KJV DEU31 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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31:1 And Moses [H4872] went [H3212] and spake [H1696] these words [H1697] unto all Israel [H3478] .

31:2 And he said [H559] unto them, I [am] an hundred [H3967] and twenty [H6242] years [H8141] old [H1121] this day [H3117] ; I can [H3201] no more go out [H3318] and come in [H935] : also the LORD [H3068] hath said [H559] unto me, Thou shalt not go over [H5674] this Jordan [H3383] .

31:3 The LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] , he will go over [H5674] before [H6440] thee, [and] he will destroy [H8045] these nations [H1471] from before [H6440] thee, and thou shalt possess [H3423] them: [and] Joshua [H3091] , he shall go over [H5674] before [H6440] thee, as the LORD [H3068] hath said [H1696] .

31:4 And the LORD [H3068] shall do [H6213] unto them as he did [H6213] to Sihon [H5511] and to Og [H5747] , kings [H4428] of the Amorites [H567] , and unto the land [H776] of them, whom he destroyed [H8045] .

31:5 And the LORD [H3068] shall give them up [H5414] before your face [H6440] , that ye may do [H6213] unto them according unto all the commandments [H4687] which I have commanded [H6680] you.

31:6 Be strong [H2388] and of a good courage [H553] , fear [H3372] not, nor be afraid [H6206] of them [H6440] : for the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] , he [it is] that doth go [H1980] with thee; he will not fail [H7503] thee, nor forsake [H5800] thee.

31:7 And Moses [H4872] called [H7121] unto Joshua [H3091] , and said [H559] unto him in the sight [H5869] of all Israel [H3478] , Be strong [H2388] and of a good courage [H553] : for thou must go [H935] with this people [H5971] unto the land [H776] which the LORD [H3068] hath sworn [H7650] unto their fathers [H1] to give [H5414] them; and thou shalt cause them to inherit [H5157] it.

31:8 And the LORD [H3068] , he [it is] that doth go [H1980] before [H6440] thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail [H7503] thee, neither forsake [H5800] thee: fear [H3372] not, neither be dismayed [H2865] .

31:9 And Moses [H4872] wrote [H3789] this law [H8451] , and delivered [H5414] it unto the priests [H3548] the sons [H1121] of Levi [H3878] , which bare [H5375] the ark [H727] of the covenant [H1285] of the LORD [H3068] , and unto all the elders [H2205] of Israel [H3478] .

31:10 And Moses [H4872] commanded [H6680] them, saying [H559] , At the end [H7093] of [every] seven [H7651] years [H8141] , in the solemnity [H4150] of the year [H8141] of release [H8059] , in the feast [H2282] of tabernacles [H5521] ,

31:11 When all Israel [H3478] is come [H935] to appear [H7200] before [H6440] the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] in the place [H4725] which he shall choose [H977] , thou shalt read [H7121] this law [H8451] before all Israel [H3478] in their hearing [H241] .

31:12 Gather [H6950] the people [H5971] together [H6950] , men [H582] , and women [H802] , and children [H2945] , and thy stranger [H1616] that [is] within thy gates [H8179] , that they may hear [H8085] , and that they may learn [H3925] , and fear [H3372] the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] , and observe [H8104] to do [H6213] all the words [H1697] of this law [H8451] :

31:13 And [that] their children [H1121] , which have not known [H3045] [any thing], may hear [H8085] , and learn [H3925] to fear [H3372] the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] , as long as [H3117] ye live [H2416] in the land [H127] whither ye go over [H5674] Jordan [H3383] to possess [H3423] it.

31:14 And the LORD [H3068] said [H559] unto Moses [H4872] , Behold, thy days [H3117] approach [H7126] that thou must die [H4191] : call [H7121] Joshua [H3091] , and present [H3320] yourselves in the tabernacle [H168] of the congregation [H4150] , that I may give him a charge [H6680] . And Moses [H4872] and Joshua [H3091] went [H3212] , and presented [H3320] themselves in the tabernacle [H168] of the congregation [H4150] .

31:15 And the LORD [H3068] appeared [H7200] in the tabernacle [H168] in a pillar [H5982] of a cloud [H6051] : and the pillar [H5982] of the cloud [H6051] stood [H5975] over the door [H6607] of the tabernacle [H168] .

31:16 And the LORD [H3068] said [H559] unto Moses [H4872] , Behold, thou shalt sleep [H7901] with thy fathers [H1] ; and this people [H5971] will rise up [H6965] , and go a whoring [H2181] after [H310] the gods [H430] of the strangers [H5236] of the land [H776] , whither they go [H935] [to be] among [H7130] them, and will forsake [H5800] me, and break [H6565] my covenant [H1285] which I have made [H3772] with them.(sleep: Heb. lie down)

31:17 Then my anger [H639] shall be kindled [H2734] against them in that day [H3117] , and I will forsake [H5800] them, and I will hide [H5641] my face [H6440] from them, and they shall be devoured [H398] , and many [H7227] evils [H7451] and troubles [H6869] shall befall [H4672] them; so that they will say [H559] in that day [H3117] , Are not these evils [H7451] come [H4672] upon us, because our God [H430] [is] not among [H7130] us?(befall: Heb. find)

31:18 And I will surely [H5641] hide [H5641] my face [H6440] in that day [H3117] for all the evils [H7451] which they shall have wrought [H6213] , in that [H3588] they are turned [H6437] unto other [H312] gods [H430] .

31:19 Now therefore write [H3789] ye this song [H7892] for you, and teach [H3925] it the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] : put [H7760] it in their mouths [H6310] , that this song [H7892] may be a witness [H5707] for me against the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] .

31:20 For when I shall have brought [H935] them into the land [H127] which I sware [H7650] unto their fathers [H1] , that floweth [H2100] with milk [H2461] and honey [H1706] ; and they shall have eaten [H398] and filled [H7646] themselves, and waxen fat [H1878] ; then will they turn [H6437] unto other [H312] gods [H430] , and serve [H5647] them, and provoke [H5006] me, and break [H6565] my covenant [H1285] .

31:21 And it shall come to pass, when many [H7227] evils [H7451] and troubles [H6869] are befallen [H4672] them, that this song [H7892] shall testify [H6030] against [H6440] them as a witness [H5707] ; for it shall not be forgotten [H7911] out of the mouths [H6310] of their seed [H2233] : for I know [H3045] their imagination [H3336] which they go about [H6213] , even now [H3117] , before I have brought [H935] them into the land [H776] which I sware [H7650] .(against: Heb. before)(go: Heb. do)

31:22 Moses [H4872] therefore wrote [H3789] this song [H7892] the same day [H3117] , and taught [H3925] it the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] .

31:23 And he gave Joshua [H3091] the son [H1121] of Nun [H5126] a charge [H6680] , and said [H559] , Be strong [H2388] and of a good courage [H553] : for thou shalt bring [H935] the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] into the land [H776] which I sware [H7650] unto them: and I will be with thee.

31:24 And it came to pass, when Moses [H4872] had made an end [H3615] of writing [H3789] the words [H1697] of this law [H8451] in a book [H5612] , until they were finished [H8552] ,

31:25 That Moses [H4872] commanded [H6680] the Levites [H3881] , which bare [H5375] the ark [H727] of the covenant [H1285] of the LORD [H3068] , saying [H559] ,

31:26 Take [H3947] this book [H5612] of the law [H8451] , and put [H7760] it in the side [H6654] of the ark [H727] of the covenant [H1285] of the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] , that it may be there for a witness [H5707] against thee.

31:27 For I know [H3045] thy rebellion [H4805] , and thy stiff [H7186] neck [H6203] : behold, while I am yet alive [H2416] with you this day [H3117] , ye have been rebellious [H4784] against the LORD [H3068] ; and how much more after [H310] my death [H4194] ?

31:28 Gather [H6950] unto me all the elders [H2205] of your tribes [H7626] , and your officers [H7860] , that I may speak [H1696] these words [H1697] in their ears [H241] , and call [H5749] heaven [H8064] and earth [H776] to record [H5749] against them.

31:29 For I know [H3045] that after [H310] my death [H4194] ye will utterly [H7843] corrupt [H7843] [yourselves], and turn aside [H5493] from the way [H1870] which I have commanded [H6680] you; and evil [H7451] will befall [H7122] you in the latter [H319] days [H3117] ; because ye will do [H6213] evil [H7451] in the sight [H5869] of the LORD [H3068] , to provoke him to anger [H3707] through the work [H4639] of your hands [H3027] .

31:30 And Moses [H4872] spake [H1696] in the ears [H241] of all the congregation [H6951] of Israel [H3478] the words [H1697] of this song [H7892] , until they were ended [H8552] .