KJV 2SAM3 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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3:1 Now there was long [H752] war [H4421] between the house [H1004] of Saul [H7586] and the house [H1004] of David [H1732] : but David [H1732] waxed [H1980] stronger [H2390] and stronger [H2390] , and the house [H1004] of Saul [H7586] waxed [H1980] weaker [H1800] and weaker [H1800] .

3:2 And unto David [H1732] were sons [H1121] born [H3205] [H3205] in Hebron [H2275] : and his firstborn [H1060] was Amnon [H550] , of Ahinoam [H293] the Jezreelitess [H3159] ;

3:3 And his second [H4932] , Chileab [H3609] , of Abigail [H26] the wife [H802] of Nabal [H5037] the Carmelite [H3761] ; and the third [H7992] , Absalom [H53] the son [H1121] of Maacah [H4601] the daughter [H1323] of Talmai [H8526] king [H4428] of Geshur [H1650] ;(Chileab: or, Daniel)

3:4 And the fourth [H7243] , Adonijah [H138] the son [H1121] of Haggith [H2294] ; and the fifth [H2549] , Shephatiah [H8203] the son [H1121] of Abital [H37] ;

3:5 And the sixth [H8345] , Ithream [H3507] , by Eglah [H5698] David's [H1732] wife [H802] . These were born [H3205] to David [H1732] in Hebron [H2275] .

3:6 And it came to pass, while there was war [H4421] between the house [H1004] of Saul [H7586] and the house [H1004] of David [H1732] , that Abner [H74] made himself strong [H2388] for the house [H1004] of Saul [H7586] .

3:7 And Saul [H7586] had a concubine [H6370] , whose name [H8034] [was] Rizpah [H7532] , the daughter [H1323] of Aiah [H345] : and [Ishbosheth] said [H559] to Abner [H74] , Wherefore hast thou gone in [H935] unto my father's [H1] concubine [H6370] ?

3:8 Then was Abner [H74] very [H3966] wroth [H2734] for the words [H1697] of Ishbosheth [H378] , and said [H559] , [Am] I a dog's [H3611] head [H7218] , which against Judah [H3063] do shew [H6213] kindness [H2617] this day [H3117] unto the house [H1004] of Saul [H7586] thy father [H1] , to his brethren [H251] , and to his friends [H4828] , and have not delivered [H4672] thee into the hand [H3027] of David [H1732] , that thou chargest [H6485] me to day [H3117] with a fault [H5771] concerning this woman [H802] ?

3:9 So do [H6213] God [H430] to Abner [H74] , and more also [H3254] , except, as the LORD [H3068] hath sworn [H7650] to David [H1732] , even so I do [H6213] to him;

3:10 To translate [H5674] the kingdom [H4467] from the house [H1004] of Saul [H7586] , and to set up [H6965] the throne [H3678] of David [H1732] over Israel [H3478] and over Judah [H3063] , from Dan [H1835] even to Beersheba [H884] .

3:11 And he could [H3201] not answer [H7725] Abner [H74] a word [H1697] again, because he feared [H3372] him.

3:12 And Abner [H74] sent [H7971] messengers [H4397] to David [H1732] on his behalf, saying [H559] , Whose [is] the land [H776] ? saying [H559] [also], Make [H3772] thy league [H1285] with me, and, behold, my hand [H3027] [shall be] with thee, to bring about [H5437] all Israel [H3478] unto thee.

3:13 And he said [H559] , Well [H2896] ; I will make [H3772] a league [H1285] with thee: but one [H259] thing [H1697] I require [H7592] of thee, that is [H559] , Thou shalt not see [H7200] my face [H6440] , except thou first [H6440] bring [H935] Michal [H4324] Saul's [H7586] daughter [H1323] , when thou comest [H935] to see [H7200] my face [H6440] .(that is: Heb. saying)

3:14 And David [H1732] sent [H7971] messengers [H4397] to Ishbosheth [H378] Saul's [H7586] son [H1121] , saying [H559] , Deliver [H5414] [me] my wife [H802] Michal [H4324] , which I espoused [H781] to me for an hundred [H3967] foreskins [H6190] of the Philistines [H6430] .

3:15 And Ishbosheth [H378] sent [H7971] , and took [H3947] her from [her] husband [H376] , [even] from Phaltiel [H6409] the son [H1121] of Laish [H3889] [H3919] .

3:16 And her husband [H376] went [H3212] with her along weeping [H1980] [H1058] behind [H310] her to Bahurim [H980] . Then said [H559] Abner [H74] unto him, Go [H3212] , return [H7725] . And he returned [H7725] .(along: Heb. going and weeping)

3:17 And Abner [H74] had communication [H1961] [H1697] with the elders [H2205] of Israel [H3478] , saying [H559] , Ye sought [H1245] for David [H1732] in times [H8543] past [H8032] [to be] king [H4428] over you:(in times: Heb. both yesterday and the third day)

3:18 Now then do [H6213] [it]: for the LORD [H3068] hath spoken [H559] of David [H1732] , saying [H559] , By the hand [H3027] of my servant [H5650] David [H1732] I will save [H3467] my people [H5971] Israel [H3478] out of the hand [H3027] of the Philistines [H6430] , and out of the hand [H3027] of all their enemies [H341] .

3:19 And Abner [H74] also spake [H1696] in the ears [H241] of Benjamin [H1144] : and Abner [H74] went [H3212] also to speak [H1696] in the ears [H241] of David [H1732] in Hebron [H2275] all that seemed [H5869] good [H2896] to Israel [H3478] , and that seemed good [H5869] to the whole house [H1004] of Benjamin [H1144] .

3:20 So Abner [H74] came [H935] to David [H1732] to Hebron [H2275] , and twenty [H6242] men [H582] with him. And David [H1732] made [H6213] Abner [H74] and the men [H582] that [were] with him a feast [H4960] .

3:21 And Abner [H74] said [H559] unto David [H1732] , I will arise [H6965] and go [H3212] , and will gather [H6908] all Israel [H3478] unto my lord [H113] the king [H4428] , that they may make [H3772] a league [H1285] with thee, and that thou mayest reign [H4427] over all that thine heart [H5315] desireth [H183] . And David [H1732] sent [H7971] Abner [H74] away [H7971] ; and he went [H3212] in peace [H7965] .

3:22 And, behold, the servants [H5650] of David [H1732] and Joab [H3097] came [H935] from [pursuing] a troop [H1416] , and brought in [H935] a great [H7227] spoil [H7998] with them: but Abner [H74] [was] not with David [H1732] in Hebron [H2275] ; for he had sent him away [H7971] , and he was gone [H3212] in peace [H7965] .

3:23 When Joab [H3097] and all the host [H6635] that [was] with him were come [H935] , they told [H5046] Joab [H3097] , saying [H559] , Abner [H74] the son [H1121] of Ner [H5369] came [H935] to the king [H4428] , and he hath sent him away [H7971] , and he is gone [H3212] in peace [H7965] .

3:24 Then Joab [H3097] came [H935] to the king [H4428] , and said [H559] , What hast thou done [H6213] ? behold, Abner [H74] came [H935] unto thee; why [is] it [that] thou hast sent him away [H7971] , and he is quite [H1980] gone [H3212] ?

3:25 Thou knowest [H3045] Abner [H74] the son [H1121] of Ner [H5369] , that he came [H935] to deceive [H6601] thee, and to know [H3045] thy going out [H4161] and thy coming in [H4126] [H3996] , and to know [H3045] all that thou doest [H6213] .

3:26 And when Joab [H3097] was come out [H3318] from David [H1732] , he sent [H7971] messengers [H4397] after [H310] Abner [H74] , which brought him again [H7725] from the well [H953] of Sirah [H5626] : but David [H1732] knew [H3045] [it] not.

3:27 And when Abner [H74] was returned [H7725] to Hebron [H2275] , Joab [H3097] took him aside [H5186] in [H413] [H8432] the gate [H8179] to speak [H1696] with him quietly [H7987] , and smote [H5221] him there under the fifth [H2570] [rib], that he died [H4191] , for the blood [H1818] of Asahel [H6214] his brother [H251] .(quietly: or, peaceably)

3:28 And afterward [H310] when David [H1732] heard [H8085] [it], he said [H559] , I and my kingdom [H4467] [are] guiltless [H5355] before the LORD [heb3068] for [H5704] ever [H5769] from the blood [H1818] of Abner [H74] the son [H1121] of Ner [H5369] :(blood: Heb. bloods)

3:29 Let it rest [H2342] on the head [H7218] of Joab [H3097] , and on all his father's [H1] house [H1004] ; and let there not fail [H3772] from the house [H1004] of Joab [H3097] one that hath an issue [H2100] , or that is a leper [H6879] , or that leaneth [H2388] on a staff [H6418] , or that falleth [H5307] on the sword [H2719] , or that lacketh [H2638] bread [H3899] .(fail: Heb. be cut off)

3:30 So Joab [H3097] and Abishai [H52] his brother [H251] slew [H2026] Abner [H74] , because he had slain [H4191] their brother [H251] Asahel [H6214] at Gibeon [H1391] in the battle [H4421] .

3:31 And David [H1732] said [H559] to Joab [H3097] , and to all the people [H5971] that [were] with him, Rend [H7167] your clothes [H899] , and gird [H2296] you with sackcloth [H8242] , and mourn [H5594] before [H6440] Abner [H74] . And king [H4428] David [H1732] [himself] followed [H1980] [H310] the bier [H4296] .(bier: Heb. bed)

3:32 And they buried [H6912] Abner [H74] in Hebron [H2275] : and the king [H4428] lifted up [H5375] his voice [H6963] , and wept [H1058] at the grave [H6913] of Abner [H74] ; and all the people [H5971] wept [H1058] .

3:33 And the king [H4428] lamented [H6969] over Abner [H74] , and said [H559] , Died [H4191] Abner [H74] as a fool [H5036] dieth [H4194] ?

3:34 Thy hands [H3027] [were] not bound [H631] , nor thy feet [H7272] put [H5066] into fetters [H5178] : as a man falleth [H5307] before [H6440] wicked [H5766] men [H1121] , [so] fellest [H5307] thou. And all the people [H5971] wept [H1058] again [H3254] over him.(wicked: Heb. children of iniquity)

3:35 And when all [H3605] the people [H5971] came [H935] to cause [H1262] David [H1732] to eat [H1262] meat [H3899] while it was yet [H5750] day [H3117] , David [H1732] sware [H7650] , saying [H559] , So do [H6213] God [H430] to me, and more also [H3254] , if I taste [H2938] bread [H3899] , or ought [H3972] else, till [H6440] the sun [H8121] be down [H935] .

3:36 And all the people [H5971] took notice [H5234] [of it], and it pleased [H3190] [H5869] them: as whatsoever the king [H4428] did [H6213] pleased [H5869] [H2896] all the people [H5971] .(pleased them: Heb. was good in their eyes)

3:37 For all the people [H5971] and all Israel [H3478] understood [H3045] that day [H3117] that it was not of the king [H4428] to slay [H4191] Abner [H74] the son [H1121] of Ner [H5369] .

3:38 And the king [H4428] said [H559] unto his servants [H5650] , Know [H3045] ye not that there is a prince [H8269] and a great man [H1419] fallen [H5307] this day [H3117] in Israel [H3478] ?

3:39 And I [am] this day [H3117] weak [H7390] , though anointed [H4886] king [H4428] ; and these men [H582] the sons [H1121] of Zeruiah [H6870] [be] too hard [H7186] for me: the LORD [H3068] shall reward [H7999] the doer of evil [H6213] according to his wickedness [H7451] .(weak: Heb. tender)