KJV 2KIN11 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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11:1 And when Athaliah [H6271] the mother [H517] of Ahaziah [H274] saw [H7200] that her son [H1121] was dead [H4191] , she arose [H6965] and destroyed [H6] all the seed [H2233] royal [H4467] .(seed: Heb. seed of the kingdom)

11:2 But Jehosheba [H3089] , the daughter [H1323] of king [H4428] Joram [H3141] , sister [H269] of Ahaziah [H274] , took [H3947] Joash [H3101] the son [H1121] of Ahaziah [H274] , and stole [H1589] him from among [H8432] the king's [H4428] sons [H1121] [which were] slain [H4191] ; and they hid [H5641] him, [even] him and his nurse [H3243] , in the bedchamber [H2315] [H4296] from [H6440] Athaliah [H6271] , so that he was not slain [H4191] .

11:3 And he was with her hid [H2244] in the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] six [H8337] years [H8141] . And Athaliah [H6271] did reign [H4427] over the land [H776] .

11:4 And the seventh [H7637] year [H8141] Jehoiada [H3077] sent [H7971] and fetched [H3947] the rulers [H8269] over hundreds [H3967] , with the captains [H3746] and the guard [H7323] , and brought [H935] them to him into the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] , and made [H3772] a covenant [H1285] with them, and took an oath [H7650] of them in the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] , and shewed [H7200] them the king's [H4428] son [H1121] .

11:5 And he commanded [H6680] them, saying [H559] , This [is] the thing [H1697] that ye shall do [H6213] ; A third part [H7992] of you that enter in [H935] on the sabbath [H7676] shall even be keepers [H8104] of the watch [H4931] of the king's [H4428] house [H1004] ;

11:6 And a third part [H7992] [shall be] at the gate [H8179] of Sur [H5495] ; and a third part [H7992] at the gate [H8179] behind [H310] the guard [H7323] : so shall ye keep [H8104] the watch [H4931] of the house [H1004] , that it be not broken down [H4535] .(that: or, from breaking up)

11:7 And two [H8147] parts [H3027] of all you that go forth [H3318] on the sabbath [H7676] , even they shall keep [H8104] the watch [H4931] of the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] about [H413] the king [H4428] .(parts: or, companies: Heb. hands)

11:8 And ye shall compass [H5362] the king [H4428] round about [H5439] , every man [H376] with his weapons [H3627] in his hand [H3027] : and he that cometh [H935] within the ranges [H7713] , let him be slain [H4191] : and be ye with the king [H4428] as he goeth out [H3318] and as he cometh in [H935] .

11:9 And the captains [H8269] over the hundreds [H3967] did [H6213] according to all [things] that Jehoiada [H3077] the priest [H3548] commanded [H6680] : and they took [H3947] every man [H376] his men [H582] that were to come in [H935] on the sabbath [H7676] , with them that should go out [H3318] on the sabbath [H7676] , and came [H935] to Jehoiada [H3077] the priest [H3548] .

11:10 And to the captains [H8269] over hundreds [H3967] did the priest [H3548] give [H5414] king [H4428] David's [H1732] spears [H2595] and shields [H7982] , that [were] in the temple [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] .

11:11 And the guard [H7323] stood [H5975] , every man [H376] with his weapons [H3627] in his hand [H3027] , round about [H5439] the king [H4428] , from the right [H3233] corner [H3802] of the temple [H1004] to the left [H8042] corner [H3802] of the temple [H1004] , [along] by the altar [H4196] and the temple [H1004] .(corner: Heb. shoulder)

11:12 And he brought forth [H3318] the king's [H4428] son [H1121] , and put [H5414] the crown [H5145] upon him, and [gave him] the testimony [H5715] ; and they made him king [H4427] , and anointed [H4886] him; and they clapped [H5221] their hands [H3709] , and said [H559] , God save [H2421] the king [H4428] .(God: Heb. Let the king live)

11:13 And when Athaliah [H6271] heard [H8085] the noise [H6963] of the guard [H7323] [and] of the people [H5971] , she came [H935] to the people [H5971] into the temple [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] .

11:14 And when she looked [H7200] , behold, the king [H4428] stood [H5975] by a pillar [H5982] , as the manner [H4941] [was], and the princes [H8269] and the trumpeters [H2689] by the king [H4428] , and all the people [H5971] of the land [H776] rejoiced [H8056] , and blew [H8628] with trumpets [H2689] : and Athaliah [H6271] rent [H7167] her clothes [H899] , and cried [H7121] , Treason [H7195] , Treason [H7195] .

11:15 But Jehoiada [H3077] the priest [H3548] commanded [H6680] the captains [H8269] of the hundreds [H3967] , the officers [H6485] of the host [H2428] , and said [H559] unto them, Have her forth [H3318] without [H1004] the ranges [H7713] : and him that followeth [H935] [H310] her kill [H4191] with the sword [H2719] . For the priest [H3548] had said [H559] , Let her not be slain [H4191] in the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] .

11:16 And they laid [H7760] hands [H3027] on her; and she went [H935] by the way [H1870] by the which the horses [H5483] came [H3996] into the king's [H4428] house [H1004] : and there was she slain [H4191] .

11:17 And Jehoiada [H3077] made [H3772] a covenant [H1285] between the LORD [H3068] and the king [H4428] and the people [H5971] , that they should be the LORD'S [H3068] people [H5971] ; between the king [H4428] also and the people [H5971] .

11:18 And all the people [H5971] of the land [H776] went [H935] into the house [H1004] of Baal [H1168] , and brake it down [H5422] ; his altars [H4196] and his images [H6754] brake they in pieces [H7665] thoroughly [H3190] , and slew [H2026] Mattan [H4977] the priest [H3548] of Baal [H1168] before [H6440] the altars [H4196] . And the priest [H3548] appointed [H7760] officers [H6485] [H6486] over the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] .(officers: Heb. offices)

11:19 And he took [H3947] the rulers [H8269] over hundreds [H3967] , and the captains [H3746] , and the guard [H7323] , and all the people [H5971] of the land [H776] ; and they brought down [H3381] the king [H4428] from the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] , and came [H935] by the way [H1870] of the gate [H8179] of the guard [H7323] to the king's [H4428] house [H1004] . And he sat [H3427] on the throne [H3678] of the kings [H4428] .

11:20 And all the people [H5971] of the land [H776] rejoiced [H8055] , and the city [H5892] was in quiet [H8252] : and they slew [H4191] Athaliah [H6271] with the sword [H2719] [beside] the king's [H4428] house [H1004] .

11:21 Seven [H7651] years [H8141] old [H1121] [was] Jehoash [H3060] when he began to reign [H4427] .