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1:1 In the third [H7969] year [H8141] of the reign [H4438] of Jehoiakim [H3079] king [H4428] of Judah [H3063] came [H935] Nebuchadnezzar [H5019] king [H4428] of Babylon [H894] unto Jerusalem [H3389] , and besieged [H6696] it.

1:2 And the Lord [H136] gave [H5414] Jehoiakim [H3079] king [H4428] of Judah [H3063] into his hand [H3027] , with part [H7117] of the vessels [H3627] of the house [H1004] of God [H430] : which he carried [H935] into the land [H776] of Shinar [H8152] to the house [H1004] of his god [H430] ; and he brought [H935] the vessels [H3627] into the treasure [H214] house [H1004] of his god [H430] .

1:3 And the king [H4428] spake [H559] unto Ashpenaz [H828] the master [H7227] of his eunuchs [H5631] , that he should bring [H935] [certain] of the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] , and of the king's [H4410] seed [H2233] , and of the princes [H6579] ;

1:4 Children [H3206] in whom [was] no blemish [H3971] [H3971] , but well [H2896] favoured [H4758] , and skilful [H7919] in all wisdom [H2451] , and cunning [H3045] in knowledge [H1847] , and understanding [H995] science [H4093] , and such as [had] ability [H3581] in them to stand [H5975] in the king's [H4428] palace [H1964] , and whom they might teach [H3925] the learning [H5612] and the tongue [H3956] of the Chaldeans [H3778] .

1:5 And the king [H4428] appointed [H4487] them a daily [H3117] [H3117] provision [H1697] of the king's [H4428] meat [H6598] , and of the wine [H3196] which he drank [H4960] : so nourishing [H1431] them three [H7969] years [H8141] , that at the end [H7117] thereof they might stand [H5975] before [H6440] the king [H4428] .(the wine: Heb. the wine of his drink)

1:6 Now among these were of the children [H1121] of Judah [H3063] , Daniel [H1840] , Hananiah [H2608] , Mishael [H4332] , and Azariah [H5838] :

1:7 Unto whom the prince [H8269] of the eunuchs [H5631] gave [H7760] names [H8034] : for he gave [H7760] unto Daniel [H1840] [the name] of Belteshazzar [H1095] ; and to Hananiah [H2608] , of Shadrach [H7714] ; and to Mishael [H4332] , of Meshach [H4335] ; and to Azariah [H5838] , of Abednego [H5664] .

1:8 But Daniel [H1840] purposed [H7760] in his heart [H3820] that he would not defile [H1351] himself with the portion [H6598] of the king's [H4428] meat [H6598] , nor with the wine [H3196] which he drank [H4960] : therefore he requested [H1245] of the prince [H8269] of the eunuchs [H5631] that he might not defile [H1351] himself.

1:9 Now God [H430] had brought [H5414] Daniel [H1840] into favour [H2617] and tender love [H7356] with [H6440] the prince [H8269] of the eunuchs [H5631] .

1:10 And the prince [H8269] of the eunuchs [H5631] said [H559] unto Daniel [H1840] , I fear [H3373] my lord [H113] the king [H4428] , who hath appointed [H4487] your meat [H3978] and your drink [H4960] : for why should he see [H7200] your faces [H6440] worse liking [H2196] than the children [H3206] which [are] of your sort [H1524] ? then shall ye make [me] endanger [H2325] my head [H7218] to the king [H4428] .(worse: Heb. sadder)(sort: or, term, or, continuance?)

1:11 Then said [H559] Daniel [H1840] to Melzar [H4453] , whom the prince [H8269] of the eunuchs [H5631] had set [H4487] over Daniel [H1840] , Hananiah [H2608] , Mishael [H4332] , and Azariah [H5838] ,(Melzar: or, the steward)

1:12 Prove [H5254] thy servants [H5650] , I beseech thee, ten [H6235] days [H3117] ; and let them give [H5414] us pulse [H2235] to eat [H398] , and water [H4325] to drink [H8354] .(pulse: Heb. of pulse)(to eat: Heb. that we may eat, etc)

1:13 Then let our countenances [H4758] be looked upon [H7200] before [H6440] thee, and the countenance [H4758] of the children [H3206] that eat [H398] of the portion [H6598] of the king's [H4428] meat [H6598] : and as thou seest [H7200] , deal [H6213] with thy servants [H5650] .

1:14 So he consented [H8085] to them in this matter [H1697] , and proved [H5254] them ten [H6235] days [H3117] .

1:15 And at the end [H7117] of ten [H6235] days [H3117] their countenances [H4758] appeared [H7200] fairer [H2896] and fatter [H1277] in flesh [H1320] than all the children [H3206] which did eat [H398] the portion [H6598] of the king's [H4428] meat [H6598] .

1:16 Thus Melzar [H4453] took away [H5375] the portion of their meat [H6598] , and the wine [H3196] that they should drink [H4960] ; and gave [H5414] them pulse [H2235] .

1:17 As for these four [H702] children [H3206] , God [H430] gave [H5414] them knowledge [H4093] and skill [H7919] in all learning [H5612] and wisdom [H2451] : and Daniel [H1840] had understanding [H995] in all visions [H2377] and dreams [H2472] .(Daniel: or, he made Daniel understand)

1:18 Now at the end [H7117] of the days [H3117] that the king [H4428] had said [H559] he should bring [H935] them in, then the prince [H8269] of the eunuchs [H5631] brought [H935] them in before [H6440] Nebuchadnezzar [H5019] .

1:19 And the king [H4428] communed [H1696] with them; and among them all was found [H4672] none like Daniel [H1840] , Hananiah [H2608] , Mishael [H4332] , and Azariah [H5838] : therefore stood [H5975] they before [H6440] the king [H4428] .

1:20 And in all matters [H1697] of wisdom [H2451] [and] understanding [H998] , that the king [H4428] enquired [H1245] of them, he found [H4672] them ten times [H6235] better [H3027] than all the magicians [H2748] [and] astrologers [H825] that [were] in all his realm [H4438] .(wisdom: Heb. wisdom of understanding)

1:21 And Daniel [H1840] continued [even] unto the first [H259] year [H8141] of king [H4428] Cyrus [H3566] .