KJV 1SAM20 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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20:1 And David [H1732] fled [H1272] from Naioth [H5121] in Ramah [H7414] , and came [H935] and said [H559] before [H6440] Jonathan [H3083] , What have I done [H6213] ? what [is] mine iniquity [H5771] ? and what [is] my sin [H2403] before [H6440] thy father [H1] , that he seeketh [H1245] my life [H5315] ?

20:2 And he said [H559] unto him, God forbid [H2486] ; thou shalt not die [H4191] : behold, my father [H1] will do [H6213] [H6213] nothing [H1697] either great [H1419] or small [H6996] , but that he will shew [H1540] [H241] it me: and why should my father [H1] hide [H5641] this thing [H1697] from me? it [is] not [so].(shew: Heb. uncover mine ear)

20:3 And David [H1732] sware [H7650] moreover, and said [H559] , Thy father [H1] certainly [H3045] knoweth [H3045] that I have found [H4672] grace [H2580] in thine eyes [H5869] ; and he saith [H559] , Let not Jonathan [H3083] know [H3045] this, lest he be grieved [H6087] : but truly [H199] [as] the LORD [H3068] liveth [H2416] , and [as] thy soul [H5315] liveth [H2416] , [there is] but a step [H6587] between me and death [H4194] .

20:4 Then said [H559] Jonathan [H3083] unto David [H1732] , Whatsoever thy soul [H5315] desireth [H559] , I will even do [H6213] [it] for thee.(Whatsoever: or, Say what is thy mind and I will do, etc)(desireth: Heb. speaketh, or, thinketh)

20:5 And David [H1732] said [H559] unto Jonathan [H3083] , Behold, to morrow [H4279] [is] the new moon [H2320] , and I should not fail [H3427] to sit [H3427] with the king [H4428] at meat [H398] : but let me go [H7971] , that I may hide [H5641] myself in the field [H7704] unto the third [H7992] [day] at even [H6153] .

20:6 If thy father [H1] at all [H6485] miss [H6485] me, then say [H559] , David [H1732] earnestly [H7592] asked [H7592] [leave] of me that he might run [H7323] to Bethlehem [H1035] his city [H5892] : for [there is] a yearly [H3117] sacrifice [H2077] there for all the family [H4940] .(sacrifice: or, feast)

20:7 If he say [H559] thus, [It is] well [H2896] ; thy servant [H5650] shall have peace [H7965] : but if he be very [H2734] wroth [H2734] , [then] be sure [H3045] that evil [H7451] is determined [H3615] by him.

20:8 Therefore thou shalt deal [H6213] kindly [H2617] with thy servant [H5650] ; for thou hast brought [H935] thy servant [H5650] into a covenant [H1285] of the LORD [H3068] with thee: notwithstanding, if there be [H3426] in me iniquity [H5771] , slay [H4191] me thyself; for why shouldest thou bring [H935] me to thy father [H1] ?

20:9 And Jonathan [H3083] said [H559] , Far be it from thee [H2486] : for if I knew [H3045] certainly [H3045] that evil [H7451] were determined [H3615] by my father [H1] to come [H935] upon thee, then would not I tell [H5046] it thee?

20:10 Then said [H559] David [H1732] to Jonathan [H3083] , Who shall tell [H5046] me? or what [if] thy father [H1] answer [H6030] thee roughly [H7186] ?

20:11 And Jonathan [H3083] said [H559] unto David [H1732] , Come [H3212] , and let us go out [H3318] into the field [H7704] . And they went out [H3318] both [H8147] of them into the field [H7704] .

20:12 And Jonathan [H3083] said [H559] unto David [H1732] , O LORD [H3068] God [H430] of Israel [H3478] , when I have sounded [H2713] my father [H1] about to morrow [H4279] any time [H6256] , [or] the third [H7992] [day], and, behold, [if there be] good [H2895] toward David [H1732] , and I then send [H7971] not unto thee, and shew [H1540] [H241] it thee;(sounded: Heb. searched)(shew: Heb. uncover thine ear)

20:13 The LORD [H3068] do [H6213] so [H3541] and much more [H3254] to Jonathan [H3083] : but if it please [H3190] my father [H1] [to do] thee evil [H7451] , then I will shew [H1540] [H241] it thee, and send thee away [H7971] , that thou mayest go [H1980] in peace [H7965] : and the LORD [H3068] be with thee, as he hath been with my father [H1] .(shew: Heb. uncover thine ear)

20:14 And thou shalt not only while yet [H518] I live [H2416] shew [H6213] me the kindness [H2617] of the LORD [H3068] , that I die [H4191] not:

20:15 But [also] thou shalt not cut off [H3772] thy kindness [H2617] from my house [H1004] for [H5704] ever [H5769] : no, not when the LORD [H3068] hath cut off [H3772] the enemies [H341] of David [H1732] every one [H376] from the face [H6440] of the earth [H127] .

20:16 So Jonathan [H3083] made [H3772] [a covenant] with the house [H1004] of David [H1732] , [saying], Let the LORD [H3068] even require [H1245] [it] at the hand [H3027] of David's [H1732] enemies [H341] .(made: Heb. cut)

20:17 And Jonathan [H3083] caused David [H1732] to swear [H7650] again [H3254] , because he loved [H160] him: for he loved [H157] him as he loved [H160] his own soul [H5315] .(because: or, by his love toward him)

20:18 Then Jonathan [H3083] said [H559] to David [H1732] , To morrow [H4279] [is] the new moon [H2320] : and thou shalt be missed [H6485] , because thy seat [H4186] will be empty [H6485] .(empty: Heb. missed)

20:19 And [when] thou hast stayed three days [H8027] , [then] thou shalt go down [H3381] quickly [H3966] , and come [H935] to the place [H4725] where thou didst hide [H5641] thyself when [H3117] the business [H4639] was [in hand], and shalt remain [H3427] by [H681] the stone [H68] Ezel [H237] .(quickly: or, diligently: Heb. greatly)(when the: Heb. in the day of the business)(Ezel: or, that sheweth the way)

20:20 And I will shoot [H3384] three [H7969] arrows [H2671] on the side [H6654] [thereof], as though I shot [H7971] at a mark [H4307] .

20:21 And, behold, I will send [H7971] a lad [H5288] , [saying], Go [H3212] , find out [H4672] the arrows [H2671] . If I expressly [H559] say [H559] unto the lad [H5288] , Behold, the arrows [H2671] [are] on this side of thee, take [H3947] them; then come [H935] thou: for [there is] peace [H7965] to thee, and no hurt [H1697] ; [as] the LORD [H3068] liveth [H2416] .(no hurt: Heb. not any thing)

20:22 But if I say [H559] thus unto the young man [H5958] , Behold, the arrows [H2671] [are] beyond [H1973] thee; go thy way [H3212] : for the LORD [H3068] hath sent thee away [H7971] .

20:23 And [as touching] the matter [H1697] which thou and I have spoken [H1696] of, behold, the LORD [H3068] [be] between thee and me for [H5704] ever [H5769] .

20:24 So David [H1732] hid [H5641] himself in the field [H7704] : and when the new moon [H2320] was come, the king [H4428] sat him down [H3427] to eat [H398] meat [H3899] .

20:25 And the king [H4428] sat [H3427] upon his seat [H4186] , as at other times [H6471] , [even] upon a seat [H4186] by the wall [H7023] : and Jonathan [H3083] arose [H6965] , and Abner [H74] sat [H3427] by Saul's [H7586] side [H6654] , and David's [H1732] place [H4725] was empty [H6485] .

20:26 Nevertheless Saul [H7586] spake [H1696] not any thing [H3972] that day [H3117] : for he thought [H559] , Something hath befallen [H4745] him, he [is] not [H1115] clean [H2889] ; surely he [is] not clean [H2889] .

20:27 And it came to pass on the morrow [H4283] , [which was] the second [H8145] [day] of the month [H2320] , that David's [H1732] place [H4725] was empty [H6485] : and Saul [H7586] said [H559] unto Jonathan [H3083] his son [H1121] , Wherefore cometh [H935] not the son [H1121] of Jesse [H3448] to meat [H3899] , neither yesterday [H8543] , nor to day [H3117] ?

20:28 And Jonathan [H3083] answered [H6030] Saul [H7586] , David [H1732] earnestly [H7592] asked [H7592] [leave] of me [H5978] [to go] to Bethlehem [H1035] :

20:29 And he said [H559] , Let me go [H7971] , I pray thee; for our family [H4940] hath a sacrifice [H2077] in the city [H5892] ; and my brother [H251] , he hath commanded [H6680] me [to be there]: and now, if I have found [H4672] favour [H2580] in thine eyes [H5869] , let me get away [H4422] , I pray thee, and see [H7200] my brethren [H251] . Therefore he cometh [H935] not unto the king's [H4428] table [H7979] .

20:30 Then Saul's [H7586] anger [H639] was kindled [H2734] against Jonathan [H3083] , and he said [H559] unto him, Thou son [H1121] of the perverse [H5753] rebellious [H4780] [woman], do not I know [H3045] that thou hast chosen [H977] the son [H1121] of Jesse [H3448] to thine own confusion [H1322] , and unto the confusion [H1322] of thy mother's [H517] nakedness [H6172] ?(Thou: or, Thou perverse rebel: Heb. Son of perverse rebellion)

20:31 For as long as [H3117] the son [H1121] of Jesse [H3448] liveth [H2425] upon the ground [H127] , thou shalt not be established [H3559] , nor thy kingdom [H4438] . Wherefore now send [H7971] and fetch [H3947] him unto me, for he shall surely die [H1121] [H4194] .(shall: Heb. is the son of death)

20:32 And Jonathan [H3083] answered [H6030] Saul [H7586] his father [H1] , and said [H559] unto him, Wherefore shall he be slain [H4191] ? what hath he done [H6213] ?

20:33 And Saul [H7586] cast [H2904] a javelin [H2595] at him to smite [H5221] him: whereby Jonathan [H3083] knew [H3045] that it was determined [H3617] of his father [H1] to slay [H4191] David [H1732] .

20:34 So Jonathan [H3083] arose [H6965] from the table [H7979] in fierce [H2750] anger [H639] , and did eat [H398] no meat [H3899] the second [H8145] day [H3117] of the month [H2320] : for he was grieved [H6087] for David [H1732] , because his father [H1] had done him shame [H3637] .

20:35 And it came to pass in the morning [H1242] , that Jonathan [H3083] went out [H3318] into the field [H7704] at the time appointed [H4150] with David [H1732] , and a little [H6996] lad [H5288] with him.

20:36 And he said [H559] unto his lad [H5288] , Run [H7323] , find out [H4672] now the arrows [H2671] which I shoot [H3384] . [And] as the lad [H5288] ran [H7323] , he shot [H3384] an arrow [H2678] beyond [H5674] him.(beyond: Heb. to pass over him)

20:37 And when the lad [H5288] was come [H935] to the place [H4725] of the arrow [H2678] which Jonathan [H3083] had shot [H3384] , Jonathan [H3083] cried [H7121] after [H310] the lad [H5288] , and said [H559] , [Is] not the arrow [H2678] beyond [H1973] thee?

20:38 And Jonathan [H3083] cried [H7121] after [H310] the lad [H5288] , Make speed [H4120] , haste [H2363] , stay [H5975] not. And Jonathan's [H3083] lad [H5288] gathered up [H3950] the arrows [H2671] [H2678] , and came [H935] to his master [H113] .

20:39 But the lad [H5288] knew [H3045] not any thing [H3972] : only Jonathan [H3083] and David [H1732] knew [H3045] the matter [H1697] .

20:40 And Jonathan [H3083] gave [H5414] his artillery [H3627] unto his lad [H5288] , and said [H559] unto him, Go [H3212] , carry [H935] [them] to the city [H5892] .(artillery: Heb. instruments)(his lad: Heb. the lad that was his)

20:41 [And] as soon as the lad [H5288] was gone [H935] , David [H1732] arose [H6965] out of [a place] toward [H681] the south [H5045] , and fell [H5307] on his face [H639] to the ground [H776] , and bowed [H7812] himself three [H7969] times [H6471] : and they kissed [H5401] one [H376] another [H7453] , and wept [H1058] one [H376] with another [H7453] , until David [H1732] exceeded [H1431] .

20:42 And Jonathan [H3083] said [H559] to David [H1732] , Go [H3212] in peace [H7965] , forasmuch as we have sworn [H7650] both [H8147] of us in the name [H8034] of the LORD [H3068] , saying [H559] , The LORD [H3068] be between me and thee, and between my seed [H2233] and thy seed [H2233] for [H5704] ever [H5769] . And he arose [H6965] and departed [H3212] : and Jonathan [H3083] went [H935] into the city [H5892] .(forasmuch: or, the LORD be witness of that which etc)