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9:1 And Elisha [H477] the prophet [H5030] called [H7121] one [H259] of the children [H1121] of the prophets [H5030] , and said [H559] unto him, Gird up [H2296] thy loins [H4975] , and take [H3947] this box [H6378] of oil [H8081] in thine hand [H3027] , and go [H3212] to Ramothgilead [H7433] [H1568] :

9:2 And when thou comest [H935] thither, look out [H7200] there Jehu [H3058] the son [H1121] of Jehoshaphat [H3092] the son [H1121] of Nimshi [H5250] , and go in [H935] , and make him arise up [H6965] from among [H8432] his brethren [H251] , and carry [H935] him to an inner [H2315] chamber [H2315] ;(inner: Heb. chamber in a chamber)

9:3 Then take [H3947] the box [H6378] of oil [H8081] , and pour [H3332] [it] on his head [H7218] , and say [H559] , Thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] , I have anointed [H4886] thee king [H4428] over Israel [H3478] . Then open [H6605] the door [H1817] , and flee [H5127] , and tarry [H2442] not.

9:4 So the young man [H5288] , [even] the young man [H5288] the prophet [H5030] , went [H3212] to Ramothgilead [H7433] [H1568] .

9:5 And when he came [H935] , behold, the captains [H8269] of the host [H2428] [were] sitting [H3427] ; and he said [H559] , I have an errand [H1697] to thee, O captain [H8269] . And Jehu [H3058] said [H559] , Unto which of all us? And he said [H559] , To thee, O captain [H8269] .

9:6 And he arose [H6965] , and went [H935] into the house [H1004] ; and he poured [H3332] the oil [H8081] on his head [H7218] , and said [H559] unto him, Thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] God [H430] of Israel [H3478] , I have anointed [H4886] thee king [H4428] over the people [H5971] of the LORD [H3068] , [even] over Israel [H3478] .

9:7 And thou shalt smite [H5221] the house [H1004] of Ahab [H256] thy master [H113] , that I may avenge [H5358] the blood [H1818] of my servants [H5650] the prophets [H5030] , and the blood [H1818] of all the servants [H5650] of the LORD [H3068] , at the hand [H3027] of Jezebel [H348] .

9:8 For the whole house [H1004] of Ahab [H256] shall perish [H6] : and I will cut off [H3772] from Ahab [H256] him that pisseth [H8366] against the wall [H7023] , and him that is shut up [H6113] and left [H5800] in Israel [H3478] :

9:9 And I will make [H5414] the house [H1004] of Ahab [H256] like the house [H1004] of Jeroboam [H3379] the son [H1121] of Nebat [H5028] , and like the house [H1004] of Baasha [H1201] the son [H1121] of Ahijah [H281] :

9:10 And the dogs [H3611] shall eat [H398] Jezebel [H348] in the portion [H2506] of Jezreel [H3157] , and [there shall be] none to bury [H6912] [her]. And he opened [H6605] the door [H1817] , and fled [H5127] .

9:11 Then Jehu [H3058] came forth [H3318] to the servants [H5650] of his lord [H113] : and [one] said [H559] unto him, [Is] all well [H7965] ? wherefore came [H935] this mad [H7696] [fellow] to thee? And he said [H559] unto them, Ye know [H3045] the man [H376] , and his communication [H7879] .

9:12 And they said [H559] , [It is] false [H8267] ; tell [H5046] us now. And he said [H559] , Thus and thus spake [H559] he to me, saying [H559] , Thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] , I have anointed [H4886] thee king [H4428] over Israel [H3478] .

9:13 Then they hasted [H4116] , and took [H3947] every man [H376] his garment [H899] , and put [H7760] [it] under him on the top [H1634] of the stairs [H4609] , and blew [H8628] with trumpets [H7782] , saying [H559] , Jehu [H3058] is king [H4427] .(is king: Heb. reigneth)

9:14 So Jehu [H3058] the son [H1121] of Jehoshaphat [H3092] the son [H1121] of Nimshi [H5250] conspired [H7194] against Joram [H3141] . (Now Joram [H3141] had kept [H8104] Ramothgilead [H7433] [H1568] , he and all Israel [H3478] , because [H6440] of Hazael [H2371] king [H4428] of Syria [H758] .

9:15 But king [H4428] Joram [H3088] was returned [H7725] to be healed [H7495] in Jezreel [H3157] of the wounds [H4347] which the Syrians [H761] had given [H5221] him, when he fought [H3898] with Hazael [H2371] king [H4428] of Syria [H758] .) And Jehu [H3058] said [H559] , If it be [H3426] your minds [H5315] , [then] let none [H408] go forth [H3318] [nor] escape [H6412] out of the city [H5892] to go [H3212] to tell [H5046] [it] in Jezreel [H3157] .(Joram: Heb. Jehoram but not in verse sixteen)(had given: Heb. smote)(let none: Heb. let no escaper go, etc.)

9:16 So Jehu [H3058] rode in a chariot [H7392] , and went [H3212] to Jezreel [H3157] ; for Joram [H3141] lay [H7901] there. And Ahaziah [H274] king [H4428] of Judah [H3063] was come down [H3381] to see [H7200] Joram [H3141] .

9:17 And there stood [H5975] a watchman [H6822] on the tower [H4026] in Jezreel [H3157] , and he spied [H7200] the company [H8229] of Jehu [H3058] as he came [H935] , and said [H559] , I see [H7200] a company [H8229] . And Joram [H3088] said [H559] , Take [H3947] an horseman [H7395] , and send [H7971] to meet [H7125] them, and let him say [H559] , [Is it] peace [H7965] ?

9:18 So there went [H3212] one on horseback [H7392] [H5483] to meet [H7125] him, and said [H559] , Thus saith [H559] the king [H4428] , [Is it] peace [H7965] ? And Jehu [H3058] said [H559] , What hast thou to do with peace [H7965] ? turn [H5437] thee behind [H310] me. And the watchman [H6822] told [H5046] , saying [H559] , The messenger [H4397] came [H935] to them, but he cometh not again [H7725] .

9:19 Then he sent out [H7971] a second [H8145] on horseback [H7392] [H5483] , which came [H935] to them, and said [H559] , Thus saith [H559] the king [H4428] , [Is it] peace [H7965] ? And Jehu [H3058] answered [H559] , What hast thou to do with peace [H7965] ? turn [H5437] thee behind [H310] me.

9:20 And the watchman [H6822] told [H5046] , saying [H559] , He came [H935] even unto them, and cometh not again [H7725] : and the driving [H4491] [is] like the driving [H4491] of Jehu [H3058] the son [H1121] of Nimshi [H5250] ; for he driveth [H5090] furiously [H7697] .(driving: or, marching)(furiously: Heb. in madness)

9:21 And Joram [H3088] said [H559] , Make ready [H631] . And his chariot [H7393] was made ready [H631] . And Joram [H3088] king [H4428] of Israel [H3478] and Ahaziah [H274] king [H4428] of Judah [H3063] went out [H3318] , each [H376] in his chariot [H7393] , and they went out [H3318] against [H7125] Jehu [H3058] , and met [H4672] him in the portion [H2513] of Naboth [H5022] the Jezreelite [H3158] .(Make ready: Heb. Bind)(met: Heb. found)

9:22 And it came to pass, when Joram [H3088] saw [H7200] Jehu [H3058] , that he said [H559] , [Is it] peace [H7965] , Jehu [H3058] ? And he answered [H559] , What peace [H7965] , so long as [H5704] the whoredoms [H2183] of thy mother [H517] Jezebel [H348] and her witchcrafts [H3785] [are so] many [H7227] ?

9:23 And Joram [H3088] turned [H2015] his hands [H3027] , and fled [H5127] , and said [H559] to Ahaziah [H274] , [There is] treachery [H4820] , O Ahaziah [H274] .

9:24 And Jehu [H3058] drew a bow [H7198] with his full [H4390] strength [H3027] , and smote [H5221] Jehoram [H3088] between his arms [H2220] , and the arrow [H2678] went out [H3318] at his heart [H3820] , and he sunk down [H3766] in his chariot [H7393] .(drew: Heb. filled his hand with a bow)(sunk: Heb. bowed)

9:25 Then said [H559] [Jehu] to Bidkar [H920] his captain [H7991] , Take up [H5375] , [and] cast [H7993] him in the portion [H2513] of the field [H7704] of Naboth [H5022] the Jezreelite [H3158] : for remember [H2142] how that, when I and thou rode [H7392] together [H6776] after [H310] Ahab [H256] his father [H1] , the LORD [H3068] laid [H5375] this burden [H4853] upon him;

9:26 Surely I have seen [H7200] yesterday [H570] the blood [H1818] of Naboth [H5022] , and the blood [H1818] of his sons [H1121] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] ; and I will requite [H7999] thee in this plat [H2513] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] . Now therefore take [H5375] [and] cast [H7993] him into the plat [H2513] [of ground], according to the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] .(blood: Heb. bloods)(plat: or, portion)

9:27 But when Ahaziah [H274] the king [H4428] of Judah [H3063] saw [H7200] [this], he fled [H5127] by the way [H1870] of the garden [H1588] house [H1004] . And Jehu [H3058] followed [H7291] after [H310] him, and said [H559] , Smite [H5221] him also in the chariot [H4818] . [And they did so] at the going up [H4608] to Gur [H1483] , which [is] by Ibleam [H2991] . And he fled [H5127] to Megiddo [H4023] , and died [H4191] there.

9:28 And his servants [H5650] carried [H7392] him in a chariot to Jerusalem [H3389] , and buried [H6912] him in his sepulchre [H6900] with his fathers [H1] in the city [H5892] of David [H1732] .

9:29 And in the eleventh [H259] [H6240] [H8141] year [H8141] of Joram [H3141] the son [H1121] of Ahab [H256] began Ahaziah [H274] to reign [H4427] over Judah [H3063] .

9:30 And when Jehu [H3058] was come [H935] to Jezreel [H3157] , Jezebel [H348] heard [H8085] [of it]; and she painted [H7760] [H6320] her face [H5869] , and tired [H3190] her head [H7218] , and looked out [H8259] at a window [H2474] .(painted: Heb. put her eyes in painting)

9:31 And as Jehu [H3058] entered in [H935] at the gate [H8179] , she said [H559] , [Had] Zimri [H2174] peace [H7965] , who slew [H2026] his master [H113] ?

9:32 And he lifted up [H5375] his face [H6440] to the window [H2474] , and said [H559] , Who [is] on my side? who? And there looked out [H8259] to him two [H8147] [or] three [H7969] eunuchs [H5631] .(eunuchs: or, chamberlains)

9:33 And he said [H559] , Throw her down [H8058] . So they threw her down [H8058] : and [some] of her blood [H1818] was sprinkled [H5137] on the wall [H7023] , and on the horses [H5483] : and he trode her under foot [H7429] .

9:34 And when he was come in [H935] , he did eat [H398] and drink [H8354] , and said [H559] , Go [H6485] , see now this cursed [H779] [woman], and bury [H6912] her: for she [is] a king's [H4428] daughter [H1323] .

9:35 And they went [H3212] to bury [H6912] her: but they found [H4672] no more of her than [H518] the skull [H1538] , and the feet [H7272] , and the palms [H3709] of [her] hands [H3027] .

9:36 Wherefore they came again [H7725] , and told [H5046] him. And he said [H559] , This [is] the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] , which he spake [H1696] by [H3027] his servant [H5650] Elijah [H452] the Tishbite [H8664] , saying [H559] , In the portion [H2506] of Jezreel [H3157] shall dogs [H3611] eat [H398] the flesh [H1320] of Jezebel [H348] :(by: Heb. by the hand of)

9:37 And the carcase [H5038] of Jezebel [H348] shall be as dung [H1828] upon the face [H6440] of the field [H7704] in the portion [H2506] of Jezreel [H3157] ; [so] that they shall not say [H559] , This [is] Jezebel [H348] .