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23:1 And the king [H4428] sent [H7971] , and they gathered [H622] unto him all the elders [H2205] of Judah [H3063] and of Jerusalem [H3389] .

23:2 And the king [H4428] went up [H5927] into the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] , and all the men [H376] of Judah [H3063] and all the inhabitants [H3427] of Jerusalem [H3389] with him, and the priests [H3548] , and the prophets [H5030] , and all the people [H5971] , both small [H6996] and great [H1419] : and he read [H7121] in their ears [H241] all the words [H1697] of the book [H5612] of the covenant [H1285] which was found [H4672] in the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] .(both: Heb. from small even unto great)

23:3 And the king [H4428] stood [H5975] by a pillar [H5982] , and made [H3772] a covenant [H1285] before [H6440] the LORD [H3068] , to walk [H3212] after [H310] the LORD [H3068] , and to keep [H8104] his commandments [H4687] and his testimonies [H5715] and his statutes [H2708] with all [their] heart [H3820] and all [their] soul [H5315] , to perform [H6965] the words [H1697] of this covenant [H1285] that were written [H3789] in this book [H5612] . And all the people [H5971] stood [H5975] to the covenant [H1285] .

23:4 And the king [H4428] commanded [H6680] Hilkiah [H2518] the high [H1419] priest [H3548] , and the priests [H3548] of the second order [H4932] , and the keepers [H8104] of the door [H5592] , to bring forth [H3318] out of the temple [H1964] of the LORD [H3068] all the vessels [H3627] that were made [H6213] for Baal [H1168] , and for the grove [H842] , and for all the host [H6635] of heaven [H8064] : and he burned [H8313] them without [H2351] Jerusalem [H3389] in the fields [H7709] of Kidron [H6939] , and carried [H5375] the ashes [H6083] of them unto Bethel [H1008] .

23:5 And he put down [H7673] the idolatrous priests [H3649] , whom the kings [H4428] of Judah [H3063] had ordained [H5414] to burn incense [H6999] in the high places [H1116] in the cities [H5892] of Judah [H3063] , and in the places round about [H4524] Jerusalem [H3389] ; them also that burned incense [H6999] unto Baal [H1168] , to the sun [H8121] , and to the moon [H3394] , and to the planets [H4208] , and to all the host [H6635] of heaven [H8064] .(put: Heb. caused to cease)(idolatrous: Heb. Chemarim)(planets: or, twelve signs or, constellations)

23:6 And he brought out [H3318] the grove [H842] from the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] , without [H2351] Jerusalem [H3389] , unto the brook [H5158] Kidron [H6939] , and burned [H8313] it at the brook [H5158] Kidron [H6939] , and stamped [it] small [H1854] to powder [H6083] , and cast [H7993] the powder [H6083] thereof upon the graves [H6913] of the children [H1121] of the people [H5971] .

23:7 And he brake down [H5422] the houses [H1004] of the sodomites [H6945] , that [were] by the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] , where the women [H802] wove [H707] hangings [H1004] for the grove [H842] .(hangings: Heb. houses)

23:8 And he brought [H935] all the priests [H3548] out of the cities [H5892] of Judah [H3063] , and defiled [H2930] the high places [H1116] where the priests [H3548] had burned incense [H6999] , from Geba [H1387] to Beersheba [H884] , and brake down [H5422] the high places [H1116] of the gates [H8179] that [were] in the entering in [H6607] of the gate [H8179] of Joshua [H3091] the governor [H8269] of the city [H5892] , which [were] on a man's [H376] left hand [H8040] at the gate [H8179] of the city [H5892] .

23:9 Nevertheless the priests [H3548] of the high places [H1116] came not up [H5927] to the altar [H4196] of the LORD [H3068] in Jerusalem [H3389] , but they did eat [H398] of the unleavened bread [H4682] among [H8432] their brethren [H251] .

23:10 And he defiled [H2930] Topheth [H8612] , which [is] in the valley [H1516] of the children [H1121] [H1121] of Hinnom [H2011] , that no man [H376] might make his son [H1121] or his daughter [H1323] to pass through [H5674] the fire [H784] to Molech [H4432] .

23:11 And he took away [H7673] the horses [H5483] that the kings [H4428] of Judah [H3063] had given [H5414] to the sun [H8121] , at the entering in [H935] of the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] , by the chamber [H3957] of Nathanmelech [H5419] the chamberlain [H5631] , which [was] in the suburbs [H6503] , and burned [H8313] the chariots [H4818] of the sun [H8121] with fire [H784] .(chamberlain: or, eunuch, or, officer)

23:12 And the altars [H4196] that [were] on the top [H1406] of the upper chamber [H5944] of Ahaz [H271] , which the kings [H4428] of Judah [H3063] had made [H6213] , and the altars [H4196] which Manasseh [H4519] had made [H6213] in the two [H8147] courts [H2691] of the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] , did the king [H4428] beat down [H5422] , and brake [them] down [H7323] from thence, and cast [H7993] the dust [H6083] of them into the brook [H5158] Kidron [H6939] .(brake: or, ran from thence)

23:13 And the high places [H1116] that [were] before [H6440] Jerusalem [H3389] , which [were] on the right hand [H3225] of the mount [H2022] of corruption [H4889] , which Solomon [H8010] the king [H4428] of Israel [H3478] had builded [H1129] for Ashtoreth [H6253] the abomination [H8251] of the Zidonians [H6722] , and for Chemosh [H3645] the abomination [H8251] of the Moabites [H4124] , and for Milcom [H4445] the abomination [H8441] of the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] , did the king [H4428] defile [H2930] .(the mount: that is, the mount of Olives)

23:14 And he brake in pieces [H7665] the images [H4676] , and cut down [H3772] the groves [H842] , and filled [H4390] their places [H4725] with the bones [H6106] of men [H120] .(images: Heb. statues)

23:15 Moreover the altar [H4196] that [was] at Bethel [H1008] , [and] the high place [H1116] which Jeroboam [H3379] the son [H1121] of Nebat [H5028] , who made Israel [H3478] to sin [H2398] , had made [H6213] , both that altar [H4196] and the high place [H1116] he brake down [H5422] , and burned [H8313] the high place [H1116] , [and] stamped [H1854] [it] small to powder [H6083] , and burned [H8313] the grove [H842] .

23:16 And as Josiah [H2977] turned [H6437] himself, he spied [H7200] the sepulchres [H6913] that [were] there in the mount [H2022] , and sent [H7971] , and took [H3947] the bones [H6106] out of the sepulchres [H6913] , and burned [H8313] [them] upon the altar [H4196] , and polluted [H2930] it, according to the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] which the man [H376] of God [H430] proclaimed [H7121] , who proclaimed [H7121] these words [H1697] .

23:17 Then he said [H559] , What title [H6725] [is] that [H1975] that I see [H7200] ? And the men [H582] of the city [H5892] told [H559] him, [It is] the sepulchre [H6913] of the man [H376] of God [H430] , which came [H935] from Judah [H3063] , and proclaimed [H7121] these things [H1697] that thou hast done [H6213] against the altar [H4196] of Bethel [H1008] .

23:18 And he said [H559] , Let him alone [H3240] ; let no man [H376] move [H5128] his bones [H6106] . So they let his bones [H6106] alone [H4422] , with the bones [H6106] of the prophet [H5030] that came out [H935] of Samaria [H8111] .(bones alone: Heb. bones to escape)

23:19 And all the houses [H1004] also of the high places [H1116] that [were] in the cities [H5892] of Samaria [H8111] , which the kings [H4428] of Israel [H3478] had made [H6213] to provoke [the LORD] to anger [H3707] , Josiah [H2977] took away [H5493] , and did [H6213] to them according to all the acts [H4639] that he had done [H6213] in Bethel [H1008] .

23:20 And he slew [H2076] all the priests [H3548] of the high places [H1116] that [were] there upon the altars [H4196] , and burned [H8313] men's [H120] bones [H6106] upon them, and returned [H7725] to Jerusalem [H3389] .(slew: or, sacrificed)

23:21 And the king [H4428] commanded [H6680] all the people [H5971] , saying [H559] , Keep [H6213] the passover [H6453] unto the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] , as [it is] written [H3789] in the book [H5612] of this covenant [H1285] .

23:22 Surely there was not holden [H6213] such a passover [H6453] from the days [H3117] of the judges [H8199] that judged [H8199] Israel [H3478] , nor in all the days [H3117] of the kings [H4428] of Israel [H3478] , nor of the kings [H4428] of Judah [H3063] ;

23:23 But in the eighteenth [H8083] [H6240] year [H8141] of king [H4428] Josiah [H2977] , [wherein] this passover [H6453] was holden [H6213] to the LORD [H3068] in Jerusalem [H3389] .

23:24 Moreover the [workers with] familiar spirits [H178] , and the wizards [H3049] , and the images [H8655] , and the idols [H1544] , and all the abominations [H8251] that were spied [H7200] in the land [H776] of Judah [H3063] and in Jerusalem [H3389] , did Josiah [H2977] put away [H1197] , that he might perform [H6965] the words [H1697] of the law [H8451] which were written [H3789] in the book [H5612] that Hilkiah [H2518] the priest [H3548] found [H4672] in the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] .(images: or, teraphim)

23:25 And like unto him was there no king [H4428] before [H6440] him, that turned [H7725] to the LORD [H3068] with all his heart [H3824] , and with all his soul [H5315] , and with all his might [H3966] , according to all the law [H8451] of Moses [H4872] ; neither after [H310] him arose [H6965] there [any] like him.

23:26 Notwithstanding the LORD [H3068] turned [H7725] not from the fierceness [H2740] of his great [H1419] wrath [H639] , wherewith his anger [H639] was kindled [H2734] against Judah [H3063] , because of all the provocations [H3708] that Manasseh [H4519] had provoked [H3707] him withal.(provocations: Heb. angers)

23:27 And the LORD [H3068] said [H559] , I will remove [H5493] Judah [H3063] also out of my sight [H6440] , as I have removed [H5493] Israel [H3478] , and will cast off [H3988] this city [H5892] Jerusalem [H3389] which I have chosen [H977] , and the house [H1004] of which I said [H559] , My name [H8034] shall be there.

23:28 Now the rest [H3499] of the acts [H1697] of Josiah [H2977] , and all that he did [H6213] , [are] they not written [H3789] in the book [H5612] of the chronicles [H1697] [H3117] of the kings [H4428] of Judah [H3063] ?

23:29 In his days [H3117] Pharaohnechoh [H6549] king [H4428] of Egypt [H4714] went up [H5927] against the king [H4428] of Assyria [H804] to the river [H5104] Euphrates [H6578] : and king [H4428] Josiah [H2977] went [H3212] against [H7125] him; and he slew [H4191] him at Megiddo [H4023] , when he had seen [H7200] him.

23:30 And his servants [H5650] carried him in a chariot [H7392] dead [H4191] from Megiddo [H4023] , and brought [H935] him to Jerusalem [H3389] , and buried [H6912] him in his own sepulchre [H6900] . And the people [H5971] of the land [H776] took [H3947] Jehoahaz [H3059] the son [H1121] of Josiah [H2977] , and anointed [H4886] him, and made him king [H4427] in his father's [H1] stead.

23:31 Jehoahaz [H3059] [was] twenty [H6242] and three [H7969] years [H8141] old [H1121] when he began to reign [H4427] ; and he reigned [H4427] three [H7969] months [H2320] in Jerusalem [H3389] . And his mother's [H517] name [H8034] [was] Hamutal [H2537] , the daughter [H1323] of Jeremiah [H3414] of Libnah [H3841] .

23:32 And he did [H6213] [that which was] evil [H7451] in the sight [H5869] of the LORD [H3068] , according to all that his fathers [H1] had done [H6213] .

23:33 And Pharaohnechoh [H6549] put him in bands [H631] at Riblah [H7247] in the land [H776] of Hamath [H2574] , that he might not reign [H4427] in Jerusalem [H3389] ; and put [H5414] the land [H776] to a tribute [H6066] of an hundred [H3967] talents [H3603] of silver [H3701] , and a talent [H3603] of gold [H2091] .(that: or, because he reigned)(put the: Heb. set a fine upon the land)

23:34 And Pharaohnechoh [H6549] made Eliakim [H471] the son [H1121] of Josiah [H2977] king [H4427] in the room of Josiah [H2977] his father [H1] , and turned [H5437] his name [H8034] to Jehoiakim [H3079] , and took [H3947] Jehoahaz [H3059] away [H3947] : and he came [H935] to Egypt [H4714] , and died [H4191] there.

23:35 And Jehoiakim [H3079] gave [H5414] the silver [H3701] and the gold [H2091] to Pharaoh [H6547] ; but he taxed [H6186] the land [H776] to give [H5414] the money [H3701] according to the commandment [H6310] of Pharaoh [H6547] : he exacted [H5065] the silver [H3701] and the gold [H2091] of the people [H5971] of the land [H776] , of every one [H376] according to his taxation [H6187] , to give [H5414] [it] unto Pharaohnechoh [H6549] .

23:36 Jehoiakim [H3079] [was] twenty [H6242] and five [H2568] years [H8141] old [H1121] when he began to reign [H4427] ; and he reigned [H4427] eleven [H259] [H6240] years [H8141] in Jerusalem [H3389] . And his mother's [H517] name [H8034] [was] Zebudah [H2080] , the daughter [H1323] of Pedaiah [H6305] of Rumah [H7316] .

23:37 And he did [H6213] [that which was] evil [H7451] in the sight [H5869] of the LORD [H3068] , according to all that his fathers [H1] had done [H6213] .