KJV EST3 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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3:1 After [H310] these things [H1697] did king [H4428] Ahasuerus [H325] promote [H1431] Haman [H2001] the son [H1121] of Hammedatha [H4099] the Agagite [H91] , and advanced [H5375] him, and set [H7760] his seat [H3678] above all the princes [H8269] that [were] with him.

3:2 And all the king's [H4428] servants [H5650] , that [were] in the king's [H4428] gate [H8179] , bowed [H3766] , and reverenced [H7812] Haman [H2001] : for the king [H4428] had so commanded [H6680] concerning him. But Mordecai [H4782] bowed [H3766] not, nor did [him] reverence [H7812] .

3:3 Then the king's [H4428] servants [H5650] , which [were] in the king's [H4428] gate [H8179] , said [H559] unto Mordecai [H4782] , Why transgressest [H5674] thou the king's [H4428] commandment [H4687] ?

3:4 Now it came to pass, when they spake [H559] daily [H3117] [H3117] unto him, and he hearkened [H8085] not unto them, that they told [H5046] Haman [H2001] , to see [H7200] whether Mordecai's [H4782] matters [H1697] would stand [H5975] : for he had told [H5046] them that he [was] a Jew [H3064] .

3:5 And when Haman [H2001] saw [H7200] that Mordecai [H4782] bowed [H3766] not, nor did him reverence [H7812] , then was Haman [H2001] full [H4390] of wrath [H2534] .

3:6 And he thought [H5869] scorn [H959] to lay [H7971] hands [H3027] on Mordecai [H4782] alone; for they had shewed [H5046] him the people [H5971] of Mordecai [H4782] : wherefore Haman [H2001] sought [H1245] to destroy [H8045] all the Jews [H3064] that [were] throughout the whole kingdom [H4438] of Ahasuerus [H325] , [even] the people [H5971] of Mordecai [H4782] .

3:7 In the first [H7223] month [H2320] , that [is], the month [H2320] Nisan [H5212] , in the twelfth [H8147] [H6240] year [H8141] of king [H4428] Ahasuerus [H325] , they cast [H5307] Pur [H6332] , that [is], the lot [H1486] , before [H6440] Haman [H2001] from day [H3117] to day [H3117] , and from month [H2320] to month [H2320] , [to] the twelfth [H8147] [H6240] [month], that [is], the month [H2320] Adar [H143] .

3:8 And Haman [H2001] said [H559] unto king [H4428] Ahasuerus [H325] , There is [H3426] a certain [H259] people [H5971] scattered abroad [H6340] and dispersed [H6504] among the people [H5971] in all the provinces [H4082] of thy kingdom [H4438] ; and their laws [H1881] [are] diverse [H8138] from all people [H5971] ; neither keep [H6213] they the king's [H4428] laws [H1881] : therefore it [is] not for the king's [H4428] profit [H7737] to suffer [H3240] them.(for the: Heb. meet or, equal, etc)

3:9 If it please [H2895] the king [H4428] , let it be written [H3789] that they may be destroyed [H6] : and I will pay [H8254] ten [H6235] thousand [H505] talents [H3603] of silver [H3701] to the hands [H3027] of those that have the charge [H6213] of the business [H4399] , to bring [H935] [it] into the king's [H4428] treasuries [H1595] .(that they: Heb. to destroy them)(pay: Heb. weigh)

3:10 And the king [H4428] took [H5493] his ring [H2885] from his hand [H3027] , and gave [H5414] it unto Haman [H2001] the son [H1121] of Hammedatha [H4099] the Agagite [H91] , the Jews' [H3064] enemy [H6887] .(enemy: or, oppressor)

3:11 And the king [H4428] said [H559] unto Haman [H2001] , The silver [H3701] [is] given [H5414] to thee, the people [H5971] also, to do [H6213] with them as it seemeth [H5869] good [H2896] to thee.

3:12 Then were the king's [H4428] scribes [H5608] called [H7121] on the thirteenth [H7969] [H6240] day [H3117] of the first [H7223] month [H2320] , and there was written [H3789] according to all that Haman [H2001] had commanded [H6680] unto the king's [H4428] lieutenants [H323] , and to the governors [H6346] that [were] over every province [H4082] , and to the rulers [H8269] of every people [H5971] of every province [H4082] according to the writing [H3791] thereof, and [to] every people [H5971] after their language [H3956] ; in the name [H8034] of king [H4428] Ahasuerus [H325] was it written [H3789] , and sealed [H2856] with the king's [H4428] ring [H2885] .(scribes: or, secretaries)

3:13 And the letters [H5612] were sent [H7971] by [H3027] posts [H7323] into all the king's [H4428] provinces [H4082] , to destroy [H8045] , to kill [H2026] , and to cause to perish [H6] , all Jews [H3064] , both young [H5288] and old [H2205] , little children [H2945] and women [H802] , in one [H259] day [H3117] , [even] upon the thirteenth [H7969] [H6240] [day] of the twelfth [H8147] [H6240] month [H2320] , which is the month [H2320] Adar [H143] , and [to take] the spoil [H7998] of them for a prey [H962] .

3:14 The copy [H6572] of the writing [H3791] for a commandment [H1881] to be given [H5414] in every province [H4082] was published [H1540] unto all people [H5971] , that they should be ready [H6264] against that day [H3117] .

3:15 The posts [H7323] went out [H3318] , being hastened [H1765] by the king's [H4428] commandment [H1697] , and the decree [H1881] was given [H5414] in Shushan [H7800] the palace [H1002] . And the king [H4428] and Haman [H2001] sat down [H3427] to drink [H8354] ; but the city [H5892] Shushan [H7800] was perplexed [H943] .