KJV 1SAM27 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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27:1 And David [H1732] said [H559] in his heart [H3820] , I shall now perish [H5595] one [H259] day [H3117] by the hand [H3027] of Saul [H7586] : [there is] nothing better [H2896] for me than that [H3588] I should speedily [H4422] escape [H4422] into the land [H776] of the Philistines [H6430] ; and Saul [H7586] shall despair [H2976] of me, to seek [H1245] me any more in any coast [H1366] of Israel [H3478] : so shall I escape [H4422] out of his hand [H3027] .(perish: Heb. be consumed)

27:2 And David [H1732] arose [H6965] , and he passed over [H5674] with the six [H8337] hundred [H3967] men [H376] that [were] with him unto Achish [H397] , the son [H1121] of Maoch [H4582] , king [H4428] of Gath [H1661] .

27:3 And David [H1732] dwelt [H3427] with Achish [H397] at Gath [H1661] , he and his men [H582] , every man [H376] with his household [H1004] , [even] David [H1732] with his two [H8147] wives [H802] , Ahinoam [H293] the Jezreelitess [H3159] , and Abigail [H26] the Carmelitess [H3762] , Nabal's [H5037] wife [H802] .

27:4 And it was told [H5046] Saul [H7586] that David [H1732] was fled [H1272] to Gath [H1661] : and he sought [H1245] no more again [H3254] [H3254] for him.

27:5 And David [H1732] said [H559] unto Achish [H397] , If I have now found [H4672] grace [H2580] in thine eyes [H5869] , let them give [H5414] me a place [H4725] in some [H259] town [H5892] in the country [H7704] , that I may dwell [H3427] there: for why should thy servant [H5650] dwell [H3427] in the royal [H4467] city [H5892] with thee?

27:6 Then Achish [H397] gave [H5414] him Ziklag [H6860] that day [H3117] : wherefore Ziklag [H6860] pertaineth unto the kings [H4428] of Judah [H3063] unto this day [H3117] .

27:7 And the time [H4557] [H3117] that David [H1732] dwelt [H3427] in the country [H7704] of the Philistines [H6430] was a full year [H3117] and four [H702] months [H2320] .(the time: Heb. the number of days)(a full year: Heb. a year of days)

27:8 And David [H1732] and his men [H582] went up [H5927] , and invaded [H6584] the Geshurites [H1651] , and the Gezrites [H1511] , and the Amalekites [H6003] : for those [H2007] [nations were] of old [H5769] the inhabitants [H3427] of the land [H776] , as thou goest [H935] to Shur [H7793] , even unto the land [H776] of Egypt [H4714] .(Gezrites: or, Gerzites)

27:9 And David [H1732] smote [H5221] the land [H776] , and left neither man [H376] nor woman [H802] alive [H2421] , and took away [H3947] the sheep [H6629] , and the oxen [H1241] , and the asses [H2543] , and the camels [H1581] , and the apparel [H899] , and returned [H7725] , and came [H935] to Achish [H397] .

27:10 And Achish [H397] said [H559] , Whither [H408] have ye made a road [H6584] to day [H3117] ? And David [H1732] said [H559] , Against the south [H5045] of Judah [H3063] , and against the south [H5045] of the Jerahmeelites [H3397] , and against the south [H5045] of the Kenites [H7017] .(Whither: or, Did you not make a road, etc)

27:11 And David [H1732] saved [H2421] neither man [H376] nor woman [H802] alive [H2421] , to bring [H935] [tidings] to Gath [H1661] , saying [H559] , Lest they should tell [H5046] on us, saying [H559] , So did [H6213] David [H1732] , and so [will be] his manner [H4941] all the while [H3117] he dwelleth [H3427] in the country [H7704] of the Philistines [H6430] .

27:12 And Achish [H397] believed [H539] David [H1732] , saying [H559] , He hath made his people [H5971] Israel [H3478] utterly [H887] to abhor [H887] him; therefore he shall be my servant [H5650] for ever [H5769] .(utterly: Heb. to stink)