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9:1 Now there was a man [H376] of Benjamin [H1144] , whose name [H8034] [was] Kish [H7027] , the son [H1121] of Abiel [H22] , the son [H1121] of Zeror [H6872] , the son [H1121] of Bechorath [H1064] , the son [H1121] of Aphiah [H647] , a Benjamite [H1145] , a mighty [H1368] man [H376] of power [H2428] .(a Benjamite: or, the son of a man of Jemini)(power: or, substance)

9:2 And he had a son [H1121] , whose name [H8034] [was] Saul [H7586] , a choice young man [H970] , and a goodly [H2896] : and [there was] not among the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] a goodlier [H2896] person [H376] than he: from his shoulders [H7926] and upward [H4605] [he was] higher [H1364] than any of the people [H5971] .

9:3 And the asses [H860] of Kish [H7027] Saul's [H7586] father [H1] were lost [H6] . And Kish [H7027] said [H559] to Saul [H7586] his son [H1121] , Take [H3947] now one [H259] of the servants [H5288] with thee, and arise [H6965] , go [H3212] seek [H1245] the asses [H860] .

9:4 And he passed through [H5674] mount [H2022] Ephraim [H669] , and passed through [H5674] the land [H776] of Shalisha [H8031] , but they found [H4672] [them] not: then they passed through [H5674] the land [H776] of Shalim [H8171] , and [there they were] not: and he passed through [H5674] the land [H776] of the Benjamites [H1145] , but they found [H4672] [them] not.

9:5 [And] when they were come [H935] to the land [H776] of Zuph [H6689] , Saul [H7586] said [H559] to his servant [H5288] that [was] with him, Come [H3212] , and let us return [H7725] ; lest my father [H1] leave [H2308] [caring] for the asses [H860] , and take thought [H1672] for us.

9:6 And he said [H559] unto him, Behold now, [there is] in this city [H5892] a man [H376] of God [H430] , and [he is] an honourable [H3513] man [H376] ; all that he saith [H1696] cometh [H935] surely to pass [H935] : now let us go [H3212] thither; peradventure he can shew [H5046] us our way [H1870] that we should go [H1980] .

9:7 Then said [H559] Saul [H7586] to his servant [H5288] , But, behold, [if] we go [H3212] , what shall we bring [H935] the man [H376] ? for the bread [H3899] is spent [H235] in our vessels [H3627] , and [there is] not a present [H8670] to bring [H935] to the man [H376] of God [H430] : what have we?(is spent: Heb. is gone out of, etc)(have we: Heb. is with us?)

9:8 And the servant [H5288] answered [H6030] Saul [H7586] again [H3254] , and said [H559] , Behold, I have [H4672] here at hand [H3027] the fourth part [H7253] of a shekel [H8255] of silver [H3701] : [that] will I give [H5414] to the man [H376] of God [H430] , to tell [H5046] us our way [H1870] .(I have: Heb. there is found in my hand)

9:9 (Beforetime [H6440] in Israel [H3478] , when a man [H376] went [H3212] to enquire [H1875] of God [H430] , thus he spake [H559] , Come [H3212] , and let us go [H3212] to the seer [H7200] : for [he that is] now [H3117] [called] a Prophet [H5030] was beforetime [H6440] called [H7121] a Seer [H7200] .)

9:10 Then said [H1697] Saul [H7586] to his servant [H5288] , Well [H2896] said [H559] ; come [H3212] , let us go [H3212] . So they went [H3212] unto the city [H5892] where the man [H376] of God [H430] [was].(Well said: Heb. Thy word is good)

9:11 [And] as they went up [H5927] the hill [H4608] to the city [H5892] , they found [H4672] young maidens [H5291] going out [H3318] to draw [H7579] water [H4325] , and said [H559] unto them, Is [H3426] the seer [H7200] here?(the hill: Heb. in the ascent of the city)

9:12 And they answered [H6030] them, and said [H559] , He is [H3426] ; behold, [he is] before [H6440] you: make haste [H4116] now, for he came [H935] to day [H3117] to the city [H5892] ; for [there is] a sacrifice [H2077] of the people [H5971] to day [H3117] in the high place [H1116] :(sacrifice: or, feast)

9:13 As soon as ye be come [H935] into the city [H5892] , ye shall straightway [H3651] find [H4672] him, before he go up [H5927] to the high place [H1116] to eat [H398] : for the people [H5971] will not eat [H398] until he come [H935] , because he doth bless [H1288] the sacrifice [H2077] ; [and] afterwards [H310] [H3651] they eat [H398] that be bidden [H7121] . Now therefore get you up [H5927] ; for about this time [H3117] ye shall find [H4672] him.(this time: Heb. to day)

9:14 And they went up [H5927] into [H8432] the city [H5892] : [and] when they were come [H935] into the city [H5892] , behold, Samuel [H8050] came out [H3318] against [H7125] them, for to go up [H5927] to the high place [H1116] .

9:15 Now the LORD [H3068] had told [H1540] Samuel [H8050] in his ear [H241] a [H259] day [H3117] before [H6440] Saul [H7586] came [H935] , saying [H559] ,(told: Heb. revealed the ear of Samuel)

9:16 To morrow [H4279] about this time [H6256] I will send [H7971] thee a man [H376] out of the land [H776] of Benjamin [H1144] , and thou shalt anoint [H4886] him [to be] captain [H5057] over my people [H5971] Israel [H3478] , that he may save [H3467] my people [H5971] out of the hand [H3027] of the Philistines [H6430] : for I have looked [H7200] upon my people [H5971] , because their cry [H6818] is come [H935] unto me.

9:17 And when Samuel [H8050] saw [H7200] Saul [H7586] , the LORD [H3068] said [H6030] unto him, Behold the man [H376] whom I spake [H559] to thee of! this same shall reign [H6113] over my people [H5971] .(reign over: Heb. restrain in)

9:18 Then Saul [H7586] drew near [H5066] to Samuel [H8050] in [H8432] the gate [H8179] , and said [H559] , Tell [H5046] me, I pray thee, where [H335] the seer's [H7200] house [H1004] [is].

9:19 And Samuel [H8050] answered [H6030] Saul [H7586] , and said [H559] , I [am] the seer [H7200] : go up [H5927] before [H6440] me unto the high place [H1116] ; for ye shall eat [H398] with me to day [H3117] , and to morrow [H1242] I will let thee go [H7971] , and will tell [H5046] thee all that [is] in thine heart [H3824] .

9:20 And as for thine asses [H860] that were lost [H6] three [H7969] days [H3117] ago [H3117] , set [H7760] not thy mind [H3820] on them; for they are found [H4672] . And on whom [is] all the desire [H2532] of Israel [H3478] ? [Is it] not on thee, and on all thy father's [H1] house [H1004] ?(three: Heb. to day three days)

9:21 And Saul [H7586] answered [H6030] and said [H559] , [Am] not I a Benjamite [H1145] , of the smallest [H6996] of the tribes [H7626] of Israel [H3478] ? and my family [H4940] the least [H6810] of all the families [H4940] of the tribe [H7626] of Benjamin [H1144] ? wherefore then speakest [H1696] thou so [H1697] to me?(so: Heb. according to this word)

9:22 And Samuel [H8050] took [H3947] Saul [H7586] and his servant [H5288] , and brought [H935] them into the parlour [H3957] , and made them sit [H5414] in the chiefest [H7218] place [H4725] among them that were bidden [H7121] , which [were] about thirty [H7970] persons [H376] .

9:23 And Samuel [H8050] said [H559] unto the cook [H2876] , Bring [H5414] the portion [H4490] which I gave [H5414] thee, of which I said [H559] unto thee, Set [H7760] it by thee.

9:24 And the cook [H2876] took up [H7311] the shoulder [H7785] , and [that] which [was] upon it, and set [H7760] [it] before [H6440] Saul [H7586] . And [Samuel] said [H559] , Behold that which is left [H7604] ! set [H7760] [it] before [H6440] thee, [and] eat [H398] : for unto this time [H4150] hath it been kept [H8104] for thee since I said [H559] , I have invited [H7121] the people [H5971] . So Saul [H7586] did eat [H398] with Samuel [H8050] that day [H3117] .(left: or, reserved)

9:25 And when they were come down [H3381] from the high place [H1116] into the city [H5892] , [Samuel] communed [H1696] with Saul [H7586] upon the top of the house [H1406] .

9:26 And they arose early [H7925] : and it came to pass about the spring [H5927] of the day [H7837] , that Samuel [H8050] called [H7121] Saul [H7586] to the top of the house [H1406] , saying [H559] , Up [H6965] , that I may send thee away [H7971] . And Saul [H7586] arose [H6965] , and they went out [H3318] both [H8147] of them, he and Samuel [H8050] , abroad [H2351] .

9:27 [And] as they were going down [H3381] to the end [H7097] of the city [H5892] , Samuel [H8050] said [H559] to Saul [H7586] , Bid [H559] the servant [H5288] pass on [H5674] before [H6440] us, (and he passed on [H5674] ,) but stand [H5975] thou still a while [H3117] , that I may shew [H8085] thee the word [H1697] of God [H430] .(a while: Heb. to day)