KJV ACT14 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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14:1 And [G1161] it came to pass [G1096] in [G1722] Iconium [G2430] , that they [G846] went [G1525] both [G2596] together [G846] into [G1519] the synagogue [G4864] of the Jews [G2453] , and [G2532] so [G3779] spake [G2980] , that [G5620] a great [G4183] multitude [G4128] both [G5037] of the Jews [G2453] and also [G2532] of the Greeks [G1672] believed [G4100] .

14:2 But [G1161] the unbelieving [G544] Jews [G2453] stirred up [G1892] the Gentiles [G1484] , and [G2532] made [G2559] their minds [G5590] evil affected [G2559] against [G2596] the brethren [G80] .

14:3 Long [G2425] time [G5550] therefore [G3303] [G3767] abode they [G1304] speaking boldly [G3955] in [G1909] the Lord [G2962] , which [G3588] gave testimony [G3140] unto the word [G3056] of his [G846] grace [G5485] , and [G2532] granted [G1325] signs [G4592] and [G2532] wonders [G5059] to be done [G1096] by [G1223] their [G846] hands [G5495] .

14:4 But [G1161] the multitude [G4128] of the city [G4172] was divided [G4977] : and [G2532] part [G3303] held [G2258] with [G4862] the Jews [G2453] , and [G1161] part with [G4862] the apostles [G652] .

14:5 And [G1161] when [G5613] there was [G1096] an assault [G3730] made [G1096] both [G5037] of the Gentiles [G1484] , and also [G2532] of the Jews [G2453] with [G4862] their [G846] rulers [G758] , to use [them] despitefully [G5195] , and [G2532] to stone [G3036] them [G846] ,

14:6 They were ware [G4894] of [it], and fled [G2703] unto [G1519] Lystra [G3082] and [G2532] Derbe [G1191] , cities [G4172] of Lycaonia [G3071] , and [G2532] unto the region that lieth round about [G4066] :

14:7 And there [G2546] they preached the gospel [G2258] [G2097] .

14:8 And [G2532] there sat [G2521] a certain [G5100] man [G435] at [G1722] Lystra [G3082] , impotent [G102] in his feet [G4228] , being [G5225] a cripple [G5560] from [G1537] his [G846] mother's [G3384] womb [G2836] , who [G3739] never [G3763] had walked [G4043] :

14:9 The same [G3778] heard [G191] Paul [G3972] speak [G2980] : who [G3739] stedfastly beholding [G816] him [G846] , and [G2532] perceiving [G1492] that [G3754] he had [G2192] faith [G4102] to be healed [G4982] ,

14:10 Said [G2036] with a loud [G3173] voice [G5456] , Stand [G450] upright [G3717] on [G1909] thy [G4675] feet [G4228] . And [G2532] he leaped [G242] and [G2532] walked [G4043] .

14:11 And [G1161] when the people [G3793] saw [G1492] what [G3739] Paul [G3972] had done [G4160] , they lifted up [G1869] their [G846] voices [G5456] , saying [G3004] in the speech of Lycaonia [G3072] , The gods [G2316] are come down [G2597] to [G4314] us [G2248] in the likeness [G3666] of men [G444] .

14:12 And [G5037] they called [G2564] Barnabas [G921] , [G3303] Jupiter [G2203] ; and [G1161] Paul [G3972] , Mercurius [G2060] , because [G1894] he [G846] was [G2258] the chief [G2233] speaker [G3056] .

14:13 Then [G1161] the priest [G2409] of Jupiter [G2203] , which [G3588] was [G5607] before [G4253] their [G846] city [G4172] , brought [G5342] oxen [G5022] and [G2532] garlands [G4725] unto [G1909] the gates [G4440] , and would [G2309] have done sacrifice [G2380] with [G4862] the people [G3793] .

14:14 [Which] when [G1161] the apostles [G652] , Barnabas [G921] and [G2532] Paul [G3972] , heard [G191] [of], they rent [G1284] their [G846] clothes [G2440] , and ran [G1530] in among [G1519] the people [G3793] , crying out [G2896] ,

14:15 And [G2532] saying [G3004] , Sirs [G435] , why [G5101] do ye [G4160] these things [G5130] ? We [G2249] also [G2532] are [G2070] men [G444] of like passions [G3663] with you [G5213] , and preach [G2097] unto you [G5209] that ye should turn [G1994] from [G575] these [G5023] vanities [G3152] unto [G1909] the living [G2198] God [G2316] , which [G3739] made [G4160] heaven [G3772] , and [G2532] earth [G1093] , and [G2532] the sea [G2281] , and [G2532] all things [G3956] that are therein [G1722] [G846] :

14:16 Who [G3739] in [G1722] times [G1074] past [G3944] suffered [G1439] all [G3956] nations [G1484] to walk [G4198] in their own [G846] ways [G3598] .

14:17 Nevertheless [G2544] [G2532] he left [G863] not [G3756] himself [G1438] without witness [G267] , in that he did good [G15] , and gave [G1325] us [G2254] rain [G5205] from heaven [G3771] , and [G2532] fruitful [G2593] seasons [G2540] , filling [G1705] our [G2257] hearts [G2588] with food [G5160] and [G2532] gladness [G2167] .

14:18 And [G2532] with these [G5023] sayings [G3004] scarce [G3433] restrained they [G2664] the people [G3793] , that they had [G2380] not [G3361] done sacrifice [G2380] unto them [G846] .

14:19 And [G1161] there came thither [G1904] [certain] Jews [G2453] from [G575] Antioch [G490] and [G2532] Iconium [G2430] , who [G2532] persuaded [G3982] the people [G3793] , and [G2532] , having stoned [G3034] Paul [G3972] , drew [G4951] [him] out of [G1854] the city [G4172] , supposing [G3543] he [G846] had been dead [G2348] .

14:20 Howbeit [G1161] , as the disciples [G3101] stood round about [G2944] him [G846] , he rose up [G450] , and came [G1525] into [G1519] the city [G4172] : and [G2532] the next day [G1887] he departed [G1831] with [G4862] Barnabas [G921] to [G1519] Derbe [G1191] .

14:21 And [G5037] when they had preached the gospel [G2097] to that [G1565] city [G4172] , and [G2532] had taught [G3100] many [G2425] , they returned again [G5290] to [G1519] Lystra [G3082] , and [G2532] [to] Iconium [G2430] , and [G2532] Antioch [G490] ,(had taught many: Gr. had made many disciples)

14:22 Confirming [G1991] the souls [G5590] of the disciples [G3101] , [and] exhorting them [G3870] to continue [G1696] in the faith [G4102] , and [G2532] that [G3754] we [G2248] must [G1163] through [G1223] much [G4183] tribulation [G2347] enter [G1525] into [G1519] the kingdom [G932] of God [G2316] .

14:23 And [G1161] when they had ordained [G5500] them [G846] elders [G4245] in every [G2596] church [G1577] , and had prayed [G4336] with [G3326] fasting [G3521] , they commended [G3908] them [G846] to the Lord [G2962] , on [G1519] whom [G3739] they believed [G4100] .

14:24 And [G2532] after they had passed throughout [G1330] Pisidia [G4099] , they came [G2064] to [G1519] Pamphylia [G3828] .

14:25 And [G2532] when they had preached [G2980] the word [G3056] in [G1722] Perga [G4011] , they went down [G2597] into [G1519] Attalia [G825] :

14:26 And thence [G2547] sailed [G636] to [G1519] Antioch [G490] , from whence [G3606] they had been [G2258] recommended [G3860] to the grace [G5485] of God [G2316] for [G1519] the work [G2041] which [G3739] they fulfilled [G4137] .

14:27 And [G1161] when they were come [G3854] , and [G2532] had gathered [G4863] the church [G1577] together [G4863] , they rehearsed [G312] all [G3745] that God [G2316] had done [G4160] with [G3326] them [G846] , and [G2532] how [G3754] he had opened [G455] the door [G2374] of faith [G4102] unto the Gentiles [G1484] .

14:28 And [G1161] there [G1563] they abode [G1304] long [G3756] [G3641] time [G5550] with [G4862] the disciples [G3101] .