KJV ECC10 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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10:1 Dead [H4194] flies [H2070] cause the ointment [H8081] of the apothecary [H7543] to send forth [H5042] a stinking savour [H887] : [so doth] a little [H4592] folly [H5531] him that is in reputation [H3368] for wisdom [H2451] [and] honour [H3519] .(Dead: Heb. Flies of death)

10:2 A wise man's [H2450] heart [H3820] [is] at his right hand [H3225] ; but a fool's [H3684] heart [H3820] at his left [H8040] .

10:3 Yea also, when he that is a fool [H5530] walketh [H1980] by the way [H1870] , his wisdom [H3820] faileth [H2638] [him], and he saith [H559] to every one [that] he [is] a fool [H5530] .(his: Heb. his heart)

10:4 If the spirit [H7307] of the ruler [H4910] rise up [H5927] against thee, leave [H3240] not thy place [H4725] ; for yielding [H4832] pacifieth [H3240] great [H1419] offences [H2399] .

10:5 There is [H3426] an evil [H7451] [which] I have seen [H7200] under the sun [H8121] , as an error [H7684] [which] proceedeth [H3318] from [H6440] the ruler [H7989] :(from: Heb. from before)

10:6 Folly [H5529] is set [H5414] in great [H7227] dignity [H4791] , and the rich [H6223] sit [H3427] in low place [H8216] .(in great: Heb. in great heights)

10:7 I have seen [H7200] servants [H5650] upon horses [H5483] , and princes [H8269] walking [H1980] as servants [H5650] upon the earth [H776] .

10:8 He that diggeth [H2658] a pit [H1475] shall fall [H5307] into it; and whoso breaketh [H6555] an hedge [H1447] , a serpent [H5175] shall bite [H5391] him.

10:9 Whoso removeth [H5265] stones [H68] shall be hurt [H6087] therewith; [and] he that cleaveth [H1234] wood [H6086] shall be endangered [H5533] thereby.

10:10 If the iron [H1270] be blunt [H6949] , and he do not whet [H7043] the edge [H6440] , then must he put [H1396] to more strength [H2428] : but wisdom [H2451] [is] profitable [H3504] to direct [H3787] .

10:11 Surely the serpent [H5175] will bite [H5391] without enchantment [H3908] ; and a babbler [H3956] [H1167] is no better [H3504] .(a babbler: Heb. the master of the tongue)

10:12 The words [H1697] of a wise man's [H2450] mouth [H6310] [are] gracious [H2580] ; but the lips [H8193] of a fool [H3684] will swallow up [H1104] himself.(gracious: Heb. grace)

10:13 The beginning [H8462] of the words [H1697] of his mouth [H6310] [is] foolishness [H5531] : and the end [H319] of his talk [H6310] [is] mischievous [H7451] madness [H1948] .(his talk: Heb. his mouth)

10:14 A fool [H5530] also is full [H7235] of words [H1697] : a man [H120] cannot tell [H3045] what shall be; and what shall be after [H310] him, who can tell [H5046] him?(is full: Heb. multiplieth words)

10:15 The labour [H5999] of the foolish [H3684] wearieth [H3021] every one of them, because he knoweth [H3045] not how to go [H3212] to the city [H5892] .

10:16 Woe [H337] to thee, O land [H776] , when thy king [H4428] [is] a child [H5288] , and thy princes [H8269] eat [H398] in the morning [H1242] !

10:17 Blessed [H835] [art] thou, O land [H776] , when thy king [H4428] [is] the son [H1121] of nobles [H2715] , and thy princes [H8269] eat [H398] in due season [H6256] , for strength [H1369] , and not for drunkenness [H8358] !

10:18 By much slothfulness [H6103] the building [H4746] decayeth [H4355] ; and through idleness [H8220] of the hands [H3027] the house [H1004] droppeth through [H1811] .

10:19 A feast [H3899] is made [H6213] for laughter [H7814] , and wine [H3196] maketh merry [H8055] [H2416] : but money [H3701] answereth [H6030] all [things].(maketh: Heb. maketh glad the life)

10:20 Curse [H7043] not the king [H4428] , no not in thy thought [H4093] ; and curse [H7043] not the rich [H6223] in thy bedchamber [H2315] [H4904] : for a bird [H5775] of the air [H8064] shall carry [H3212] the voice [H6963] , and that which hath [H1167] wings [H3671] shall tell [H5046] the matter [H1697] .(thought: or, conscience)