KJV 2CHR24 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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24:1 Joash [H3101] [was] seven [H7651] years [H8141] old [H1121] when he began to reign [H4427] , and he reigned [H4427] forty [H705] years [H8141] in Jerusalem [H3389] . His mother's [H517] name [H8034] also [was] Zibiah [H6645] of Beersheba [H884] .

24:2 And Joash [H3101] did [H6213] [that which was] right [H3477] in the sight [H5869] of the LORD [H3068] all the days [H3117] of Jehoiada [H3077] the priest [H3548] .

24:3 And Jehoiada [H3077] took [H5375] for him two [H8147] wives [H802] ; and he begat [H3205] sons [H1121] and daughters [H1323] .

24:4 And it came to pass after [H310] this, [that] Joash [H3101] was minded [H3820] to repair [H2318] the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] .(to repair: Heb. to renew)

24:5 And he gathered together [H6908] the priests [H3548] and the Levites [H3881] , and said [H559] to them, Go out [H3318] unto the cities [H5892] of Judah [H3063] , and gather [H6908] of all Israel [H3478] money [H3701] to repair [H2388] the house [H1004] of your God [H430] from [H1767] year [H8141] to year [H8141] , and see that ye hasten [H4116] the matter [H1697] . Howbeit the Levites [H3881] hastened [H4116] [it] not.

24:6 And the king [H4428] called [H7121] for Jehoiada [H3077] the chief [H7218] , and said [H559] unto him, Why hast thou not required [H1875] of the Levites [H3881] to bring in [H935] out of Judah [H3063] and out of Jerusalem [H3389] the collection [H4864] , [according to the commandment] of Moses [H4872] the servant [H5650] of the LORD [H3068] , and of the congregation [H6951] of Israel [H3478] , for the tabernacle [H168] of witness [H5715] ?

24:7 For the sons [H1121] of Athaliah [H6271] , that wicked [H4849] woman, had broken up [H6555] the house [H1004] of God [H430] ; and also all the dedicated things [H6944] of the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] did they bestow [H6213] upon Baalim [H1168] .

24:8 And at the king's [H4428] commandment [H559] they made [H6213] a [H259] chest [H727] , and set [H5414] it without [H2351] at the gate [H8179] of the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] .

24:9 And they made [H5414] a proclamation [H6963] through Judah [H3063] and Jerusalem [H3389] , to bring in [H935] to the LORD [H3068] the collection [H4864] [that] Moses [H4872] the servant [H5650] of God [H430] [laid] upon Israel [H3478] in the wilderness [H4057] .(a proclamation: Heb. a voice)

24:10 And all the princes [H8269] and all the people [H5971] rejoiced [H8055] , and brought in [H935] , and cast [H7993] into the chest [H727] , until they had made an end [H3615] .

24:11 Now it came to pass, that at what time [H6256] the chest [H727] was brought [H935] unto the king's [H4428] office [H6486] by the hand [H3027] of the Levites [H3881] , and when they saw [H7200] that [there was] much [H7227] money [H3701] , the king's [H4428] scribe [H5608] and the high [H7218] priest's [H3548] officer [H6496] came [H935] and emptied [H6168] the chest [H727] , and took [H5375] it, and carried [H7725] it to his place [H4725] again [H7725] . Thus they did [H6213] day [H3117] by day [H3117] , and gathered [H622] money [H3701] in abundance [H7230] .

24:12 And the king [H4428] and Jehoiada [H3077] gave [H5414] it to such as did [H6213] the work [H4399] of the service [H5656] of the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] , and hired [H7936] masons [H2672] and carpenters [H2796] to repair [H2318] the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] , and also such as wrought [H2796] iron [H1270] and brass [H5178] to mend [H2388] the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] .

24:13 So the workmen [H4399] [H6213] wrought [H6213] , and the work [H4399] was [H5927] perfected [H724] by them [H3027] , and they set [H5975] the house [H1004] of God [H430] in his state [H4971] , and strengthened [H553] it.(the work: Heb. the healing went up upon the work)

24:14 And when they had finished [H3615] [it], they brought [H935] the rest [H7605] of the money [H3701] before [H6440] the king [H4428] and Jehoiada [H3077] , whereof were made [H6213] vessels [H3627] for the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] , [even] vessels [H3627] to minister [H8335] , and to offer [H5927] [withal], and spoons [H3709] , and vessels [H3627] of gold [H2091] and silver [H3701] . And they offered [H5927] burnt offerings [H5930] in the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] continually [H8548] all the days [H3117] of Jehoiada [H3077] .(to offer: or, pestils)

24:15 But Jehoiada [H3077] waxed old [H2204] , and was full [H7646] of days [H3117] when he died [H4191] ; an hundred [H3967] and thirty [H7970] years [H8141] old [H1121] [was he] when he died [H4194] .

24:16 And they buried [H6912] him in the city [H5892] of David [H1732] among the kings [H4428] , because he had done [H6213] good [H2896] in Israel [H3478] , both toward God [H430] , and toward his house [H1004] .

24:17 Now after [H310] the death [H4194] of Jehoiada [H3077] came [H935] the princes [H8269] of Judah [H3063] , and made obeisance [H7812] to the king [H4428] . Then the king [H4428] hearkened [H8085] unto them.

24:18 And they left [H5800] the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] God [H430] of their fathers [H1] , and served [H5647] groves [H842] and idols [H6091] : and wrath [H7110] came upon Judah [H3063] and Jerusalem [H3389] for this their trespass [H819] .

24:19 Yet he sent [H7971] prophets [H5030] to them, to bring them again [H7725] unto the LORD [H3068] ; and they testified [H5749] against them: but they would not give ear [H238] .

24:20 And the Spirit [H7307] of God [H430] came [H3847] upon Zechariah [H2148] the son [H1121] of Jehoiada [H3077] the priest [H3548] , which stood [H5975] above the people [H5971] , and said [H559] unto them, Thus saith [H559] God [H430] , Why transgress [H5674] ye the commandments [H4687] of the LORD [H3068] , that ye cannot prosper [H6743] ? because ye have forsaken [H5800] the LORD [H3068] , he hath also forsaken [H5800] you.(came: Heb. clothed)

24:21 And they conspired [H7194] against him, and stoned [H7275] him with stones [H68] at the commandment [H4687] of the king [H4428] in the court [H2691] of the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] .

24:22 Thus Joash [H3101] the king [H4428] remembered [H2142] not the kindness [H2617] which Jehoiada [H3077] his father [H1] had done [H6213] to him, but slew [H2026] his son [H1121] . And when he died [H4194] , he said [H559] , The LORD [H3068] look [H7200] upon [it], and require [H1875] [it].

24:23 And it came to pass at the end [H8622] of the year [H8141] , [that] the host [H2428] of Syria [H758] came up [H5927] against him: and they came [H935] to Judah [H3063] and Jerusalem [H3389] , and destroyed [H7843] all the princes [H8269] of the people [H5971] from among the people [H5971] , and sent [H7971] all the spoil [H7998] of them unto the king [H4428] of Damascus [H1834] .(at the: Heb. in the revolution of the year)(Damascus: Heb. Darmesek)

24:24 For the army [H2428] of the Syrians [H758] came [H935] with a small [H4705] company of men [H582] , and the LORD [H3068] delivered [H5414] a very [H3966] great [H7230] host [H2428] into their hand [H3027] , because they had forsaken [H5800] the LORD [H3068] God [H430] of their fathers [H1] . So they executed [H6213] judgment [H8201] against Joash [H3101] .

24:25 And when they were departed [H3212] from him, (for they left [H5800] him in great [H7227] diseases [H4251] ,) his own servants [H5650] conspired [H7194] against him for the blood [H1818] of the sons [H1121] of Jehoiada [H3077] the priest [H3548] , and slew [H2026] him on his bed [H4296] , and he died [H4191] : and they buried [H6912] him in the city [H5892] of David [H1732] , but they buried [H6912] him not in the sepulchres [H6913] of the kings [H4428] .

24:26 And these are they that conspired [H7194] against him; Zabad [H2066] the son [H1121] of Shimeath [H8100] an Ammonitess [H5985] , and Jehozabad [H3075] the son [H1121] of Shimrith [H8116] a Moabitess [H4125] .(Zabad: or, Jozacher)(Shimrith: or, Shomer)

24:27 Now [concerning] his sons [H1121] , and the greatness [H7235] [H7230] of the burdens [H4853] [laid] upon him, and the repairing [H3247] of the house [H1004] of God [H430] , behold, they [are] written [H3789] in the story [H4097] of the book [H5612] of the kings [H4428] . And Amaziah [H558] his son [H1121] reigned [H4427] in his stead.(repairing: Heb. founding)(story: or, commentary)