KJV 1KIN4 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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4:1 So king [H4428] Solomon [H8010] was king [H4428] over all Israel [H3478] .

4:2 And these [were] the princes [H8269] which he had; Azariah [H5838] the son [H1121] of Zadok [H6659] the priest [H3548] ,(priest: or, chief officer)

4:3 Elihoreph [H456] and Ahiah [H281] , the sons [H1121] of Shisha [H7894] , scribes [H5608] ; Jehoshaphat [H3092] the son [H1121] of Ahilud [H286] , the recorder [H2142] .(scribes: or, secretaries)(recorder: or, remembrancer)

4:4 And Benaiah [H1141] the son [H1121] of Jehoiada [H3077] [was] over the host [H6635] : and Zadok [H6659] and Abiathar [H54] [were] the priests [H3548] :

4:5 And Azariah [H5838] the son [H1121] of Nathan [H5416] [was] over the officers [H5324] : and Zabud [H2071] the son [H1121] of Nathan [H5416] [was] principal officer [H3548] , [and] the king's [H4428] friend [H7463] :

4:6 And Ahishar [H301] [was] over the household [H1004] : and Adoniram [H141] the son [H1121] of Abda [H5653] [was] over the tribute [H4522] .(tribute: or, levy)

4:7 And Solomon [H8010] had twelve [H8147] [H6240] officers [H5324] over all Israel [H3478] , which provided victuals [H3557] for the king [H4428] and his household [H1004] : each man [H259] his month [H2320] in a year [H8141] made provision [H3557] .

4:8 And these [are] their names [H8034] : The son of Hur [H1133] , in mount [H2022] Ephraim [H669] :(The son: or, Benhur)

4:9 The son of Dekar [H1128] [H1857] , in Makaz [H4739] , and in Shaalbim [H8169] , and Bethshemesh [H1053] , and Elonbethhanan [H358] :(The son: or, BenDekar)

4:10 The son of Hesed [H1136] [H2618] , in Aruboth [H700] ; to him [pertained] Sochoh [H7755] , and all the land [H776] of Hepher [H2660] :(The son: or, BenHeseb)

4:11 The son of Abinadab [H1125] , in all the region [H5299] of Dor [H1756] ; which had Taphath [H2955] the daughter [H1323] of Solomon [H8010] to wife [H802] :(The son: or, BenaBinadab)

4:12 Baana [H1195] the son [H1121] of Ahilud [H286] ; [to him pertained] Taanach [H8590] and Megiddo [H4023] , and all Bethshean [H1052] , which [is] by [H681] Zartanah [H6891] beneath Jezreel [H3157] , from Bethshean [H1052] to Abelmeholah [H65] , [even] unto [the place that is] beyond [H5676] Jokneam [H3361] :

4:13 The son of Geber [H1127] , in Ramothgilead [H1568] [H7433] ; to him [pertained] the towns [H2333] of Jair [H2971] the son [H1121] of Manasseh [H4519] , which [are] in Gilead [H1568] ; to him [also pertained] the region [H2256] of Argob [H709] , which [is] in Bashan [H1316] , threescore [H8346] great [H1419] cities [H5892] with walls [H2346] and brasen [H5178] bars [H1280] :(The son: or, BenGeber)

4:14 Ahinadab [H292] the son [H1121] of Iddo [H5714] [had] Mahanaim [H4266] :(Mahanaim: or, to Mahanaim)

4:15 Ahimaaz [H290] [was] in Naphtali [H5321] ; he also took [H3947] Basmath [H1315] the daughter [H1323] of Solomon [H8010] to wife [H802] :

4:16 Baanah [H1195] the son [H1121] of Hushai [H2365] [was] in Asher [H836] and in Aloth [H1175] :

4:17 Jehoshaphat [H3092] the son [H1121] of Paruah [H6515] , in Issachar [H3485] :

4:18 Shimei [H8096] the son [H1121] of Elah [H414] , in Benjamin [H1144] :

4:19 Geber [H1398] the son [H1121] of Uri [H221] [was] in the country [H776] of Gilead [H1568] , [in] the country [H776] of Sihon [H5511] king [H4428] of the Amorites [H567] , and of Og [H5747] king [H4428] of Bashan [H1316] ; and [he was] the only [H259] officer [H5333] which [was] in the land [H776] .

4:20 Judah [H3063] and Israel [H3478] [were] many [H7227] , as the sand [H2344] which [is] by the sea [H3220] in multitude [H7230] , eating [H398] and drinking [H8354] , and making merry [H8056] .

4:21 And Solomon [H8010] reigned [H4910] over all kingdoms [H4467] from the river [H5104] unto the land [H776] of the Philistines [H6430] , and unto the border [H1366] of Egypt [H4714] : they brought [H5066] presents [H4503] , and served [H5647] Solomon [H8010] all the days [H3117] of his life [H2416] .

4:22 And Solomon's [H8010] provision [H3899] for one [H259] day [H3117] was thirty [H7970] measures [H3734] of fine flour [H5560] , and threescore [H8346] measures [H3734] of meal [H7058] ,(provision: Heb. bread)(measures: Heb. cors)

4:23 Ten [H6235] fat [H1277] oxen [H1241] , and twenty [H6242] oxen [H1241] out of the pastures [H7471] , and an hundred [H3967] sheep [H6629] , beside harts [H354] , and roebucks [H6643] , and fallowdeer [H3180] , and fatted [H75] fowl [H1257] .

4:24 For he had dominion [H7287] over all [the region] on this side [H5676] the river [H5104] , from Tiphsah [H8607] even to Azzah [H5804] , over all the kings [H4428] on this side [H5676] the river [H5104] : and he had peace [H7965] on all sides [H5650] [H5676] round about [H5439] him.

4:25 And Judah [H3063] and Israel [H3478] dwelt [H3427] safely [H983] , every man [H376] under his vine [H1612] and under his fig tree [H8384] , from Dan [H1835] even to Beersheba [H884] , all the days [H3117] of Solomon [H8010] .(safely: Heb. confidently)

4:26 And Solomon [H8010] had forty [H705] thousand [H505] stalls [H723] of horses [H5483] for his chariots [H4817] , and twelve [H8147] [H6240] thousand [H505] horsemen [H6571] .

4:27 And those officers [H5324] provided victual [H3557] for king [H4428] Solomon [H8010] , and for all that came [H7131] unto king [H4428] Solomon's [H8010] table [H7979] , every man [H376] in his month [H2320] : they lacked [H5737] nothing [H1697] .

4:28 Barley [H8184] also and straw [H8401] for the horses [H5483] and dromedaries [H7409] brought [H935] they unto the place [H4725] where [the officers] were, every man [H376] according to his charge [H4941] .(dromedaries: or, mules, or, swift beasts)

4:29 And God [H430] gave [H5414] Solomon [H8010] wisdom [H2451] and understanding [H8394] exceeding [H3966] much [H7235] , and largeness [H7341] of heart [H3820] , even as the sand [H2344] that [is] on the sea [H3220] shore [H8193] .

4:30 And Solomon's [H8010] wisdom [H2451] excelled [H7235] the wisdom [H2451] of all the children [H1121] of the east country [H6924] , and all the wisdom [H2451] of Egypt [H4714] .

4:31 For he was wiser [H2449] than all men [H120] ; than Ethan [H387] the Ezrahite [H250] , and Heman [H1968] , and Chalcol [H3633] , and Darda [H1862] , the sons [H1121] of Mahol [H4235] : and his fame [H8034] was in all nations [H1471] round about [H5439] .

4:32 And he spake [H1696] three [H7969] thousand [H505] proverbs [H4912] : and his songs [H7892] were a thousand [H505] and five [H2568] .

4:33 And he spake [H1696] of trees [H6086] , from the cedar tree [H730] that [is] in Lebanon [H3844] even unto the hyssop [H231] that springeth out [H3318] of the wall [H7023] : he spake [H1696] also of beasts [H929] , and of fowl [H5775] , and of creeping things [H7431] , and of fishes [H1709] .

4:34 And there came [H935] of all people [H5971] to hear [H8085] the wisdom [H2451] of Solomon [H8010] , from all kings [H4428] of the earth [H776] , which had heard [H8085] of his wisdom [H2451] .