KJV 1TIM3 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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3:1 This [is] a true [G4103] saying [G3056] , If a man [G1536] desire [G3713] the office of a bishop [G1984] , he desireth [G1937] a good [G2570] work [G2041] .

3:2 A bishop [G1985] then [G3767] must [G1163] be [G1511] blameless [G423] , the husband [G435] of one [G3391] wife [G1135] , vigilant [G3524] , sober [G4998] , of good behaviour [G2887] , given to hospitality [G5382] , apt to teach [G1317] ;(of good: or, modest)

3:3 Not [G3361] given to wine [G3943] , no [G3361] striker [G4131] , not [G3361] greedy of filthy lucre [G146] ; but [G235] patient [G1933] , not a brawler [G269] , not covetous [G866] ;(given: or, ready to quarrel, and offer wrong, as one in wine)

3:4 One that ruleth [G4291] well [G2573] his own [G2398] house [G3624] , having [G2192] his children [G5043] in [G1722] subjection [G5292] with [G3326] all [G3956] gravity [G4587] ;

3:5 (For [G1161] if a man [G1536] know [G1492] not [G3756] how [G1492] to rule [G4291] his own [G2398] house [G3624] , how [G4459] shall he take care of [G1959] the church [G1577] of God [G2316] ?)

3:6 Not [G3361] a novice [G3504] , lest [G3363] being lifted up with pride [G5187] he fall [G1706] into [G1519] the condemnation [G2917] of the devil [G1228] .(a novice: or, one newly come to the faith)

3:7 Moreover [G1161] [G2532] he [G846] must [G1163] have [G2192] a good [G2570] report [G3141] of [G575] them which are without [G1855] ; lest [G3363] he fall [G1706] into [G1519] reproach [G3680] and [G2532] the snare [G3803] of the devil [G1228] .

3:8 Likewise [G5615] [must] the deacons [G1249] [be] grave [G4586] , not [G3361] doubletongued [G1351] , not [G3361] given [G4337] to much [G4183] wine [G3631] , not [G3361] greedy of filthy lucre [G146] ;

3:9 Holding [G2192] the mystery [G3466] of the faith [G4102] in [G1722] a pure [G2513] conscience [G4893] .

3:10 And [G1161] let [G1381] these [G3778] also [G2532] first [G4412] be proved [G1381] ; then [G1534] let them use the office of a deacon [G1247] , being [G5607] [found] blameless [G410] .

3:11 Even so [G5615] [must their] wives [G1135] [be] grave [G4586] , not [G3361] slanderers [G1228] , sober [G3524] , faithful [G4103] in [G1722] all things [G3956] .

3:12 Let [G2077] the deacons [G1249] be [G2077] the husbands [G435] of one [G3391] wife [G1135] , ruling [G4291] their children [G5043] and [G2532] their own [G2398] houses [G3624] well [G2573] .

3:13 For [G1063] they that have used the office of a deacon [G1247] well [G2573] purchase [G4046] to themselves [G1438] a good [G2570] degree [G898] , and [G2532] great [G4183] boldness [G3954] in [G1722] the faith [G4102] which [G3588] is in [G1722] Christ [G5547] Jesus [G2424] .(used: or, ministered)

3:14 These things [G5023] write I [G1125] unto thee [G4671] , hoping [G1679] to come [G2064] unto [G4314] thee [G4571] shortly [G5032] :

3:15 But [G1161] if [G1437] I tarry long [G1019] , that [G2443] thou mayest know [G1492] how [G4459] thou oughtest [G1163] to behave thyself [G390] in [G1722] the house [G3624] of God [G2316] , which [G3748] is [G2076] the church [G1577] of the living [G2198] God [G2316] , the pillar [G4769] and [G2532] ground [G1477] of the truth [G225] .(ground: or, stay)

3:16 And [G2532] without controversy [G3672] great [G3173] is [G2076] the mystery [G3466] of godliness [G2150] : God [G2316] was manifest [G5319] in [G1722] the flesh [G4561] , justified [G1344] in [G1722] the Spirit [G4151] , seen [G3700] of angels [G32] , preached [G2784] unto [G1722] the Gentiles [G1484] , believed on [G4100] in [G1722] the world [G2889] , received up [G353] into [G1722] glory [G1391] .