KJV DEU14 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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14:1 Ye [are] the children [H1121] of the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] : ye shall not cut [H1413] yourselves, nor make [H7760] any baldness [H7144] between your eyes [H5869] for the dead [H4191] .

14:2 For thou [art] an holy [H6918] people [H5971] unto the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] , and the LORD [H3068] hath chosen [H977] thee to be a peculiar [H5459] people [H5971] unto himself, above all the nations [H5971] that [are] upon [H6440] the earth [H127] .

14:3 Thou shalt not eat [H398] any abominable thing [H8441] .

14:4 These [are] the beasts [H929] which ye shall eat [H398] : the ox [H7794] , the sheep [H7716] [H3775] , and the goat [H5795] ,

14:5 The hart [H354] , and the roebuck [H6643] , and the fallow deer [H3180] , and the wild goat [H689] , and the pygarg [H1788] , and the wild ox [H8377] , and the chamois [H2169] .

14:6 And every beast [H929] that parteth [H6536] the hoof [H6541] , and cleaveth [H8157] the cleft [H8156] into two [H8147] claws [H6541] , [and] cheweth [H5927] the cud [H1625] among the beasts [H929] , that ye shall eat [H398] .

14:7 Nevertheless these ye shall not eat [H398] of them that chew [H5927] the cud [H1625] , or of them that divide [H6536] the cloven [H8156] hoof [H6541] ; [as] the camel [H1581] , and the hare [H768] , and the coney [H8227] : for they chew [H5927] the cud [H1625] , but divide [H6536] not the hoof [H6541] ; [therefore] they [are] unclean [H2931] unto you.

14:8 And the swine [H2386] , because it divideth [H6536] the hoof [H6541] , yet cheweth not the cud [H1625] , it [is] unclean [H2931] unto you: ye shall not eat [H398] of their flesh [H1320] , nor touch [H5060] their dead carcase [H5038] .

14:9 These ye shall eat [H398] of all that [are] in the waters [H4325] : all that have fins [H5579] and scales [H7193] shall ye eat [H398] :

14:10 And whatsoever hath not fins [H5579] and scales [H7193] ye may not eat [H398] ; it [is] unclean [H2931] unto you.

14:11 [Of] all clean [H2889] birds [H6833] ye shall eat [H398] .

14:12 But these [are they] of which ye shall not eat [H398] : the eagle [H5404] , and the ossifrage [H6538] , and the ospray [H5822] ,

14:13 And the glede [H7201] , and the kite [H344] , and the vulture [H1772] after his kind [H4327] ,

14:14 And every raven [H6158] after his kind [H4327] ,

14:15 And the owl [H1323] [H3284] , and the night hawk [H8464] , and the cuckow [H7828] , and the hawk [H5322] after his kind [H4327] ,

14:16 The little owl [H3563] , and the great owl [H3244] , and the swan [H8580] ,

14:17 And the pelican [H6893] , and the gier eagle [H7360] , and the cormorant [H7994] ,

14:18 And the stork [H2624] , and the heron [H601] after her kind [H4327] , and the lapwing [H1744] , and the bat [H5847] .

14:19 And every creeping thing [H8318] that flieth [H5775] [is] unclean [H2931] unto you: they shall not be eaten [H398] .

14:20 [But of] all clean [H2889] fowls [H5775] ye may eat [H398] .

14:21 Ye shall not eat [H398] [of] any thing that dieth of itself [H5038] : thou shalt give [H5414] it unto the stranger [H1616] that [is] in thy gates [H8179] , that he may eat [H398] it; or thou mayest sell [H4376] it unto an alien [H5237] : for thou [art] an holy [H6918] people [H5971] unto the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] . Thou shalt not seethe [H1310] a kid [H1423] in his mother's [H517] milk [H2461] .

14:22 Thou shalt truly [H6237] tithe [H6237] all the increase [H8393] of thy seed [H2233] , that the field [H7704] bringeth forth [H3318] year [H8141] by year [H8141] .

14:23 And thou shalt eat [H398] before [H6440] the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] , in the place [H4725] which he shall choose [H977] to place [H7931] his name [H8034] there, the tithe [H4643] of thy corn [H1715] , of thy wine [H8492] , and of thine oil [H3323] , and the firstlings [H1062] of thy herds [H1241] and of thy flocks [H6629] ; that thou mayest learn [H3925] to fear [H3372] the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] always [H3117] .

14:24 And if the way [H1870] be too long [H7235] for thee, so that [H3588] thou art not able [H3201] to carry [H5375] it; [or] if the place [H4725] be too far [H7368] from thee, which the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] shall choose [H977] to set [H7760] his name [H8034] there, when the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] hath blessed [H1288] thee:

14:25 Then shalt thou turn [H5414] [it] into money [H3701] , and bind up [H6696] the money [H3701] in thine hand [H3027] , and shalt go [H1980] unto the place [H4725] which the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] shall choose [H977] :

14:26 And thou shalt bestow [H5414] that money [H3701] for whatsoever thy soul [H5315] lusteth after [H183] , for oxen [H1241] , or for sheep [H6629] , or for wine [H3196] , or for strong drink [H7941] , or for whatsoever thy soul [H5315] desireth [H7592] : and thou shalt eat [H398] there before [H6440] the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] , and thou shalt rejoice [H8055] , thou, and thine household [H1004] ,(desireth: Heb. asketh of thee)

14:27 And the Levite [H3881] that [is] within thy gates [H8179] ; thou shalt not forsake [H5800] him; for he hath no part [H2506] nor inheritance [H5159] with thee.

14:28 At the end [H7097] of three [H7969] years [H8141] thou shalt bring forth [H3318] all the tithe [H4643] of thine increase [H8393] the same year [H8141] , and shalt lay [it] up [H3240] within thy gates [H8179] :

14:29 And the Levite [H3881] , (because he hath no part [H2506] nor inheritance [H5159] with thee,) and the stranger [H1616] , and the fatherless [H3490] , and the widow [H490] , which [are] within thy gates [H8179] , shall come [H935] , and shall eat [H398] and be satisfied [H7646] ; that the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] may bless [H1288] thee in all the work [H4639] of thine hand [H3027] which thou doest [H6213] .