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12:1 And Rehoboam [H7346] went [H3212] to Shechem [H7927] : for all Israel [H3478] were come [H935] to Shechem [H7927] to make him king [H4427] .

12:2 And it came to pass, when Jeroboam [H3379] the son [H1121] of Nebat [H5028] , who was yet in Egypt [H4714] , heard [H8085] [of it], (for he was fled [H1272] from the presence [H6440] of king [H4428] Solomon [H8010] , and Jeroboam [H3379] dwelt [H3427] in Egypt [H4714] ;)

12:3 That they sent [H7971] and called [H7121] him. And Jeroboam [H3379] and all the congregation [H6951] of Israel [H3478] came [H935] , and spake [H1696] unto Rehoboam [H7346] , saying [H559] ,

12:4 Thy father [H1] made [H7185] our yoke [H5923] grievous [H7185] : now therefore make thou the grievous [H7186] service [H5656] of thy father [H1] , and his heavy [H3515] yoke [H5923] which he put [H5414] upon us, lighter [H7043] , and we will serve [H5647] thee.

12:5 And he said [H559] unto them, Depart [H3212] yet [for] three [H7969] days [H3117] , then come again [H7725] to me. And the people [H5971] departed [H3212] .

12:6 And king [H4428] Rehoboam [H7346] consulted [H3289] with the old men [H2205] , that stood [H5975] before [H6440] Solomon [H8010] his father [H1] while he yet lived [H2416] , and said [H559] , How do ye advise [H3289] that I may [H7725] answer [H1697] this people [H5971] ?

12:7 And they spake [H1696] unto him, saying [H559] , If thou wilt be a servant [H5650] unto this people [H5971] this day [H3117] , and wilt serve [H5647] them, and answer [H6030] them, and speak [H1696] good [H2896] words [H1697] to them, then they will be thy servants [H5650] for ever [H3117] .

12:8 But he forsook [H5800] the counsel [H6098] of the old men [H2205] , which they had given [H3289] him, and consulted [H3289] with the young men [H3206] that were grown up [H1431] with him, [and] which stood [H5975] before [H6440] him:

12:9 And he said [H559] unto them, What counsel give [H3289] ye that we may [H7725] answer [H1697] this people [H5971] , who have spoken [H1696] to me, saying [H559] , Make [H7043] the yoke [H5923] which thy father [H1] did put [H5414] upon us lighter [H7043] ?

12:10 And the young men [H3206] that were grown up [H1431] with him spake [H1696] unto him, saying [H559] , Thus shalt thou speak [H559] unto this people [H5971] that spake [H1696] unto thee, saying [H559] , Thy father [H1] made [H3513] our yoke [H5923] heavy [H3513] , but make thou [it] lighter [H7043] unto us; thus shalt thou say [H1696] unto them, My little [H6995] [finger] shall be thicker [H5666] than my father's [H1] loins [H4975] .

12:11 And now whereas my father [H1] did lade [H6006] you with a heavy [H3515] yoke [H5923] , I will add [H3254] to your yoke [H5923] : my father [H1] hath chastised [H3256] you with whips [H7752] , but I will chastise [H3256] you with scorpions [H6137] .

12:12 So Jeroboam [H3379] and all the people [H5971] came [H935] to Rehoboam [H7346] the third [H7992] day [H3117] , as the king [H4428] had appointed [H1696] , saying [H559] , Come to me again [H7725] the third [H7992] day [H3117] .

12:13 And the king [H4428] answered [H6030] the people [H5971] roughly [H7186] , and forsook [H5800] the old men's [H2205] counsel [H6098] that they gave [H3289] him;(roughly: Heb. hardly)

12:14 And spake [H1696] to them after the counsel [H6098] of the young men [H3206] , saying [H559] , My father [H1] made [H3513] your yoke [H5923] heavy [H3513] , and I will add [H3254] to your yoke [H5923] : my father [H1] [also] chastised [H3256] you with whips [H7752] , but I will chastise [H3256] you with scorpions [H6137] .

12:15 Wherefore the king [H4428] hearkened [H8085] not unto the people [H5971] ; for the cause [H5438] was from the LORD [H3068] , that he might perform [H6965] his saying [H1697] , which the LORD [H3068] spake [H1696] by [H3027] Ahijah [H281] the Shilonite [H7888] unto Jeroboam [H3379] the son [H1121] of Nebat [H5028] .

12:16 So [H7725] when all Israel [H3478] saw [H7200] that the king [H4428] hearkened [H8085] not unto them, the people [H5971] answered [H1697] the king [H4428] , saying [H559] , What portion [H2506] have we in David [H1732] ? neither [have we] inheritance [H5159] in the son [H1121] of Jesse [H3448] : to your tents [H168] , O Israel [H3478] : now see [H7200] to thine own house [H1004] , David [H1732] . So Israel [H3478] departed [H3212] unto their tents [H168] .

12:17 But [as for] the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] which dwelt [H3427] in the cities [H5892] of Judah [H3063] , Rehoboam [H7346] reigned [H4427] over them.

12:18 Then king [H4428] Rehoboam [H7346] sent [H7971] Adoram [H151] , who [was] over the tribute [H4522] ; and all Israel [H3478] stoned [H7275] him with stones [H68] , that he died [H4191] . Therefore king [H4428] Rehoboam [H7346] made speed [H553] to get him up [H5927] to his chariot [H4818] , to flee [H5127] to Jerusalem [H3389] .(made: Heb. strengthened himself)

12:19 So Israel [H3478] rebelled [H6586] against the house [H1004] of David [H1732] unto this day [H3117] .(rebelled: or, fell away)

12:20 And it came to pass, when all Israel [H3478] heard [H8085] that Jeroboam [H3379] was come again [H7725] , that they sent [H7971] and called [H7121] him unto the congregation [H5712] , and made him king [H4427] over all Israel [H3478] : there was none that followed [H310] the house [H1004] of David [H1732] , but [H2108] the tribe [H7626] of Judah [H3063] only.

12:21 And when Rehoboam [H7346] was come [H935] to Jerusalem [H3389] , he assembled [H6950] all the house [H1004] of Judah [H3063] , with the tribe [H7626] of Benjamin [H1144] , an hundred [H3967] and fourscore [H8084] thousand [H505] chosen men [H977] , which were warriors [H6213] [H4421] , to fight [H3898] against the house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] , to bring [H7725] the kingdom [H4410] again [H7725] to Rehoboam [H7346] the son [H1121] of Solomon [H8010] .

12:22 But the word [H1697] of God [H430] came unto Shemaiah [H8098] the man [H376] of God [H430] , saying [H559] ,

12:23 Speak [H559] unto Rehoboam [H7346] , the son [H1121] of Solomon [H8010] , king [H4428] of Judah [H3063] , and unto all the house [H1004] of Judah [H3063] and Benjamin [H1144] , and to the remnant [H3499] of the people [H5971] , saying [H559] ,

12:24 Thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] , Ye shall not go up [H5927] , nor fight [H3898] against your brethren [H251] the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] : return [H7725] every man [H376] to his house [H1004] ; for this thing [H1697] is [H1961] from me. They hearkened [H8085] therefore to the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] , and returned [H7725] to depart [H3212] , according to the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] .

12:25 Then Jeroboam [H3379] built [H1129] Shechem [H7927] in mount [H2022] Ephraim [H669] , and dwelt [H3427] therein; and went out [H3318] from thence, and built [H1129] Penuel [H6439] .

12:26 And Jeroboam [H3379] said [H559] in his heart [H3820] , Now shall the kingdom [H4467] return [H7725] to the house [H1004] of David [H1732] :

12:27 If this people [H5971] go up [H5927] to do [H6213] sacrifice [H2077] in the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] at Jerusalem [H3389] , then shall the heart [H3820] of this people [H5971] turn again [H7725] unto their lord [H113] , [even] unto Rehoboam [H7346] king [H4428] of Judah [H3063] , and they shall kill [H2026] me, and go again [H7725] to Rehoboam [H7346] king [H4428] of Judah [H3063] .

12:28 Whereupon the king [H4428] took counsel [H3289] , and made [H6213] two [H8147] calves [H5695] [of] gold [H2091] , and said [H559] unto them, It is too much [H7227] for you to go up [H5927] to Jerusalem [H3389] : behold thy gods [H430] , O Israel [H3478] , which brought thee up [H5927] out of the land [H776] of Egypt [H4714] .

12:29 And he set [H7760] the one [H259] in Bethel [H1008] , and the other [H259] put [H5414] he in Dan [H1835] .

12:30 And this thing [H1697] became a sin [H2403] : for the people [H5971] went [H3212] [to worship] before [H6440] the one [H259] , [even] unto Dan [H1835] .

12:31 And he made [H6213] an house [H1004] of high places [H1116] , and made [H6213] priests [H3548] of the lowest [H7098] of the people [H5971] , which were not of the sons [H1121] of Levi [H3878] .

12:32 And Jeroboam [H3379] ordained [H6213] a feast [H2282] in the eighth [H8066] month [H2320] , on the fifteenth [H2568] [H6240] day [H3117] of the month [H2320] , like unto the feast [H2282] that [is] in Judah [H3063] , and he offered [H5927] upon the altar [H4196] . So did [H6213] he in Bethel [H1008] , sacrificing [H2076] unto the calves [H5695] that he had made [H6213] : and he placed [H5975] in Bethel [H1008] the priests [H3548] of the high places [H1116] which he had made [H6213] .(offered: or, went up to the altar, etc)(sacrificing: or, to sacrifice)

12:33 So he offered [H5927] upon the altar [H4196] which he had made [H6213] in Bethel [H1008] the fifteenth [H2568] [H6240] day [H3117] of the eighth [H8066] month [H2320] , [even] in the month [H2320] which he had devised [H908] of his own heart [H3820] ; and ordained [H6213] a feast [H2282] unto the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] : and he offered [H5927] upon the altar [H4196] , and burnt incense [H6999] .(offered: or, went up to the altar, etc)(and burnt: Heb. to burn incense)