KJV ECC6 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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6:1 There is [H3426] an evil [H7451] which I have seen [H7200] under the sun [H8121] , and it [is] common [H7227] among men [H120] :

6:2 A man [H376] to whom God [H430] hath given [H5414] riches [H6239] , wealth [H5233] , and honour [H3519] , so that he wanteth [H2638] nothing for his soul [H5315] of all that he desireth [H183] , yet God [H430] giveth him not power [H7980] to eat [H398] thereof, but a stranger [H376] [H5237] eateth [H398] it: this [is] vanity [H1892] , and it [is] an evil [H7451] disease [H2483] .

6:3 If a man [H376] beget [H3205] an hundred [H3967] [children], and live [H2421] many [H7227] years [H8141] , so that the days [H3117] of his years [H8141] be many [H7227] , and his soul [H5315] be not filled [H7646] with good [H2896] , and also [that] he have no burial [H6900] ; I say [H559] , [that] an untimely birth [H5309] [is] better [H2896] than he.

6:4 For he cometh [H935] in with vanity [H1892] , and departeth [H3212] in darkness [H2822] , and his name [H8034] shall be covered [H3680] with darkness [H2822] .

6:5 Moreover he hath not seen [H7200] the sun [H8121] , nor known [H3045] [any thing]: this [H2088] hath more rest [H5183] than [H2088] the other.

6:6 Yea, though [H432] he live [H2421] a thousand [H505] years [H8141] twice [H6471] [told], yet hath he seen [H7200] no good [H2896] : do not all go [H1980] to one [H259] place [H4725] ?

6:7 All the labour [H5999] of man [H120] [is] for his mouth [H6310] , and yet the appetite [H5315] is not filled [H4390] .(appetite: Heb. soul)

6:8 For what hath the wise [H2450] more [H3148] than the fool [H3684] ? what hath the poor [H6041] , that knoweth [H3045] to walk [H1980] before the living [H2416] ?

6:9 Better [H2896] [is] the sight [H4758] of the eyes [H5869] than the wandering [H1980] of the desire [H5315] : this [is] also vanity [H1892] and vexation [H7469] of spirit [H7307] .(than: Heb. than the walking of the soul)

6:10 That which hath been is named [H7121] [H8034] already [H3528] , and it is known [H3045] that it [is] man [H120] : neither may [H3201] he contend [H1777] with him that is mightier [H8623] than he.

6:11 Seeing there be [H3426] many [H7235] things [H1697] that increase [H7235] vanity [H1892] , what [is] man [H120] the better [H3148] ?

6:12 For who knoweth [H3045] what [is] good [H2896] for man [H120] in [this] life [H2416] , all [H4557] the days [H3117] of his vain [H1892] life [H2416] which he spendeth [H6213] as a shadow [H6738] ? for who can tell [H5046] a man [H120] what shall be after [H310] him under the sun [H8121] ?(all: Heb. the number of the days of the life of his vanity)