KJV DEU23 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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23:1 He that is wounded in the stones [H6481] [H1795] , or hath his privy member [H8212] cut off [H3772] , shall not enter [H935] into the congregation [H6951] of the LORD [H3068] .

23:2 A bastard [H4464] shall not enter [H935] into the congregation [H6951] of the LORD [H3068] ; even to his tenth [H6224] generation [H1755] shall he not enter [H935] into the congregation [H6951] of the LORD [H3068] .

23:3 An Ammonite [H5984] or Moabite [H4125] shall not enter [H935] into the congregation [H6951] of the LORD [H3068] ; even to their tenth [H6224] generation [H1755] shall they not enter [H935] into the congregation [H6951] of the LORD [H3068] for [H5704] ever [H5769] :

23:4 Because [H1697] they met [H6923] you not with bread [H3899] and with water [H4325] in the way [H1870] , when ye came forth [H3318] out of Egypt [H4714] ; and because they hired [H7936] against thee Balaam [H1109] the son [H1121] of Beor [H1160] of Pethor [H6604] of Mesopotamia [H763] , to curse [H7043] thee.

23:5 Nevertheless the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] would [H14] not hearken [H8085] unto Balaam [H1109] ; but the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] turned [H2015] the curse [H7045] into a blessing [H1293] unto thee, because the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] loved [H157] thee.

23:6 Thou shalt not seek [H1875] their peace [H7965] nor their prosperity [H2896] all thy days [H3117] for ever [H5769] .(prosperity: Heb. good)

23:7 Thou shalt not abhor [H8581] an Edomite [H130] ; for he [is] thy brother [H251] : thou shalt not abhor [H8581] an Egyptian [H4713] ; because thou wast a stranger [H1616] in his land [H776] .

23:8 The children [H1121] that are begotten [H3205] of them shall enter [H935] into the congregation [H6951] of the LORD [H3068] in their third [H7992] generation [H1755] .

23:9 When the host [H4264] goeth forth [H3318] against thine enemies [H341] , then keep [H8104] thee from every wicked [H7451] thing [H1697] .

23:10 If there be among you any man [H376] , that is not clean [H2889] by reason of uncleanness that chanceth [H7137] him by night [H3915] , then shall he go [H3318] abroad [H2351] out of the camp [H4264] , he shall not come [H935] within [H8432] the camp [H4264] :

23:11 But it shall be, when evening [H6153] cometh on [H6437] , he shall wash [H7364] [himself] with water [H4325] : and when the sun [H8121] is down [H935] , he shall come [H935] into [H8432] the camp [H4264] [again].(cometh: Heb. turneth toward)

23:12 Thou shalt have a place also [H3027] without [H2351] the camp [H4264] , whither thou shalt go forth [H3318] abroad [H2351] :

23:13 And thou shalt have a paddle [H3489] upon thy weapon [H240] ; and it shall be, when thou wilt ease [H3427] thyself abroad [H2351] , thou shalt dig [H2658] therewith, and shalt turn back [H7725] and cover [H3680] that which cometh [H6627] from thee:(wilt: Heb. sittest down)

23:14 For the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] walketh [H1980] in the midst [H7130] of thy camp [H4264] , to deliver [H5337] thee, and to give up [H5414] thine enemies [H341] before [H6440] thee; therefore shall thy camp [H4264] be holy [H6918] : that he see [H7200] no unclean [H6172] thing [H1697] in thee, and turn away [H7725] from thee [H310] .(unclean: Heb. nakedness of any thing)

23:15 Thou shalt not deliver [H5462] unto his master [H113] the servant [H5650] which is escaped [H5337] from his master [H113] unto thee:

23:16 He shall dwell [H3427] with thee, [even] among [H7130] you, in that place [H4725] which he shall choose [H977] in one [H259] of thy gates [H8179] , where it liketh him best [H2896] : thou shalt not oppress [H3238] him.(liketh: Heb. is good for him)

23:17 There shall be no whore [H6948] of the daughters [H1323] of Israel [H3478] , nor a sodomite [H6945] of the sons [H1121] of Israel [H3478] .(whore: or, sodomitess)

23:18 Thou shalt not bring [H935] the hire [H868] of a whore [H2181] , or the price [H4242] of a dog [H3611] , into the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] for any vow [H5088] : for even both [H8147] these [are] abomination [H8441] unto the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] .

23:19 Thou shalt not lend upon usury [H5391] to thy brother [H251] ; usury [H5392] of money [H3701] , usury [H5392] of victuals [H400] , usury [H5392] of any thing [H1697] that is lent upon usury [H5391] :

23:20 Unto a stranger [H5237] thou mayest lend upon usury [H5391] ; but unto thy brother [H251] thou shalt not lend upon usury [H5391] : that the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] may bless [H1288] thee in all that thou settest [H4916] thine hand [H3027] to in the land [H776] whither thou goest [H935] to possess [H3423] it.

23:21 When thou shalt vow [H5087] a vow [H5088] unto the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] , thou shalt not slack [H309] to pay [H7999] it: for the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] will surely [H1875] require [H1875] it of thee; and it would be sin [H2399] in thee.

23:22 But if thou shalt forbear [H2308] to vow [H5087] , it shall be no sin [H2399] in thee.

23:23 That which is gone out [H4161] of thy lips [H8193] thou shalt keep [H8104] and perform [H6213] ; [even] a freewill offering [H5071] , according as thou hast vowed [H5087] unto the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] , which thou hast promised [H1696] with thy mouth [H6310] .

23:24 When thou comest [H935] into thy neighbour's [H7453] vineyard [H3754] , then thou mayest eat [H398] grapes [H6025] thy fill [H7648] at thine own pleasure [H5315] ; but thou shalt not put [H5414] [any] in thy vessel [H3627] .

23:25 When thou comest [H935] into the standing corn [H7054] of thy neighbour [H7453] , then thou mayest pluck [H6998] the ears [H4425] with thine hand [H3027] ; but thou shalt not move [H5130] a sickle [H2770] unto thy neighbour's [H7453] standing corn [H7054] .