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18:1 And it came to pass [after] many [H7227] days [H3117] , that the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] came to Elijah [H452] in the third [H7992] year [H8141] , saying [H559] , Go [H3212] , shew [H7200] thyself unto Ahab [H256] ; and I will send [H5414] rain [H4306] upon [H6440] the earth [H127] .

18:2 And Elijah [H452] went [H3212] to shew [H7200] himself unto Ahab [H256] . And [there was] a sore [H2389] famine [H7458] in Samaria [H8111] .

18:3 And Ahab [H256] called [H7121] Obadiah [H5662] , which [was] the governor of [his] house [H1004] . (Now Obadiah [H5662] feared [H3373] the LORD [H3068] greatly [H3966] :(Obadiah: Heb. Obadiahu)(the governor: Heb. over his house)

18:4 For it was [so], when Jezebel [H348] cut off [H3772] the prophets [H5030] of the LORD [H3068] , that Obadiah [H5662] took [H3947] an hundred [H3967] prophets [H5030] , and hid [H2244] them by fifty [H376] [H2572] in a cave [H4631] , and fed [H3557] them with bread [H3899] and water [H4325] .)(Jezebel: Heb. Izebel)

18:5 And Ahab [H256] said [H559] unto Obadiah [H5662] , Go [H3212] into the land [H776] , unto all fountains [H4599] of water [H4325] , and unto all brooks [H5158] : peradventure [H194] we may find [H4672] grass [H2682] to save [H2421] the horses [H5483] and mules [H6505] alive [H2421] , that we lose [H3772] not all the beasts [H929] .(that: Heb. that we cut not off ourselves from the beasts)

18:6 So they divided [H2505] the land [H776] between them to pass throughout [H5674] it: Ahab [H256] went [H1980] one [H259] way [H1870] by himself, and Obadiah [H5662] went [H1980] another [H259] way [H1870] by himself.

18:7 And as Obadiah [H5662] was in the way [H1870] , behold, Elijah [H452] met [H7125] him: and he knew [H5234] him, and fell [H5307] on his face [H6440] , and said [H559] , [Art] thou that my lord [H113] Elijah [H452] ?

18:8 And he answered [H559] him, I [am]: go [H3212] , tell [H559] thy lord [H113] , Behold, Elijah [H452] [is here].

18:9 And he said [H559] , What have I sinned [H2398] , that thou wouldest deliver [H5414] thy servant [H5650] into the hand [H3027] of Ahab [H256] , to slay [H4191] me?

18:10 [As] the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] liveth [H2416] , there is no [H3426] nation [H1471] or kingdom [H4467] , whither [H834] my lord [H113] hath not sent [H7971] to seek [H1245] thee: and when they said [H559] , [He is] not [there]; he took an oath [H7650] of the kingdom [H4467] and nation [H1471] , that they found [H4672] thee not.

18:11 And now thou sayest [H559] , Go [H3212] , tell [H559] thy lord [H113] , Behold, Elijah [H452] [is here].

18:12 And it shall come to pass, [as soon as] I am gone [H3212] from thee, that the Spirit [H7307] of the LORD [H3068] shall carry [H5375] thee whither I know [H3045] not; and [so] when I come [H935] and tell [H5046] Ahab [H256] , and he cannot find [H4672] thee, he shall slay [H2026] me: but I thy servant [H5650] fear [H3372] the LORD [H3068] from my youth [H5271] .

18:13 Was it not told [H5046] my lord [H113] what I did [H6213] when Jezebel [H348] slew [H2026] the prophets [H5030] of the LORD [H3068] , how I hid [H2244] an hundred [H3967] men [H376] of the LORD'S [H3068] prophets [H5030] by fifty [H2572] in a cave [H4631] , and fed [H3557] them with bread [H3899] and water [H4325] ?

18:14 And now thou sayest [H559] , Go [H3212] , tell [H559] thy lord [H113] , Behold, Elijah [H452] [is here]: and he shall slay [H2026] me.

18:15 And Elijah [H452] said [H559] , [As] the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] liveth [H2416] , before [H6440] whom I stand [H5975] , I will surely shew [H7200] myself unto him to day [H3117] .

18:16 So Obadiah [H5662] went [H3212] to meet [H7125] Ahab [H256] , and told [H5046] him: and Ahab [H256] went [H3212] to meet [H7125] Elijah [H452] .

18:17 And it came to pass, when Ahab [H256] saw [H7200] Elijah [H452] , that Ahab [H256] said [H559] unto him, [Art] thou he that troubleth [H5916] Israel [H3478] ?

18:18 And he answered [H559] , I have not troubled [H5916] Israel [H3478] ; but thou, and thy father's [H1] house [H1004] , in that ye have forsaken [H5800] the commandments [H4687] of the LORD [H3068] , and thou hast followed [H3212] [H310] Baalim [H1168] .

18:19 Now therefore send [H7971] , [and] gather [H6908] to me all Israel [H3478] unto mount [H2022] Carmel [H3760] , and the prophets [H5030] of Baal [H1168] four [H702] hundred [H3967] and fifty [H2572] , and the prophets [H5030] of the groves [H842] four [H702] hundred [H3967] , which eat [H398] at Jezebel's [H348] table [H7979] .

18:20 So Ahab [H256] sent [H7971] unto all the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] , and gathered [H6908] the prophets [H5030] together [H6908] unto mount [H2022] Carmel [H3760] .

18:21 And Elijah [H452] came [H5066] unto all the people [H5971] , and said [H559] , How long [H5921] halt [H6452] ye between two [H8147] opinions [H5587] ? if the LORD [H3068] [be] God [H430] , follow him: but if Baal [H1168] , [then] follow [H3212] [H310] him. And the people [H5971] answered [H6030] him not a word [H1697] .(opinions: or, thoughts)

18:22 Then said [H559] Elijah [H452] unto the people [H5971] , I, [even] I only, remain [H3498] a prophet [H5030] of the LORD [H3068] ; but Baal's [H1168] prophets [H5030] [are] four [H702] hundred [H3967] and fifty [H2572] men [H376] .

18:23 Let them therefore give [H5414] us two [H8147] bullocks [H6499] ; and let them choose [H977] one [H259] bullock [H6499] for themselves, and cut it in pieces [H5408] , and lay [H7760] [it] on wood [H6086] , and put [H7760] no fire [H784] [under]: and I will dress [H6213] the other [H259] bullock [H6499] , and lay [H5414] [it] on wood [H6086] , and put [H7760] no fire [H784] [under]:

18:24 And call [H7121] ye on the name [H8034] of your gods [H430] , and I will call [H7121] on the name [H8034] of the LORD [H3068] : and the God [H430] that answereth [H6030] by fire [H784] , let him be God [H430] . And all the people [H5971] answered [H6030] and said [H559] , It is well [H2896] spoken [H1697] .(It is: Heb. The word is good)

18:25 And Elijah [H452] said [H559] unto the prophets [H5030] of Baal [H1168] , Choose [H977] you one [H259] bullock [H6499] for yourselves, and dress [H6213] [it] first [H7223] ; for ye [are] many [H7227] ; and call [H7121] on the name [H8034] of your gods [H430] , but put [H7760] no fire [H784] [under].

18:26 And they took [H3947] the bullock [H6499] which was given [H5414] them, and they dressed [H6213] [it], and called [H7121] on the name [H8034] of Baal [H1168] from morning [H1242] even until noon [H6672] , saying [H559] , O Baal [H1168] , hear [H6030] us. But [there was] no [H369] voice [H6963] , nor any that answered [H6030] . And they leaped [H6452] upon the altar [H4196] which was made [H6213] .(hear: or, answer)(answered: or, heard)(leaped: or, leaped up and down at the altar)

18:27 And it came to pass at noon [H6672] , that Elijah [H452] mocked [H2048] them, and said [H559] , Cry [H7121] aloud [H1419] [H6963] : for he [is] a god [H430] ; either he is talking [H7879] , or he is pursuing [H7873] , or he is in a journey [H1870] , [or] peradventure [H194] he sleepeth [H3463] , and must be awaked [H3364] .(aloud: Heb. with a great voice)(he is talking: or, he meditateth)(is pursuing: Heb. hath a pursuit)

18:28 And they cried [H7121] aloud [H6963] [H1419] , and cut [H1413] themselves after their manner [H4941] with knives [H2719] and lancets [H7420] , till the blood [H1818] gushed out [H8210] upon them.(the blood: Heb. poured out blood upon them)

18:29 And it came to pass, when midday [H6672] was past [H5674] , and they prophesied [H5012] until the [time] of the offering [H5927] of the [evening] sacrifice [H4503] , that [there was] neither voice [H6963] , nor any to answer [H6030] , nor any that regarded [H7182] .(offering: Heb. ascending)(that regarded: Heb. attention)

18:30 And Elijah [H452] said [H559] unto all the people [H5971] , Come near [H5066] unto me. And all the people [H5971] came near [H5066] unto him. And he repaired [H7495] the altar [H4196] of the LORD [H3068] [that was] broken down [H2040] .

18:31 And Elijah [H452] took [H3947] twelve [H8147] [H6240] stones [H68] , according to the number [H4557] of the tribes [H7626] of the sons [H1121] of Jacob [H3290] , unto whom the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] came, saying [H559] , Israel [H3478] shall be thy name [H8034] :

18:32 And with the stones [H68] he built [H1129] an altar [H4196] in the name [H8034] of the LORD [H3068] : and he made [H6213] a trench [H8585] about [H5439] the altar [H4196] , as great as would contain [H1004] two measures [H5429] of seed [H2233] .

18:33 And he put [H6186] the wood [H6086] in order [H6186] , and cut [H5408] the bullock [H6499] in pieces, and laid [H7760] [him] on the wood [H6086] , and said [H559] , Fill [H4390] four [H702] barrels [H3537] with water [H4325] , and pour [H3332] [it] on the burnt sacrifice [H5930] , and on the wood [H6086] .

18:34 And he said [H559] , Do [it] the second time [H8138] . And they did [it] the second time [H8138] . And he said [H559] , Do [it] the third time [H8027] . And they did [it] the third time [H8027] .

18:35 And the water [H4325] ran [H3212] round about [H5439] the altar [H4196] ; and he filled [H4390] the trench [H8585] also with water [H4325] .(ran: Heb. went)

18:36 And it came to pass at [the time of] the offering [H5927] of the [evening] sacrifice [H4503] , that Elijah [H452] the prophet [H5030] came near [H5066] , and said [H559] , LORD [H3068] God [H430] of Abraham [H85] , Isaac [H3327] , and of Israel [H3478] , let it be known [H3045] this day [H3117] that thou [art] God [H430] in Israel [H3478] , and [that] I [am] thy servant [H5650] , and [that] I have done [H6213] all these things at thy word [H1697] .

18:37 Hear [H6030] me, O LORD [H3068] , hear [H6030] me, that this people [H5971] may know [H3045] that thou [art] the LORD [H3068] God [H430] , and [that] thou hast turned [H5437] their heart [H3820] back [H5437] again [H322] .

18:38 Then the fire [H784] of the LORD [H3068] fell [H5307] , and consumed [H398] the burnt sacrifice [H5930] , and the wood [H6086] , and the stones [H68] , and the dust [H6083] , and licked up [H3897] the water [H4325] that [was] in the trench [H8585] .

18:39 And when all the people [H5971] saw [H7200] [it], they fell [H5307] on their faces [H6440] : and they said [H559] , The LORD [H3068] , he [is] the God [H430] ; the LORD [H3068] , he [is] the God [H430] .

18:40 And Elijah [H452] said [H559] unto them, Take [H8610] the prophets [H5030] of Baal [H1168] ; let not one [H376] of them escape [H4422] . And they took [H8610] them: and Elijah [H452] brought them down [H3381] to the brook [H5158] Kishon [H7028] , and slew [H7819] them there.(Take: or, Apprehend)

18:41 And Elijah [H452] said [H559] unto Ahab [H256] , Get thee up [H5927] , eat [H398] and drink [H8354] ; for [there is] a sound [H6963] of abundance [H1995] of rain [H1653] .(a sound: or, a sound of a noise of rain)

18:42 So Ahab [H256] went up [H5927] to eat [H398] and to drink [H8354] . And Elijah [H452] went up [H5927] to the top [H7218] of Carmel [H3760] ; and he cast himself down [H1457] upon the earth [H776] , and put [H7760] his face [H6440] between his knees [H1290] ,

18:43 And said [H559] to his servant [H5288] , Go up [H5927] now, look [H5027] toward [H1870] the sea [H3220] . And he went up [H5927] , and looked [H5027] , and said [H559] , [There is] nothing [H3972] . And he said [H559] , Go again [H7725] seven [H7651] times [H6471] .

18:44 And it came to pass at the seventh time [H7637] , that he said [H559] , Behold, there ariseth [H5927] a little [H6996] cloud [H5645] out of the sea [H3220] , like a man's [H376] hand [H3709] . And he said [H559] , Go up [H5927] , say [H559] unto Ahab [H256] , Prepare [H631] [thy chariot], and get thee down [H3381] , that the rain [H1653] stop [H6113] thee not.(Prepare: Heb. Tie, or, Bind)

18:45 And it came to pass in the mean while [H3541] , that the heaven [H8064] was black [H6937] with clouds [H5645] and wind [H7307] , and there was a great [H1419] rain [H1653] . And Ahab [H256] rode [H7392] , and went [H3212] to Jezreel [H3157] .

18:46 And the hand [H3027] of the LORD [H3068] was on Elijah [H452] ; and he girded up [H8151] his loins [H4975] , and ran [H7323] before [H6440] Ahab [H256] to the entrance [H935] of Jezreel [H3157] .(to the: Heb. till thou come to Jezreel)