KJV 1THE3 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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3:1 Wherefore [G1352] when we could [G4722] no longer [G3371] forbear [G4722] , we thought it good [G2106] to be left [G2641] at [G1722] Athens [G116] alone [G3441] ;

3:2 And [G2532] sent [G3992] Timotheus [G5095] , our [G2257] brother [G80] , and [G2532] minister [G1249] of God [G2316] , and [G2532] our [G2257] fellowlabourer [G4904] in [G1722] the gospel [G2098] of Christ [G5547] , to [G1519] establish [G4741] you [G5209] , and [G2532] to comfort [G3870] you [G5209] concerning [G4012] your [G5216] faith [G4102] :

3:3 That no man [G3367] should be moved [G4525] by [G1722] these [G5025] afflictions [G2347] : for [G1063] yourselves [G846] know [G1492] that [G3754] we are appointed [G2749] thereunto [G1519] [G5124] .(there unto: or, to sufferings, or, to persecution)

3:4 For [G1063] verily [G2532] , when [G3753] we were [G2258] with [G4314] you [G5209] , we told [G4302] you [G5213] before [G4302] that [G3754] we should [G3195] suffer tribulation [G2346] ; even [G2532] as [G2531] it came to pass [G1096] , and [G2532] ye know [G1492] .

3:5 For this [G5124] cause [G1223] , when I [G2504] could [G4722] no longer [G3371] forbear [G4722] , I sent [G3992] to [G1519] know [G1097] your [G5216] faith [G4102] , lest by some means [G3381] [G4458] the tempter [G3985] have tempted [G3985] you [G5209] , and [G2532] our [G2257] labour [G2873] be [G1096] in [G1519] vain [G2756] .

3:6 But [G1161] now [G737] when Timotheus [G5095] came [G2064] from [G575] you [G5216] unto [G4314] us [G2248] , and [G2532] brought [G2097] us [G2254] good tidings [G2097] of your [G5216] faith [G4102] and [G2532] charity [G26] , and [G2532] that [G3754] ye have [G2192] good [G18] remembrance [G3417] of us [G2257] always [G3842] , desiring greatly [G1971] to see [G1492] us [G2248] , as [G2509] we [G2249] also [G2532] [to see] you [G5209] :

3:7 Therefore [G1223] [G5124] , brethren [G80] , we were comforted [G3870] over [G1909] you [G5213] in [G1909] all [G3956] our [G2257] affliction [G2347] and [G2532] distress [G318] by [G1223] your [G5216] faith [G4102] :

3:8 For [G3754] now [G3568] we live [G2198] , if [G1437] ye [G5210] stand fast [G4739] in [G1722] the Lord [G2962] .

3:9 For [G1063] what [G5101] thanks [G2169] can we [G1410] render [G467] to God [G2316] again [G467] for [G4012] you [G5216] , for [G1909] all [G3956] the joy [G5479] wherewith [G3739] we joy [G5463] for [G1223] your sakes [G5209] before [G1715] our [G2257] God [G2316] ;

3:10 Night [G3571] and [G2532] day [G2250] praying [G1189] exceedingly [G1537] [G4053] [G5228] that [G1519] we might see [G1492] your [G5216] face [G4383] , and [G2532] might perfect [G2675] that which is lacking [G5303] in your [G5216] faith [G4102] ?

3:11 Now [G1161] God [G2316] himself [G846] and [G2532] our [G2257] Father [G3962] , and [G2532] our [G2257] Lord [G2962] Jesus [G2424] Christ [G5547] , direct [G2720] our [G2257] way [G3598] unto [G4314] you [G5209] .(direct: or, guide)

3:12 And [G1161] the Lord [G2962] make [G4121] you [G5209] to increase [G4121] and [G2532] abound [G4052] in love [G26] one [G240] toward [G1519] another [G240] , and [G2532] toward [G1519] all [G3956] [men], even [G2532] as [G2509] we [G2249] [do] toward [G1519] you [G5209] :

3:13 To the end [G1519] he may stablish [G4741] your [G5216] hearts [G2588] unblameable [G273] in [G1722] holiness [G42] before [G1715] God [G2316] , even [G2532] our [G2257] Father [G3962] , at [G1722] the coming [G3952] of our [G2257] Lord [G2962] Jesus [G2424] Christ [G5547] with [G3326] all [G3956] his [G846] saints [G40] .(saints: or, holy ones, or, angels)