KJV 1JOH5 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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5:1 Whosoever [G3956] believeth [G4100] that [G3754] Jesus [G2424] is [G2076] the Christ [G5547] is born [G1080] of [G1537] God [G2316] : and [G2532] every one [G3956] that loveth [G25] him that begat [G1080] loveth [G25] him also [G2532] that is begotten [G1080] of [G1537] him [G846] .

5:2 By [G1722] this [G5129] we know [G1097] that [G3754] we love [G25] the children [G5043] of God [G2316] , when [G3752] we love [G25] God [G2316] , and [G2532] keep [G5083] his [G846] commandments [G1785] .

5:3 For [G1063] this [G3778] is [G2076] the love [G26] of God [G2316] , that [G2443] we keep [G5083] his [G846] commandments [G1785] : and [G2532] his [G846] commandments [G1785] are [G1526] not [G3756] grievous [G926] .

5:4 For [G3754] whatsoever [G3956] is born [G1080] of [G1537] God [G2316] overcometh [G3528] the world [G2889] : and [G2532] this [G3778] is [G2076] the victory [G3529] that overcometh [G3528] the world [G2889] , [even] our [G2257] faith [G4102] .

5:5 Who [G5101] is [G2076] he that overcometh [G3528] the world [G2889] , but [G1508] he that believeth [G4100] that [G3754] Jesus [G2424] is [G2076] the Son [G5207] of God [G2316] ?

5:6 This [G3778] is [G2076] he that came [G2064] by [G1223] water [G5204] and [G2532] blood [G129] , [even] Jesus [G2424] Christ [G5547] ; not [G3756] by [G1722] water [G5204] only [G3440] , but [G235] by [G1722] water [G5204] and [G2532] blood [G129] . And [G2532] it is [G2076] the Spirit [G4151] that beareth witness [G3140] , because [G3754] the Spirit [G4151] is [G2076] truth [G225] .

5:7 For [G3754] there are [G1526] three [G5140] that bear record [G3140] in [G1722] heaven [G3772] , the Father [G3962] , the Word [G3056] , and [G2532] the Holy [G40] Ghost [G4151] : and [G2532] these [G3778] three [G5140] are [G1526] one [G1520] .

5:8 And [G2532] there are [G1526] three [G5140] that bear witness [G3140] in [G1722] earth [G1093] , the spirit [G4151] , and [G2532] the water [G5204] , and [G2532] the blood [G129] : and [G2532] these three [G5140] agree [G1526] in [G1519] one [G1520] .

5:9 If [G1487] we receive [G2983] the witness [G3141] of men [G444] , the witness [G3141] of God [G2316] is [G2076] greater [G3187] : for [G3754] this [G3778] is [G2076] the witness [G3141] of God [G2316] which [G3739] he hath testified [G3140] of [G4012] his [G846] Son [G5207] .

5:10 He that believeth [G4100] on [G1519] the Son [G5207] of God [G2316] hath [G2192] the witness [G3141] in [G1722] himself [G1438] : he that believeth [G4100] not [G3361] God [G2316] hath made [G4160] him [G846] a liar [G5583] ; because [G3754] he believeth [G4100] not [G3756] [G1519] the record [G3141] that [G3739] God [G2316] gave [G3140] of [G4012] his [G846] Son [G5207] .

5:11 And [G2532] this [G3778] is [G2076] the record [G3141] , that [G3754] God [G2316] hath given [G1325] to us [G2254] eternal [G166] life [G2222] , and [G2532] this [G3778] life [G2222] is [G2076] in [G1722] his [G846] Son [G5207] .

5:12 He that hath [G2192] the Son [G5207] hath [G2192] life [G2222] ; [and] he that hath [G2192] not [G3361] the Son [G5207] of God [G2316] hath [G2192] not [G3756] life [G2222] .

5:13 These things [G5023] have I written [G1125] unto you [G5213] that believe [G4100] on [G1519] the name [G3686] of the Son [G5207] of God [G2316] ; that [G2443] ye may know [G1492] that ye [G3754] have [G2192] eternal [G166] life [G2222] , and [G2532] that [G2443] ye may believe [G4100] on [G1519] the name [G3686] of the Son [G5207] of God [G2316] .

5:14 And [G2532] this [G3778] is [G2076] the confidence [G3954] that [G3739] we have [G2192] in [G4314] him [G846] , that [G3754] , if [G1437] we ask [G154] any thing [G5100] according [G2596] to his [G846] will [G2307] , he heareth [G191] us [G2257] :(in: or, concerning him)

5:15 And [G2532] if [G1437] we know [G1492] that [G3754] he hear [G191] us [G2257] , whatsoever [G3739] [G302] we ask [G154] , we know [G1492] that [G3754] we have [G2192] the petitions [G155] that [G3739] we desired [G154] of [G3844] him [G846] .

5:16 If [G1437] any man [G5100] see [G1492] his [G846] brother [G80] sin [G264] a sin [G266] [which is] not [G3361] unto [G4314] death [G2288] , he shall ask [G154] , and [G2532] he shall give [G1325] him [G846] life [G2222] for them that sin [G264] not [G3361] unto [G4314] death [G2288] . There is [G2076] a sin [G266] unto [G4314] death [G2288] : I do not [G3756] say [G3004] that [G2443] he shall pray [G2065] for [G4012] it [G1565] .

5:17 All [G3956] unrighteousness [G93] is [G2076] sin [G266] : and [G2532] there is [G2076] a sin [G266] not [G3756] unto [G4314] death [G2288] .

5:18 We know [G1492] that [G3754] whosoever [G3956] is born [G1080] of [G1537] God [G2316] sinneth [G264] not [G3756] ; but [G235] he that is begotten [G1080] of [G1537] God [G2316] keepeth [G5083] himself [G1438] , and [G2532] that wicked one [G4190] toucheth [G680] him [G846] not [G3756] .

5:19 [And] we know [G1492] that [G3754] we are [G2070] of [G1537] God [G2316] , and [G2532] the whole [G3650] world [G2889] lieth [G2749] in [G1722] wickedness [G4190] .

5:20 And [G1161] we know [G1492] that [G3754] the Son [G5207] of God [G2316] is come [G2240] , and [G2532] hath given [G1325] us [G2254] an understanding [G1271] , that [G2443] we may know [G1097] him that is true [G228] , and [G2532] we are [G2070] in [G1722] him that is true [G228] , [even] in [G1722] his [G846] Son [G5207] Jesus [G2424] Christ [G5547] . This [G3778] is [G2076] the true [G228] God [G2316] , and [G2532] eternal [G166] life [G2222] .

5:21 Little children [G5040] , keep [G5442] yourselves [G1438] from [G575] idols [G1497] . Amen [G281] .