KJV 2CHR10 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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10:1 And Rehoboam [H7346] went [H3212] to Shechem [H7927] : for to Shechem [H7927] were all Israel [H3478] come [H935] to make him king [H4427] .

10:2 And it came to pass, when Jeroboam [H3379] the son [H1121] of Nebat [H5028] , who [was] in Egypt [H4714] , whither he had fled [H1272] from the presence [H6440] of Solomon [H8010] the king [H4428] , heard [H8085] [it], that Jeroboam [H3379] returned [H7725] out of Egypt [H4714] .

10:3 And they sent [H7971] and called [H7121] him. So Jeroboam [H3379] and all Israel [H3478] came [H935] and spake [H1696] to Rehoboam [H7346] , saying [H559] ,

10:4 Thy father [H1] made our yoke [H5923] grievous [H7185] : now therefore ease [H7043] thou somewhat the grievous [H7186] servitude [H5656] of thy father [H1] , and his heavy [H3515] yoke [H5923] that he put [H5414] upon us, and we will serve [H5647] thee.

10:5 And he said [H559] unto them, Come again [H7725] unto me after three [H7969] days [H3117] . And the people [H5971] departed [H3212] .

10:6 And king [H4428] Rehoboam [H7346] took counsel [H3289] with the old [H2205] men that had stood [H5975] before [H6440] Solomon [H8010] his father [H1] while he yet lived [H2416] , saying [H559] , What [H349] counsel give [H3289] ye [me] to return [H7725] answer [H1697] to this people [H5971] ?

10:7 And they spake [H1696] unto him, saying [H559] , If thou be kind [H2896] to this people [H5971] , and please [H7521] them, and speak [H1696] good [H2896] words [H1697] to them, they will be thy servants [H5650] for ever [H3117] .

10:8 But he forsook [H5800] the counsel [H6098] which the old men [H2205] gave [H3289] him, and took counsel [H3289] with the young men [H3206] that were brought up [H1431] with him, that stood [H5975] before [H6440] him.

10:9 And he said [H559] unto them, What advice [H3289] give ye that we may return [H7725] answer [H1697] to this people [H5971] , which have spoken [H1696] to me, saying [H559] , Ease [H7043] somewhat the yoke [H5923] that thy father [H1] did put [H5414] upon us?

10:10 And the young men [H3206] that were brought up [H1431] with him spake [H1696] unto him, saying [H559] , Thus shalt thou answer [H559] the people [H5971] that spake [H1696] unto thee, saying [H559] , Thy father [H1] made [H3513] our yoke [H5923] heavy [H3513] , but make thou [it] somewhat lighter [H7043] for us; thus shalt thou say [H559] unto them, My little [H6995] [finger] shall be thicker [H5666] than my father's [H1] loins [H4975] .

10:11 For whereas [H6258] my father [H1] put [H6006] a heavy [H3515] yoke [H5923] upon you, I will put more [H3254] to your yoke [H5923] : my father [H1] chastised [H3256] you with whips [H7752] , but I [will chastise you] with scorpions [H6137] .(my father put: Heb. my father laded)

10:12 So Jeroboam [H3379] and all the people [H5971] came [H935] to Rehoboam [H7346] on the third [H7992] day [H3117] , as the king [H4428] bade [H1696] , saying [H559] , Come again [H7725] to me on the third [H7992] day [H3117] .

10:13 And the king [H4428] answered [H6030] them roughly [H7186] ; and king [H4428] Rehoboam [H7346] forsook [H5800] the counsel [H6098] of the old men [H2205] ,

10:14 And answered [H1696] them after the advice [H6098] of the young men [H3206] , saying [H559] , My father [H1] made your yoke [H5923] heavy [H3513] , but I will add [H3254] thereto: my father [H1] chastised [H3256] you with whips [H7752] , but I [will chastise you] with scorpions [H6137] .

10:15 So the king [H4428] hearkened [H8085] not unto the people [H5971] : for the cause [H5252] was of God [H430] , that the LORD [H3068] might perform [H6965] his word [H1697] , which he spake [H1696] by the hand [H3027] of Ahijah [H281] the Shilonite [H7888] to Jeroboam [H3379] the son [H1121] of Nebat [H5028] .

10:16 And when all Israel [H3478] [saw [heb7200] ] that the king [H4428] would not hearken [H8085] unto them, the people [H5971] answered [H7725] the king [H4428] , saying [H559] , What portion [H2506] have we in David [H1732] ? and [we have] none inheritance [H5159] in the son [H1121] of Jesse [H3448] : every man [H376] to your tents [H168] , O Israel [H3478] : [and] now, David [H1732] , see [H7200] to thine own house [H1004] . So all Israel [H3478] went [H3212] to their tents [H168] .

10:17 But [as for] the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] that dwelt [H3427] in the cities [H5892] of Judah [H3063] , Rehoboam [H7346] reigned [H4427] over them.

10:18 Then king [H4428] Rehoboam [H7346] sent [H7971] Hadoram [H1913] that [was] over the tribute [H4522] ; and the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] stoned [H7275] him with stones [H68] , that he died [H4191] . But king [H4428] Rehoboam [H7346] made speed [H553] to get him up [H5927] to [his] chariot [H4818] , to flee [H5127] to Jerusalem [H3389] .(made speed: Heb. strengthened himself)

10:19 And Israel [H3478] rebelled [H6586] against the house [H1004] of David [H1732] unto this day [H3117] .