KJV DEU21 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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21:1 If [one] be found [H4672] slain [H2491] in the land [H127] which the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] giveth [H5414] thee to possess [H3423] it, lying [H5307] in the field [H7704] , [and] it be not known [H3045] who hath slain [H5221] him:

21:2 Then thy elders [H2205] and thy judges [H8199] shall come forth [H3318] , and they shall measure [H4058] unto the cities [H5892] which [are] round about [H5439] him that is slain [H2491] :

21:3 And it shall be, [that] the city [H5892] [which is] next [H7138] unto the slain man [H2491] , even the elders [H2205] of that city [H5892] shall take [H3947] an heifer [H1241] [H5697] , which hath not been wrought with [H5647] , [and] which hath not drawn [H4900] in the yoke [H5923] ;

21:4 And the elders [H2205] of that city [H5892] shall bring down [H3381] the heifer [H5697] unto a rough [H386] valley [H5158] , which is neither eared [H5647] nor sown [H2232] , and shall strike off [H6202] the heifer's [H5697] neck [H6202] there in the valley [H5158] :

21:5 And the priests [H3548] the sons [H1121] of Levi [H3878] shall come near [H5066] ; for them the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] hath chosen [H977] to minister [H8334] unto him, and to bless [H1288] in the name [H8034] of the LORD [H3068] ; and by their word [H6310] shall every controversy [H7379] and every stroke [H5061] be [tried]:(word: Heb. mouth)

21:6 And all the elders [H2205] of that city [H5892] , [that are] next [H7138] unto the slain [H2491] [man], shall wash [H7364] their hands [H3027] over the heifer [H5697] that is beheaded [H6202] in the valley [H5158] :

21:7 And they shall answer [H6030] and say [H559] , Our hands [H3027] have not shed [H8210] this blood [H1818] , neither have our eyes [H5869] seen [H7200] [it].

21:8 Be merciful [H3722] , O LORD [H3068] , unto thy people [H5971] Israel [H3478] , whom thou hast redeemed [H6299] , and lay [H5414] not innocent [H5355] blood [heb1818] unto thy people [H5971] of Israel's [H3478] charge [H7130] . And the blood [H1818] shall be forgiven [H3722] them.(unto thy people of: Heb. in the midst, etc)

21:9 So shalt thou put away [H1197] the [guilt of] innocent [H5355] blood [heb1818] from among [H7130] you, when thou shalt do [H6213] [that which is] right [H3477] in the sight [H5869] of the LORD [H3068] .

21:10 When thou goest forth [H3318] to war [H4421] against thine enemies [H341] , and the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] hath delivered [H5414] them into thine hands [H3027] , and thou hast taken [H7617] them captive [H7628] ,

21:11 And seest [H7200] among the captives [H7633] a beautiful [H8389] [H3303] woman [H802] , and hast a desire [H2836] unto her, that thou wouldest have her [H3947] to thy wife [H802] ;

21:12 Then thou shalt bring [H935] her home [H8432] to thine house [H1004] ; and she shall shave [H1548] her head [H7218] , and pare [H6213] her nails [H6856] ;(pare: or, suffer to grow: Heb. make, or, dress)

21:13 And she shall put [H5493] the raiment [H8071] of her captivity [H7628] from off her, and shall remain [H3427] in thine house [H1004] , and bewail [H1058] her father [H1] and her mother [H517] a full [H3117] month [H3391] : and after [H310] that thou shalt go [H935] in unto her, and be her husband [H1166] , and she shall be thy wife [H802] .

21:14 And it shall be, if thou have no delight [H2654] in her, then thou shalt let her go [H7971] whither she will [H5315] ; but thou shalt not sell [H4376] her at all [H4376] for money [H3701] , thou shalt not make merchandise [H6014] of her, because [H834] thou hast humbled [H6031] her.

21:15 If a man [H376] have two [H8147] wives [H802] , one [H259] beloved [H157] , and another [H259] hated [H8130] , and they have born [H3205] him children [H1121] , [both] the beloved [H157] and the hated [H8130] ; and [if] the firstborn [H1060] son [H1121] be hers that was hated [H8146] :

21:16 Then it shall be, when [H3117] he maketh his sons [H1121] to inherit [H5157] [that] which he hath, [that] he may [H3201] not make the son [H1121] of the beloved [H157] firstborn [H1069] before [H6440] the son [H1121] of the hated [H8130] , [which is indeed] the firstborn [H1060] :

21:17 But he shall acknowledge [H5234] the son [H1121] of the hated [H8130] [for] the firstborn [H1060] , by giving [H5414] him a double [H8147] portion [H6310] of all that he hath [H4672] : for he [is] the beginning [H7225] of his strength [H202] ; the right [H4941] of the firstborn [H1062] [is] his.(that: Heb. that is found with him)

21:18 If a man [H376] have a stubborn [H5637] and rebellious [H4784] son [H1121] , which will not obey [H8085] the voice [H6963] of his father [H1] , or the voice [H6963] of his mother [H517] , and [that], when they have chastened [H3256] him, will not hearken [H8085] unto them:

21:19 Then shall his father [H1] and his mother [H517] lay hold [H8610] on him, and bring him out [H3318] unto the elders [H2205] of his city [H5892] , and unto the gate [H8179] of his place [H4725] ;

21:20 And they shall say [H559] unto the elders [H2205] of his city [H5892] , This our son [H1121] [is] stubborn [H5637] and rebellious [H4784] , he will not obey [H8085] our voice [H6963] ; [he is] a glutton [H2151] , and a drunkard [H5433] .

21:21 And all the men [H582] of his city [H5892] shall stone [H7275] him with stones [H68] , that he die [H4191] : so shalt thou put [H1197] evil [H7451] away [H1197] from among [H7130] you; and all Israel [H3478] shall hear [H8085] , and fear [H3372] .

21:22 And if a man [H376] have committed a sin [H2399] worthy of [H4941] death [H4194] , and he be to be put to death [H4191] , and thou hang [H8518] him on a tree [H6086] :

21:23 His body [H5038] shall not remain all night [H3885] upon the tree [H6086] , but thou shalt in any wise [H6912] bury [H6912] him that day [H3117] ; (for he that is hanged [H8518] [is] accursed [H7045] of God [H430] ;) that thy land [H127] be not defiled [H2930] , which the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] giveth [H5414] thee [for] an inheritance [H5159] .(accursed: Heb. the curse of God)