364] , which Haman [H2001] had made [H6213] for Mordecai [H4782] , who had spoken [H1696] good [H2896] for the king [H4428] , standeth [H5975] in the house [H1004] of Haman [H2001] . Then the king [H4428] said [H559] , Hang [H8518] him thereon.(gallows: Heb. tree)

7:10 So they hanged [H8518] Haman [H2001] on the gallows [H6086] that he had prepared [H3559] for Mordecai [H4782] . Then was the king's [H4428] wrath [H2534] pacified [H7918] .