KJV 1SAM24 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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24:1 And it came to pass, when Saul [H7586] was returned [H7725] from following [H310] the Philistines [H6430] , that it was told [H5046] him, saying [H559] , Behold, David [H1732] [is] in the wilderness [H4057] of Engedi [H5872] .(following: Heb. after)

24:2 Then Saul [H7586] took [H3947] three [H7969] thousand [H505] chosen [H977] men [H376] out of all Israel [H3478] , and went [H3212] to seek [H1245] David [H1732] and his men [H582] upon [H6440] the rocks [H6697] of the wild goats [H3277] .

24:3 And he came [H935] to the sheepcotes [H1448] [H6629] by the way [H1870] , where [was] a cave [H4631] ; and Saul [H7586] went in [H935] to cover [H5526] his feet [H7272] : and David [H1732] and his men [H582] remained [H3427] in the sides [H3411] of the cave [H4631] .

24:4 And the men [H582] of David [H1732] said [H559] unto him, Behold the day [H3117] of which the LORD [H3068] said [H559] unto thee, Behold, I will deliver [H5414] thine enemy [H341] into thine hand [H3027] , that thou mayest do [H6213] to him as it shall seem good [H3190] unto thee [H5869] . Then David [H1732] arose [H6965] , and cut off [H3772] the skirt [H3671] of Saul's [H7586] robe [H4598] privily [H3909] .(Saul's: Heb. the robe which was Saul's)

24:5 And it came to pass afterward [H310] , that David's [H1732] heart [H3820] smote [H5221] him, because he had cut off [H3772] Saul's [H7586] skirt [H3671] .

24:6 And he said [H559] unto his men [H582] , The LORD [H3068] forbid [H2486] that I should do [H6213] this thing [H1697] unto my master [H113] , the LORD'S [H3068] anointed [H4899] , to stretch forth [H7971] mine hand [H3027] against him, seeing he [is] the anointed [H4899] of the LORD [H3068] .

24:7 So David [H1732] stayed [H8156] his servants [H582] with these words [H1697] , and suffered [H5414] them not to rise [H6965] against Saul [H7586] . But Saul [H7586] rose up [H6965] out of the cave [H4631] , and went [H3212] on [his] way [H1870] .(stayed: Heb. cut off)

24:8 David [H1732] also arose [H6965] afterward, and went out [H3318] of the cave [H4631] , and cried [H7121] after [H310] Saul [H7586] , saying [H559] , My lord [H113] the king [H4428] . And when Saul [H7586] looked [H5027] behind [H310] him, David [H1732] stooped [H6915] with his face [H639] to the earth [H776] , and bowed [H7812] himself.

24:9 And David [H1732] said [H559] to Saul [H7586] , Wherefore hearest [H8085] thou men's [H120] words [H1697] , saying [H559] , Behold, David [H1732] seeketh [H1245] thy hurt [H7451] ?

24:10 Behold, this day [H3117] thine eyes [H5869] have seen [H7200] how that the LORD [H3068] had delivered [H5414] thee to day [H3117] into mine hand [H3027] in the cave [H4631] : and [some] bade [H559] [me] kill [H2026] thee: but [mine eye] spared [H2347] thee; and I said [H559] , I will not put forth [H7971] mine hand [H3027] against my lord [H113] ; for he [is] the LORD'S [H3068] anointed [H4899] .

24:11 Moreover, my father [H1] , see [H7200] , yea, see [H7200] the skirt [H3671] of thy robe [H4598] in my hand [H3027] : for in that I cut off [H3772] the skirt [H3671] of thy robe [H4598] , and killed [H2026] thee not, know [H3045] thou and see [H7200] that [there is] neither evil [H7451] nor transgression [H6588] in mine hand [H3027] , and I have not sinned [H2398] against thee; yet thou huntest [H6658] my soul [H5315] to take [H3947] it.

24:12 The LORD [H3068] judge [H8199] between me and thee, and the LORD [H3068] avenge [H5358] me of thee: but mine hand [H3027] shall not be upon thee.

24:13 As saith [H559] the proverb [H4912] of the ancients [H6931] , Wickedness [H7562] proceedeth [H3318] from the wicked [H7563] : but mine hand [H3027] shall not be upon thee.

24:14 After [H310] whom is the king [H4428] of Israel [H3478] come out [H3318] ? after [H310] whom dost thou pursue [H7291] ? after [H310] a dead [H4191] dog [H3611] , after [H310] a [H259] flea [H6550] .

24:15 The LORD [H3068] therefore be judge [H1781] , and judge [H8199] between me and thee, and see [H7200] , and plead [H7378] my cause [H7379] , and deliver [H8199] me out of thine hand [H3027] .(deliver: Heb. judge)

24:16 And it came to pass, when David [H1732] had made an end [H3615] of speaking [H1696] these words [H1697] unto Saul [H7586] , that Saul [H7586] said [H559] , [Is] this thy voice [H6963] , my son [H1121] David [H1732] ? And Saul [H7586] lifted up [H5375] his voice [H6963] , and wept [H1058] .

24:17 And he said [H559] to David [H1732] , Thou [art] more righteous [H6662] than I: for thou hast rewarded [H1580] me good [H2896] , whereas I have rewarded [H1580] thee evil [H7451] .

24:18 And thou hast shewed [H5046] this day [H3117] how that thou hast dealt [H6213] well [H2896] with me: forasmuch as when the LORD [H3068] had delivered [H5462] me into thine hand [H3027] , thou killedst [H2026] me not.(delivered: Heb. shut up)

24:19 For if a man [H376] find [H4672] his enemy [H341] , will he let him go [H7971] well [H2896] away [H1870] ? wherefore the LORD [H3068] reward [H7999] thee good [H2896] for that thou hast done [H6213] unto me this day [H3117] .

24:20 And now, behold, I know well [H3045] that thou shalt surely [H4427] be king [H4427] , and that the kingdom [H4467] of Israel [H3478] shall be established [H6965] in thine hand [H3027] .

24:21 Swear [H7650] now therefore unto me by the LORD [H3068] , that thou wilt not [H518] cut off [H3772] my seed [H2233] after [H310] me, and that thou wilt not destroy [H8045] my name [H8034] out of my father's [H1] house [H1004] .

24:22 And David [H1732] sware [H7650] unto Saul [H7586] . And Saul [H7586] went [H3212] home [H1004] ; but David [H1732] and his men [H582] gat them up [H5927] unto the hold [H4686] .