KJV 1SAM6 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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6:1 And the ark [H727] of the LORD [H3068] was in the country [H7704] of the Philistines [H6430] seven [H7651] months [H2320] .

6:2 And the Philistines [H6430] called [H7121] for the priests [H3548] and the diviners [H7080] , saying [H559] , What shall we do [H6213] to the ark [H727] of the LORD [H3068] ? tell [H3045] us wherewith we shall send [H7971] it to his place [H4725] .

6:3 And they said [H559] , If ye send away [H7971] the ark [H727] of the God [H430] of Israel [H3478] , send [H7971] it not empty [H7387] ; but in any wise [H7725] return [H7725] him a trespass offering [H817] : then ye shall be healed [H7495] , and it shall be known [H3045] to you why his hand [H3027] is not removed [H5493] from you.

6:4 Then said [H559] they, What [shall be] the trespass offering [H817] which we shall return [H7725] to him? They answered [H559] , Five [H2568] golden [H2091] emerods [H2914] [H6076] , and five [H2568] golden [H2091] mice [H5909] , [according to] the number [H4557] of the lords [H5633] of the Philistines [H6430] : for one [H259] plague [H4046] [was] on you all, and on your lords [H5633] .(you: Heb. them)

6:5 Wherefore ye shall make [H6213] images [H6754] of your emerods [H2914] [H6076] , and images [H6754] of your mice [H5909] that mar [H7843] the land [H776] ; and ye shall give [H5414] glory [H3519] unto the God [H430] of Israel [H3478] : peradventure he will lighten [H7043] his hand [H3027] from off you, and from off your gods [H430] , and from off your land [H776] .

6:6 Wherefore then do ye harden [H3513] your hearts [H3824] , as the Egyptians [H4714] and Pharaoh [H6547] hardened [H3513] their hearts [H3820] ? when he had wrought wonderfully [H5953] among them, did they not let the people go [H7971] , and they departed [H3212] ?(wonderfully: or, reproachfully)(the people: Heb. them)

6:7 Now therefore make [H6213] a [H259] new [H2319] cart [H5699] , and take [H3947] two [H8147] milch [H5763] kine [H6510] , on which there hath come [H5927] no yoke [H5923] , and tie [H631] the kine [H6510] to the cart [H5699] , and bring [H7725] their calves [H1121] home [H1004] from them [H310] :

6:8 And take [H3947] the ark [H727] of the LORD [H3068] , and lay [H5414] it upon the cart [H5699] ; and put [H7760] the jewels [H3627] of gold [H2091] , which ye return [H7725] him [for] a trespass offering [H817] , in a coffer [H712] by the side [H6654] thereof; and send it away [H7971] , that it may go [H1980] .

6:9 And see [H7200] , if it goeth up [H5927] by the way [H1870] of his own coast [H1366] to Bethshemesh [H1053] , [then] he hath done [H6213] us this great [H1419] evil [H7451] : but if not, then we shall know [H3045] that [it is] not his hand [H3027] [that] smote [H5060] us: it [was] a chance [H4745] [that] happened to us [H1961] .(he: or, it)

6:10 And the men [H582] did so [H6213] ; and took [H3947] two [H8147] milch [H5763] kine [H6510] , and tied [H631] them to the cart [H5699] , and shut up [H3607] their calves [H1121] at home [H1004] :

6:11 And they laid [H7760] the ark [H727] of the LORD [H3068] upon the cart [H5699] , and the coffer [H712] with the mice [H5909] of gold [H2091] and the images [H6754] of their emerods [H2914] .

6:12 And the kine [H6510] took the straight [H3474] way [H1870] to the way [H1870] of Bethshemesh [H1053] , [and] went along [H1980] the highway [H4546] [H259] , lowing [H1600] as they went [H1980] , and turned not aside [H5493] [to] the right hand [H3225] or [to] the left [H8040] ; and the lords [H5633] of the Philistines [H6430] went [H1980] after [H310] them unto the border [H1366] of Bethshemesh [H1053] .

6:13 And [they of] Bethshemesh [H1053] [were] reaping [H7114] their wheat [H2406] harvest [H7105] in the valley [H6010] : and they lifted up [H5375] their eyes [H5869] , and saw [H7200] the ark [H727] , and rejoiced [H8055] to see [H7200] [it].

6:14 And the cart [H5699] came [H935] into the field [H7704] of Joshua [H3091] , a Bethshemite [H1030] , and stood [H5975] there, where [there was] a great [H1419] stone [H68] : and they clave [H1234] the wood [H6086] of the cart [H5699] , and offered [H5927] the kine [H6510] a burnt offering [H5930] unto the LORD [H3068] .

6:15 And the Levites [H3881] took down [H3381] the ark [H727] of the LORD [H3068] , and the coffer [H712] that [was] with it, wherein the jewels [H3627] of gold [H2091] [were], and put [H7760] [them] on the great [H1419] stone [H68] : and the men [H582] of Bethshemesh [H1053] offered [H5927] burnt offerings [H5930] and sacrificed [H2076] sacrifices [H2077] the same day [H3117] unto the LORD [H3068] .

6:16 And when the five [H2568] lords [H5633] of the Philistines [H6430] had seen [H7200] [it], they returned [H7725] to Ekron [H6138] the same day [H3117] .

6:17 And these [are] the golden [H2091] emerods [H2914] which the Philistines [H6430] returned [H7725] [for] a trespass offering [H817] unto the LORD [H3068] ; for Ashdod [H795] one [H259] , for Gaza [H5804] one [H259] , for Askelon [H831] one [H259] , for Gath [H1661] one [H259] , for Ekron [H6138] one [H259] ;

6:18 And the golden [H2091] mice [H5909] , [according to] the number [H4557] of all the cities [H5892] of the Philistines [H6430] [belonging] to the five [H2568] lords [H5633] , [both] of fenced [H4013] cities [H5892] , and of country [H6521] villages [H3724] , even unto the great [H1419] [stone of] Abel [H59] , whereon they set down [H3240] the ark [H727] of the LORD [H3068] : [which stone remaineth] unto this day [H3117] in the field [H7704] of Joshua [H3091] , the Bethshemite [H1030] .(great: or, great stone)

6:19 And he smote [H5221] the men [H376] of Bethshemesh [H1053] , because they had looked [H7200] into the ark [H727] of the LORD [H3068] , even he smote [H5221] of the people [H5971] fifty [H2572] thousand [H505] and threescore and ten [H7657] men [H582] : and the people [H5971] lamented [H56] , because the LORD [H3068] had smitten [H5221] [many] of the people [H5971] with a great [H1419] slaughter [H4347] .

6:20 And the men [H582] of Bethshemesh [H1053] said [H559] , Who is able [H3201] to stand [H5975] before [H6440] this holy [H6918] LORD [H3068] God [H430] ? and to whom shall he go up [H5927] from us?

6:21 And they sent [H7971] messengers [H4397] to the inhabitants [H3427] of Kirjathjearim [H7157] , saying [H559] , The Philistines [H6430] have brought again [H7725] the ark [H727] of the LORD [H3068] ; come ye down [H3381] , [and] fetch it up [H5927] to you.