KJV 2CHR14 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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14:1 So Abijah [H29] slept [H7901] with his fathers [H1] , and they buried [H6912] him in the city [H5892] of David [H1732] : and Asa [H609] his son [H1121] reigned [H4427] in his stead. In his days [H3117] the land [H776] was quiet [H8252] ten [H6235] years [H8141] .

14:2 And Asa [H609] did [H6213] [that which was] good [H2896] and right [H3477] in the eyes [H5869] of the LORD [H3068] his God [H430] :

14:3 For he took away [H5493] the altars [H4196] of the strange [H5236] [gods], and the high places [H1116] , and brake down [H7665] the images [H4676] , and cut down [H1438] the groves [H842] :(images: Heb. statues)

14:4 And commanded [H559] Judah [H3063] to seek [H1875] the LORD [H3068] God [H430] of their fathers [H1] , and to do [H6213] the law [H8451] and the commandment [H4687] .

14:5 Also he took away [H5493] out of all the cities [H5892] of Judah [H3063] the high places [H1116] and the images [H2553] : and the kingdom [H4467] was quiet [H8252] before [H6440] him.(images: Heb. sun images)

14:6 And he built [H1129] fenced [H4694] cities [H5892] in Judah [H3063] : for the land [H776] had rest [H8252] , and he had no war [H4421] in those years [H8141] ; because the LORD [H3068] had given him rest [H5117] .

14:7 Therefore he said [H559] unto Judah [H3063] , Let us build [H1129] these cities [H5892] , and make about [H5437] [them] walls [H2346] , and towers [H4026] , gates [H1817] , and bars [H1280] , [while] the land [H776] [is] yet before [H6440] us; because we have sought [H1875] the LORD [H3068] our God [H430] , we have sought [H1875] [him], and he hath given us rest [H5117] on every side [H5439] . So they built [H1129] and prospered [H6743] .

14:8 And Asa [H609] had an army [H2428] [of men] that bare [H5375] targets [H6793] and spears [H7420] , out of Judah [H3063] three [H7969] hundred [H3967] thousand [H505] ; and out of Benjamin [H1144] , that bare [H5375] shields [H4043] and drew [H1869] bows [H7198] , two hundred [H3967] and fourscore [H8084] thousand [H505] : all these [were] mighty men [H1368] of valour [H2428] .

14:9 And there came out [H3318] against them Zerah [H2226] the Ethiopian [H3569] with an host [H2428] of a thousand [H505] thousand [H505] , and three [H7969] hundred [H3967] chariots [H4818] ; and came [H935] unto Mareshah [H4762] .

14:10 Then Asa [H609] went out [H3318] against [H6440] him, and they set the battle [H4421] in array [H6186] in the valley [H1516] of Zephathah [H6859] at Mareshah [H4762] .

14:11 And Asa [H609] cried [H7121] unto the LORD [H3068] his God [H430] , and said [H559] , LORD [H3068] , [it is] nothing with thee to help [H5826] , whether [H996] with many [H7227] , or with them that have no power [H3581] : help [H5826] us, O LORD [H3068] our God [H430] ; for we rest [H8172] on thee, and in thy name [H8034] we go [H935] against this multitude [H1995] . O LORD [H3068] , thou [art] our God [H430] ; let not man [H582] prevail [H6113] against thee.(man: or, mortal man)

14:12 So the LORD [H3068] smote [H5062] the Ethiopians [H3569] before [H6440] Asa [H609] , and before [H6440] Judah [H3063] ; and the Ethiopians [H3569] fled [H5127] .

14:13 And Asa [H609] and the people [H5971] that [were] with him pursued [H7291] them unto Gerar [H1642] : and the Ethiopians [H3569] were overthrown [H5307] , that they could not recover [H4241] themselves; for they were destroyed [H7665] before [H6440] the LORD [H3068] , and before [H6440] his host [H4264] ; and they carried away [H5375] very [H3966] much [H7235] spoil [H7998] .(destroyed: Heb. broken)

14:14 And they smote [H5221] all the cities [H5892] round about [H5439] Gerar [H1642] ; for the fear [H6343] of the LORD [H3068] came upon them: and they spoiled [H962] all the cities [H5892] ; for there was exceeding much [H7227] spoil [H961] in them.

14:15 They smote [H5221] also the tents [H168] of cattle [H4735] , and carried away [H7617] sheep [H6629] and camels [H1581] in abundance [H7230] , and returned [H7725] to Jerusalem [H3389] .