KJV 1SAM30 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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30:1 And it came to pass, when David [H1732] and his men [H582] were come [H935] to Ziklag [H6860] on the third [H7992] day [H3117] , that the Amalekites [H6003] had invaded [H6584] the south [H5045] , and Ziklag [H6860] , and smitten [H5221] Ziklag [H6860] , and burned [H8313] it with fire [H784] ;

30:2 And had taken the women [H802] captives [H7617] , that [were] therein: they slew [H4191] not any [H376] , either great [H1419] or small [H6996] , but carried [them] away [H5090] , and went [H3212] on their way [H1870] .

30:3 So David [H1732] and his men [H582] came [H935] to the city [H5892] , and, behold, [it was] burned [H8313] with fire [H784] ; and their wives [H802] , and their sons [H1121] , and their daughters [H1323] , were taken captives [H7617] .

30:4 Then David [H1732] and the people [H5971] that [were] with him lifted up [H5375] their voice [H6963] and wept [H1058] , until they had no more power [H3581] to weep [H1058] .

30:5 And David's [H1732] two [H8147] wives [H802] were taken captives [H7617] , Ahinoam [H293] the Jezreelitess [H3159] , and Abigail [H26] the wife [H802] of Nabal [H5037] the Carmelite [H3761] .

30:6 And David [H1732] was greatly [H3966] distressed [H3334] ; for the people [H5971] spake [H559] of stoning [H5619] him, because the soul [H5315] of all the people [H5971] was grieved [H4843] , every man [H376] for his sons [H1121] and for his daughters [H1323] : but David [H1732] encouraged [H2388] himself in the LORD [H3068] his God [H430] .(grieved: Heb. bitter)

30:7 And David [H1732] said [H559] to Abiathar [H54] the priest [H3548] , Ahimelech's [H288] son [H1121] , I pray thee, bring me hither [H5066] the ephod [H646] . And Abiathar [H54] brought [H5066] thither the ephod [H646] to David [H1732] .

30:8 And David [H1732] enquired [H7592] at the LORD [H3068] , saying [H559] , Shall I pursue [H7291] after [H310] this troop [H1416] ? shall I overtake [H5381] them? And he answered [H559] him, Pursue [H7291] : for thou shalt surely [H5381] overtake [H5381] [them], and without fail [H5337] recover [H5337] [all].

30:9 So David [H1732] went [H3212] , he and the six [H8337] hundred [H3967] men [H376] that [were] with him, and came [H935] to the brook [H5158] Besor [H1308] , where those that were left behind [H3498] stayed [H5975] .

30:10 But David [H1732] pursued [H7291] , he and four [H702] hundred [H3967] men [H376] : for two hundred [H3967] abode behind [H5975] , which were so faint [H6296] that they could not go over [H5674] the brook [H5158] Besor [H1308] .

30:11 And they found [H4672] an Egyptian [H376] [H4713] in the field [H7704] , and brought [H3947] him to David [H1732] , and gave [H5414] him bread [H3899] , and he did eat [H398] ; and they made him drink [H8248] water [H4325] ;

30:12 And they gave [H5414] him a piece [H6400] of a cake [H1690] of figs, and two [H8147] clusters of raisins [H6778] : and when he had eaten [H398] , his spirit [H7307] came again [H7725] to him: for he had eaten [H398] no bread [H3899] , nor drunk [H8354] [any] water [H4325] , three [H7969] days [H3117] and three [H7969] nights [H3915] .

30:13 And David [H1732] said [H559] unto him, To whom [belongest] thou? and whence [art] thou? And he said [H559] , I [am] a young man [H5288] of Egypt [H4713] , servant [H5650] to an Amalekite [H376] [H6003] ; and my master [H113] left [H5800] me, because three [H7969] days [H3117] agone I fell sick [H2470] .

30:14 We made an invasion [H6584] [upon] the south [H5045] of the Cherethites [H3774] , and upon [the coast] which [belongeth] to Judah [H3063] , and upon the south [H5045] of Caleb [H3612] ; and we burned [H8313] Ziklag [H6860] with fire [H784] .

30:15 And David [H1732] said [H559] to him, Canst thou bring me down [H3381] to this company [H1416] ? And he said [H559] , Swear [H7650] unto me by God [H430] , that thou wilt neither kill [H4191] me, nor [H518] deliver [H5462] me into the hands [H3027] of my master [H113] , and I will bring thee down [H3381] to this company [H1416] .

30:16 And when he had brought him down [H3381] , behold, [they were] spread abroad [H5203] upon all [H6440] the earth [H776] , eating [H398] and drinking [H8354] , and dancing [H2287] , because of all the great [H1419] spoil [H7998] that they had taken [H3947] out of the land [H776] of the Philistines [H6430] , and out of the land [H776] of Judah [H3063] .

30:17 And David [H1732] smote [H5221] them from the twilight [H5399] even unto the evening [H6153] of the next day [H4283] : and there escaped [H4422] not a man [H376] of them, save four [H702] hundred [H3967] young [H5288] men [H376] , which rode [H7392] upon camels [H1581] , and fled [H5127] .(the next: Heb. their morrow)

30:18 And David [H1732] recovered [H5337] all that the Amalekites [H6002] had carried away [H3947] : and David [H1732] rescued [H5337] his two [H8147] wives [H802] .

30:19 And there was nothing lacking [H5737] to them, neither [H4480] small [H6996] nor great [H1419] , neither sons [H1121] nor daughters [H1323] , neither spoil [H7998] , nor any [thing] that they had taken [H3947] to them: David [H1732] recovered [H7725] all.

30:20 And David [H1732] took [H3947] all the flocks [H6629] and the herds [H1241] , [which] they drave [H5090] before [H6440] those [H1931] [other] cattle [H4735] , and said [H559] , This [is] David's [H1732] spoil [H7998] .

30:21 And David [H1732] came [H935] to the two hundred [H3967] men [H582] , which were so faint [H6296] that they could not follow [H3212] [H310] David [H1732] , whom they had made also to abide [H3427] at the brook [H5158] Besor [H1308] : and they went forth [H3318] to meet [H7125] David [H1732] , and to meet [H7125] the people [H5971] that [were] with him: and when David [H1732] came near [H5066] to the people [H5971] , he saluted [H7592] [H7965] them.(saluted: or, asked them how they did)

30:22 Then answered [H6030] all the wicked [H7451] men [H376] and [men] of Belial [H1100] , of those [H582] that went [H1980] with David [H1732] , and said [H559] , Because they went [H1980] not with us, we will not give [H5414] them [ought] of the spoil [H7998] that we have recovered [H5337] , save to every man [H376] his wife [H802] and his children [H1121] , that they may lead [them] away [H5090] , and depart [H3212] .(those: Heb. men)

30:23 Then said [H559] David [H1732] , Ye shall not do so [H6213] , my brethren [H251] , with that which the LORD [H3068] hath given [H5414] us, who hath preserved [H8104] us, and delivered [H5414] the company [H1416] that came [H935] against us into our hand [H3027] .

30:24 For who will hearken [H8085] unto you in this matter [H1697] ? but as his part [H2506] [is] that goeth down [H3381] [H3381] to the battle [H4421] , so [shall] his part [H2506] [be] that tarrieth [H3427] by the stuff [H3627] : they shall part [H2505] alike [H3162] .

30:25 And it was [so] from that day [H3117] forward [H4605] , that he made [H7760] it a statute [H2706] and an ordinance [H4941] for Israel [H3478] unto this day [H3117] .(forward: Heb. and forward)

30:26 And when David [H1732] came [H935] to Ziklag [H6860] , he sent [H7971] of the spoil [H7998] unto the elders [H2205] of Judah [H3063] , [even] to his friends [H7453] , saying [H559] , Behold a present [H1293] for you of the spoil [H7998] of the enemies [H341] of the LORD [H3068] ;(present: Heb. blessing)

30:27 To [them] [H834] which [were] in Bethel [H1008] , and to [them] which [were] in south [H5045] Ramoth [H7418] , and to [them] which [were] in Jattir [H3492] ,

30:28 And to [them] which [were] in Aroer [H6177] , and to [them] which [were] in Siphmoth [H8224] , and to [them] which [were] in Eshtemoa [H851] ,

30:29 And to [them] which [were] in Rachal [H7403] , and to [them] which [were] in the cities [H5892] of the Jerahmeelites [H3397] , and to [them] which [were] in the cities [H5892] of the Kenites [H7017] ,

30:30 And to [them] which [were] in Hormah [H2767] , and to [them] which [were] in Chorashan [H3565] , and to [them] which [were] in Athach [H6269] ,

30:31 And to [them] which [were] in Hebron [H2275] , and to all the places [H4725] where David [H1732] himself and his men [H582] were wont to haunt [H1980] .